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MOCOarchives: Central LMS / Playroom by Alejo Petrucci

經過一間唱著交響樂的房子,讓雨天不再陰沉 位於德國Dresden藝術社區,《The Funnel Wall》 在藝術家Annette Paul、Christoph Rosner與Andre Tempe共同完成下 雨水透過喇叭形狀的台水管,與金屬演出自然的交響樂 more about


上深深的山裡去尋找靈感, 尋找生命原始的力量. 晚上看到消息-宮崎駿大師要引退了, 沒想到這麼快>< 謝謝宮崎駿給我們這麼多勇敢、良善、想像的力量. 明天是九月第一天上班, 早點睡, 一定要全力以赴喔!晚安:) 參考報導:宮崎駿監督、引退を表明 アニメ「風立ちぬ」を最後に pic by Intrepidation on Flickr (cc)

好像一隻明亮的藍眼睛! 這是厄瓜多爾的加拉帕戈斯群島潟湖(Galápagos Lagoon), 潟湖的中央因為時間積聚而富含礦物鹽,大自然的美果然很迷人呢! Photograph by Bobby Haas

Coffee, wine, cheese: How much can pregnant women have? Pregnant women face a lot of do's and don'ts when it comes to food and drink, as in other areas of life. Working out where to draw the line is not always easy - though having a good head for statistics can help.

要不要來貼一面很休閒、很清涼、很頑皮的牆玩玩?好想巴著牆面啊!(張臂) via

Get a hold of yourself! When you're in the shower and need a little balance check, steady yourself with the OXO StrongHold Suction Grip Bar: Installation is simple and you won't need any tools. Just push the levers down to activate the suction cups on any clean, smooth, non-porous wall surface for a secure hold. The shape and length of the Bar provide a comfortable hold and the non-slip underside ensures a secure grip, even when wet. To remove, just pull up the release tabs to deactivate the suction cups. Please note that the Suction Grip Bar is not intended to support your full body weight, so please do not lift yourself up with or hang from it!

BMW為預計2013年冬天發行的 Gran Turismo®6賽車遊戲, 獨家提供BMW Vision Gran Turismo虛擬概念跑車, 承襲BMW一貫熱血操控魅力, 滿足全球電玩車迷競玩飆速渴望!

Space History Photo: The Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV) is shown at near maximum altitude over the south base at Edwards Air Force Base in 1965. Built of tubular aluminum like a giant four-legged bedstead, the vehicle was used to simulate a lunar landing profile from around 1500 feet (450 meters) to the moon's surface.

巨人也要低頭,Intel 轉型代工搶台積電飯碗?|數位時代

前情提要:假設 Apple 是賣肉包(iPhone)的,而三星幫 Apple 代工處理肉包內餡(手機晶片)。直到某天,三星竟然開始在市場上賣「三星肉包」(Galaxy),衝著 Apple 來。三星賺 Apple 的錢,卻又挑戰 Apple。更重要的是,三星知道 Apple 內餡秘方!Apple 於是 …


摩爾定律(Moore’s law)預測,每隔 18 個月晶片上電晶體數量成長一倍**。這項定律成功預測半導體產業近五十年。不過,當晶片線寬(IC 產業能製造的最小導線寬度)縮小到 20nm 以下,有人認為摩爾定律將無法繼續預測半導體產業,甚至有物理學家宣判摩爾定律將會完全失效。<p>摩爾定律真的失去魔力了 …

3D列印關鍵專利明年到期!Shapeways:成長爆發 - 新聞 - 財經知識庫


CRD#21 ¨The stroke¨ >> testing a new handlebar!! // probando un nuevo manillar!! ;O)