2020: Year in Food

Banana bread and sourdough characterized the early part of the pandemic as we found ourselves with more time at home than we could fill. Flour became a hot commodity while the virus inflamed America's hunger crisis, and the restaurant industry was hit hard. Still, we found joy in small celebrations and “The Great British Baking Show.” In December, lab-grown meat was approved for sale for the first time, bringing plant-based living a little closer to reality for everyone.

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2020: Year in Food
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    Sourdough Table Loaf

    Sourdough Table Loaf

    This loaf is a basic, everyday bread harnessing the microbial power of sourdough as natural leavening using stone-ground flours. Although commodity, industrial brands will work in this recipe, you will likely need to decrease the amount of water …

    How Will Restaurants Survive a COVID-19 Winter?

    How Will Restaurants Survive a COVID-19 Winter?

    Eater - Brenna Houck

    It happened around Labor Day weekend, the spiritual end of Midwestern summer. School was about to go back in session and those waking up early found that it was no longer sunny and sweltering at 7 a.m. While there were still several weeks left before autumn, there was a creeping cold in the upper …

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