Gender Identity and Pronouns

My name is Christel and my pronouns are she and her. Based on my name, or the way I look, most people assume those are my pronouns. But such assumptions aren’t always correct and therefore they can send a message that people have to look a certain way to show their gender. Plus, a person’s sense of their gender may or may not correspond to their sex assigned at birth. Normalizing the sharing of pronouns creates an inclusive environment. A growing number of companies are supporting this practice.

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Gender Identity and Pronouns
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    introduction to gender pronouns

    Gender Identity and Pronouns

    Gender Identity and Pronouns

    Learn more and tell us what you would want to teach the world at We asked some people in our community a simple question, "What will you teach the world?" Gender Identity and Pronouns with Tristan from the Pride Centre of Edmonton.

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    companies normalizing the sharing of pronouns

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