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Amazon’s vision for the future: delivery drone beehives in every city

Welcome to Amazontopia<p>Amazon’s drone delivery program stopped being a joke a while ago, but the company still has to overcome serious challenges to make the technology actually work. One of these is getting drones near enough to large populations so they’re more efficient than regular road …


Exclusive: The High Line’s Ambitious Next Act

The High Line Network, a new forum for cities around the world, isn’t about cloning the park. It’s about helping other cities avoid some of its negative effects.<p>Robert Hammond remembers the uphill battle he and Josh Davis faced when they tried to convince people that a derelict, weed-covered, …

Urban Design

Who Needs A Hospital, When This Self-Driving Doctor Comes To You?

A new concept called Aim brings the doctor to you, in a self-driving car.<p>Even those of us fortunate enough to have good health insurance will often put off seeing a doctor when we probably should. Often it’s simply a matter of logistics. We feel like we can’t take the time off work, or arrange …

Health Care

Autonomous Vehicle Interior Transforms For Meetings Or Socializing

Passengers can select different interior modes prior to being picked up by the self-driving car

Driverless Cars

This Anti-Energy Drink Bottle Encourages People To Slow Down For A Change

Opus B's Slow bottle is shaped like an hourglass to remind people that life doesn't always have to be lived in the fast lane

Google Assistant Kids Has Answers For Inquisitive Children

SVA students designed a kid-friendly AI assistant that can detect a child’s age and simplify search results<p>Google Assistant Kids adds a …


Amazon will start selling Nike shoes directly for the first time

To cut down on counterfeiting<p>Amazon and Nike have partnered to help the apparel maker sell its shoes on the e-commerce giant’s website as a way to curb counterfeiting, according to <i>Bloomberg</i>. The deal is a big win for both companies. It gives Nike a better grip over regulating the sale of knockoffs …


Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned due to investor pressure, and a search for a new leader is on

Benchmark, Fidelity and others demanded his resignation in a letter titled “Moving Uber Forward.”<p>Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned in response to demands from key investors for a change in leadership, <b>Recode</b> has confirmed.<p>It’s about time.<p>Kalanick had become a giant liability to the car-hailing …


Amazon Prime Wardrobe will let you try on clothes before you buy them

Amazon Fashion is coming<p>Amazon is launching Prime Wardrobe, a new program that will let you try on clothes before you buy them. Once you select at least three Prime Wardrobe-eligible pieces from over a million clothing options, Amazon will ship your selections to you in a resealable return box with …


Coming To Air Travel Soon: Yoga Studios, Kid Play Areas, And Shared Workspaces


‘Solar paint’ breakthrough can provide endless energy source

It harnesses sun and the moisture in the air to harvest hydrogen<p>There’s big business in disguising energy-generating tech like solar panels as innocuous building elements like roof tiles, window blinds, and even stained glass. But researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne may have created the …

Clean Energy

Get ready. Amazon-Whole Foods deal will change how you buy food forever

<i>Correction: In an earlier version of this story, Rafael Romero, vice president of CREC’s retail division, was given an incorrect title.</i><p>For anyone in the business of selling, supplying or hauling groceries: Things just got real.<p>Amazon.com's $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods instantly makes it a …


Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: ‘The End of Advertising’

Andrew Essex believes that “the end of advertising as we know it” is “somewhere between five minutes and five years” away. That’s what this former chief executive of the influential creative agency Droga5 writes in “The End of Advertising: Why It Had to Die, and the Creative Resurrection to Come” …


Smaller stores and virtual reality: Is this the future of Ikea?

Ikea wants to evolve beyond the big-box.<p>The Swedish retailer has embarked on a series of retail experiments and technological innovations that it hopes will keep shoppers coming back.<p>The emphasis on experimentation comes as retailers -- especially in the U.S. -- come under relentless pressure from …

Augmented Reality

Amazon files oh-so-ironic patent to block people from comparing prices in its stores

Amazon has earned plenty of sales from shoppers comparing its prices to those of items on the store shelves in front of them.<p>Now the online retail giant has locked down a patent on technology to prevent people from doing just that in its own stores.<p>The system, filed under the Orwellian title …


Walmart to acquire online men's clothing retailer Bonobos

AP Radio AP Radio News:<p>NEW YORK (AP) -- Walmart is buying online men's clothing retailer Bonobos for $310 million in cash, showing that its appetite for hip clothing brands shows no sign of abating as it looks for ways to gain on Amazon.<p>It's a sign of the aggressive direction Walmart is taking …


Amazon is buying more than Whole Foods — it's getting 460 stores it can turn into warehouses and showrooms

Amazon can ship books, furniture and clothing across the Pacific Ocean in what feels like a blink of an eye. But when it comes to delivering fresh groceries to your doorstep, the e-commerce giant’s logistical prowess wilts like a bag of salad left out in the sun.<p>That’s because the long journey of, …

U.S. Postal Service

Ilse Crawford creates dining space with "dignity" for London soup kitchen

Renowned chef Massimo Bottura has opened an Ilse Crawford-designed community kitchen in Kensington, the London borough that's been in the headlines …

Ilse Crawford

How Amazon Tech Can Be Tied Into Whole Foods


Google is making it easier than ever to give any app the power of object recognition

The company has open sourced a number of mobile-first machine vision programs<p>Smartphones have fast become the new frontier of artificial intelligence. Algorithms that used to run in the cloud, beaming results down to our devices via the internet, are now being replaced by software that runs …

Machine Learning

Shanghai is getting an absurd, futuristic self-driving store on wheels

But it’s just a prototype for now<p>A small, Swedish startup called Wheelys is trying to match Amazon at creating cashier-free stores with automated checkout. But after rolling out the first test store in Shanghai earlier this year, the company is now moving on to a completely new, if a bit awkward, …

Tech Trends

Uber is imploding, but does anyone really care?

The ride-hail app is a cesspool of sexism and harassment, but efficiency tends to trump corporate intrigue<p>Uber’s board of directors met Sunday to mull over how to reverse the ride-hail company’s slow-motion implosion. Board members voted to unanimously adopt all the recommendations from a recent …


Best Buy’s new weapon against Amazon: A try-before-you-buy option

With a little help from San Francisco-based startup Lumoid.<p>Over the last few years, the idea of short-term rentals has taken off in industries from lodging to fashion. Now Best Buy is trying to push that same trend into the mainstream for consumer electronics.<p>Later this month, the big-box retailer …

Best Buy

Herman Miller debuts new smart office furniture that sets activity goals

Like a Fitbit for your desk<p>Herman Miller, the furniture brand behind iconic designs like the Aeron chair, has teamed up with designer Yves Béhar for a new suite of smart office furniture launching today at NeoCon in Chicago. Named Live OS (yawn), the system uses sensors that can come preinstalled …


Amazon Echo Look teaches you what not to wear

Fyrn: High Quality, Flat Packed Furniture - Design Milk

Move over IKEA, there’s a new, flat packed furniture company in town. Fyrn is a quickly growing, San Francisco-based company that offers …


Can A Machine Choose Fonts And Colors Better Than You? Try It

These automated design tools let you find new font and color combinations with the push of a button. And then call it a weekend.<p>Maybe you’re just feeling uninspired. Maybe you took a job that pays less than you’re worth. Look, I’m not here to judge. We’re all going to be working for AI in a few …

Graphic Design

Interactive Exhibit Shares A Vision For The 'Home Of The Future'

This concept home from the year 2020 paints a picture of living spaces that are comfortable, automated and constantly adapting to meet our needs<p>News …


McDonald’s Drive-Thru Actually Drives Up To Diners

The campaign created a drive-thru truck that brought fast food to the people