2014: The Year Ahead

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2014: The year of the iPhone-controlled everything

There are some technologies that happened way earlier than they had any right to. Frankly, putting a man on the moon in the days when the Apollo Guidance Computer really did have less power than a pocket calculator was an insane achievement.

And then there are those technologies that have taken way, …

Which Brands Will Triumph In 2014?

The following guest post is by Thomas Mueller, Chief Experience Officer for strategic branding firm Siegel+Gale.

Though the definition is often hotly debated, most can agree that brand experience means ensuring you walk the talk. It’s that moment of truth when a customer has the right experience …


Will 2014 Be the Year of the Ocean?

The United Nations says 1998 was the Year of the Ocean, but I beg to differ. I’m fairly convinced that next year will be the year we see world leaders begin to take responsibility for the future of our ocean, and start to turn words into action.

We’re also going to see an innovation explosion – new …


Tips for Travel Savings in 2014

Break a resolution yet? If any were travel-related, here’s some good news: In 2014, you can save while staying the traveler that you are.

In other words, set your nonnegotiable standards, then minimize costs and maximize value. For example: Let’s say you refuse to sleep in the same room with a …

2014 Is Going To Be A Huge Year For Tech, And Here Are The Facts To Prove It

JP Morgan analyst Douglas Anmuth and his team are incredibly optimistic about the Internet industry in 2014.

In an email he just sent out to clients, Anmuth says that Internet stocks increased in value 78% during 2013 thanks in large part to seven "key" trends.

He says, "We believe those underlying …

JPMorgan Chase

Space Missions and Events We're Looking Forward to in 2014

Rosetta and Philae

Cubesats Galore

Reaching Mars

Solar and Lunar Eclipses

SpaceX Might Get Heavy

NASA's Tough Choice

Go Back to Top. Skip To: Start of …

The most anticipated video games of 2014

If the video game medium were to be judged solely by 2013, it’d be easy to come to the conclusion that the industry has run out of ideas. With reboots, prequels and sequels ruling the console market, it became patently clear over the past 12 months that publishers were relying on safe, established …

Indie Gaming

5 Best Reasons to Start a Business This Year

Underneath a desire to make money in business, there often lies a deeper motivation. What's yours?

Most people in business are motivated by money.

For some, it's a necessary evil--part and parcel with owning a business. They don't particularly enjoy the financial aspect of running a business, but …


Hungry yet? Five big ideas for food in 2014

Which big ideas will drive the food world? The Globe spoke with five leading players to find out.

Give the people what you want

Todd Perrin, chef and partner, Mallard Cottage, Quidi Vidi, Nfld.

I’m in the unique position of just having opened a brand-new restaurant. The biggest thing for me is, and …

Food (Canada)

Why 2014 is a make-or-break year for Netflix—seriously this time

People are starting to realize that Netflix’s movie streaming library is limited

Netflix began life as a DVD rental service, mainly for movies. But these days, its movie library is beginning to look increasingly limited, especially compared to what’s available a-la-carte, on services like iTunes, …


The Best of the Best Places to Visit in 2014


For Your Diary — The Best European Events For Startups In 2014

Back in 2012 I’d been to enough tech startup conferences in Europe over the previous few years to work out which ones appeared to be most significant. Europe being the disjointed bunch of countries that it is has too many to mention. That ended up being a post about events in 2013. Update: This is …


20 Movies We Want to See in 2014

These are the movies we're most excited for in 2014...so far

Considering the crush of must-see movies that fill theaters every December, it can be hard to think past the awards season to the movies Hollywood will produce in the months that follow—but movies there will be, and we’re already jazzed …


26 amazing startups you need to watch in 2014 | VentureBeat | Business

Castlight Health enables employers, their employees, and health plans to take control of health care costs and improve care. Named #1 on The Wall Street Journal's list of "The Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies" for 2011 and one of Dow Jo... read more »

Egnyte powers enterprise file sharing and access …


Will There Be a Chicken Wing Shortage in 2014?

Last January, football fans and wing enthusiasts everywhere were brought to their knees by predictions of a chicken wing shortage directly ahead of the Super Bowl. Slate called it “The Great Chicken Wing Shortage of 2013.” Although Time and US News pooh-poohed the crisis, Fox News fanned the flames …

Super Bowl

Nine new buildings to look out for in 2014


Urbanist Buzzwords to Rethink in 2014

Writing about urban policy issues, as we do here at The Atlantic Cities each day, can often be an exercise in translating wonky terminology for the …

The Top 10 Workplace Trends In 2014

With the new year underway, it's the perfect time to assess the current work environment for themes, tips and trends. To this end, who better to ask than China Gorman, U.S. and Global CEO of Great Place to Work Institute?

Gorman provides an exclusive interview that offers a sneak peek into the 2014 …


World Cup Year Is Upon Us: How 2014 Will Define Brazilian Identity

Brazil is the most successful nation in the history of international football. The most celebrated in coming as close to creating a “brand” of football as anyone is ever likely to.

Since the 1970 World Cup winning side, considered one of, if not the, best team in the history of the sport, Brazilian …


top 10 countries

These 10 countries are destined for an epic year, whether they’re hosting festivals, cutting the ribbon on new attractions or simply raising their game for travellers. Feast your eyes on 2014's most unmissable destinations.

1. Brazil

All eyes on the pitch for 2014’s World Cup

A game of beach football …


The Ten Most Anticipated New Cars Of 2014

Five ways television can save itself in 2014

This was a game-changing year for the television industry, as Netflix—and the rise of other streaming video carriers—forever altered the way that we consume TV. So how are the networks supposed to thrive in this strange new world of streaming, stacking and binge-viewing? By making, and following, …


Sneak-Peek: Top 5 Sky Events of 2014

The New Year promises a pair of lunar disappearing acts and a potential surprise meteor shower, among other celestial delights.

While scores of amazing astronomical phenomena are in the offing, here are our picks for sky-watching events worth circling on your calendar for 2014.

1. Total Eclipse of

Lunar Eclipse

10 Global Elections to Watch in 2014

Forget the midterms: From India to Iraq, Cairo to Kabul, these are the races that will really matter in Washington this year.

While all eyes may be on the 2014 U.S. midterm races, it’s important not to forget that often the most significant elections take place beyond U.S. borders. After all, the …


The year ahead: ten amazing science and technology innovations coming up in 2014

From the world's largest underground hotel to Star Wars-style holographic communication, the coming year is set to unveil an array of incredible advances in science and technology

Beam yourself across the world

The growth in video communication has been exponential. Skype now boasts 300 million …

Space Science

Prediction 2014: Hardware Is The New Software

The biggest thing that I noticed in 2013 was the amount of energy in small hardware startups. Even without a really robust infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT), the same kinds of developers who have been launching software companies are now switching to hardware. In truth, the line …


The Cost Of Social Media Fame In 2014? About $6,800

How much will social media fame cost you in 2014? At $6,800, it is probably cheaper than you thought.

This money will buy you a million Twitter followers, a million YouTube views and 20,000 likes on Facebook. As a bonus, you’ll also enjoy a robust number of Pinterest, Tumbler and Instagram followers …


10 predictions for 2014

More Golf: Rankings | Schedule | Equipment | FedEx Cup

The PGA Tour season starts on Friday (wait, it started in October so it continues on Friday with the Tournament of Champions) and I wanted to get some predictions in before we get going on 2014.

I did this last year and got three of 10 correct, …

Tiger Woods

15 Bands to Watch in 2014

Ah, a new year. And here we have some "in with the new" for you, a preview of some great new — and not-so-new — musical acts you should have on your radar for 2014, culled from the playlists of our music writers. We know you're anxious to get on with writing those resolutions, so without further …