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谢@Zampeli Diana邀。其实最近在赶稿,不过进度不佳,干脆来摸摸鱼=。=……不是做这块的,如有错漏还请指正。<p>收入不平等与经济发展的关系是学界长期关注的问题。理论上一般认为,收入不平等从多个渠道影响消费和投资,进而间接作用于经济发展。<p>这些不同的作用方式都可以放在一个简单的框架内进行理解。设想一个完全平等的经济,其中的居民都是完全一样的。所有人每年得到一样多的收入(投资回报),从中抽出同样的比例消费和投资;这些决策又决定了来年的收入,如此循环不息,经济实现一个长期的增长率。现在,我们突然介入这个过程,把其中一部分人的收入转移给另外一些人,人为地制造了“穷人”与“富人”,那么将带来以下变化 …



It looks like a Children’s Treehouse, but the inside is Amazing

After writing about a cool natural pool in Samoah, we’ve found an awesome Treesort in the Apia region. And yes […]


The Queen. I'm happy to collaborate with @martini_official to share some of my fav places in Barcelona. #martini #citycircuits citycircuits.lecool.com

Magic art??? Like a new modern version of invisible ink, superhydrophobic coatings can also be used to create hidden street art that stays invisible until it gets wet. Peregrine Church, a Seattle-based street artist, created a series of public works of street art called Rainworks using the same sort of hydrophobic coatings that we saw being used in Germany to combat public urination. Via: #thisiscolossal #doartfoundation #publicart #streetart #streetartproject #justdolab #doart

Meninist on Twitter: "Just iwatch things http://t.co/DF2PXpuDYn"

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Paris, California

Paris Photo LA, the Los Angeles iteration of the French photography fair, arrives at the legendary Paramount Pictures studios this weekend. Here seven must-sees.

90-Year-Old Tortoise Moves Twice as Fast After Having Legs Replaced with Wheels Because of Rat Attack

When a pet tortoise named Mrs. T was hibernating for the winter, she ended up losing her front legs. A rat had eaten both legs up to the elbow joint, after breaking in to the garden shed where she was sleeping. “We were afraid she may have to be put down,” stated Mrs. Ryder, the tortoise's …

Mechanical Engineering

​Android、iOS 和 Web App 将能更轻易移植到 Windows 10 上

在 Build 大会上,几乎把 Windows 10 余下的谜团都解决了。微软更发表了一个让不少开发者震撼的消息,就是他们将会简化把 Android 应用程序放到 Windows 上的程序。根据 Terry Myerson 的说法是 Windows Phone 将会有「Android 子系统」,让 Java 和 C++ 程序更容易在上面运行。而 iOS 应用程序的 Objective C 语言也可以透过微软的 Visual Studio 转换成完全兼容在 Windows 10 的格式,但新的 Swift 则没有提及能否支持。Web App 的话,这些基于网站而生的应用程序将可以放到 Windo …

Photo by @amivitale #onassignment for @natgeo. A baby panda at the Wolong Panda Base. Giant pandas don’t roar like other bears, but bleat like goats, or honk, growl and bark to communicate. #pandas #ipanda #pandacub #giantpanda #wolong #sichuan #china #natureispeaking #nikon #nikonambassador #nikonnofilter #amivitale #photojournalism @ipandacam @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @nikonusa



Rare Kaleidoscopic Glass Sculptures by Jack Storms

Being told that his unusual vision was impossible did not prevent Jack Storms from becoming an innovative artist. Instead, he was motivated to take on a rare, physically intense form of art, which gave him the opportunity to thrive as a world-renowned glass sculptor. Using lead crystal and …


山西临县耗资4.7亿灌溉工程成摆设 灾民忍痛砍树



The #RollingStones are releasing a deluxe edition of ‘Sticky Fingers’ on May 26th, and fans that see the band this summer might get to experience the 1971 record in its entirety. "We're floating the idea of playing the whole album," #MickJagger tells @RollingStone. "At the very least, we'll play the songs we don't normally play.”... Jagger isn't totally convinced that playing the whole album in stadiums is a wise idea. "It's a really great album," he says. "But it has a lot of slow songs. Normally in a show we'd just do one or two ballads. ‘Sticky Fingers’ has about five slow songs. I'm just worried that it might be problematic in stadiums. Maybe we'd play it and everyone would say, 'Great,' but maybe they'll get restless and start going to get drinks.” From RollingStone.com Photograph by Terry O'Neill


1989 !

storm hitting the malecon #havana

Arthur Tress’s best photograph: a boy from the Boston ghetto hides with a gun

‘When you take pictures of children with guns, they’re often aggressive, but this boy posed in a defensive, frightened way’<p>In the late 1960s, an old schoolmate of mine started doing art projects with young kids. In one, they examined their dreams and used them as the inspiration for paintings and …

Martin Luther King, Jr.

UK's first 'poo bus' goes into regular service

Bio-Bus fuelled by human and household waste, which first ran between Bristol and Bath, will operate 15-mile route four days a week<p>Britain’s first “poo bus”, which runs on human and household waste, goes into regular service this month.<p>Powered by biomethane gas, the Bio-Bus will use waste from more …