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Switzerland To Test Drone Mail Delivery System This Summer

We know that Amazon wants to turn to drones to perform some of its deliveries in the future, but at the moment they are facing a bit of resistance …


Gamma rays could improve screening for nuclear, other hazardous materials

Gamma rays could improve screening for nuclear and other hazardous materials.

It is the stuff of scientists' nightmares and science fiction writers' plot points: a nuclear weapon is slipped into the U.S. on a cargo ship and detonates, destroying an American seaport and killing a million …

Nuclear Power

3-d printing aircraft parts may be in Israel's near future

The Office of the Chief Scientist in the Economy Ministry announced Sunday that it will invest more heavily in a 3-d printing collaboration called …

Middle East

This Bike Washer Puts a New Spin on 'Spin Cycle'

Exercise and laundry: Two tedious, tiresome, often costly, and never-ending tasks, yet necessary if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle—and …

Developing Countries

Met Police Set To Replace Core IT System

The Metropolitan Police Service is set to begin procurement of an integrated system to replace its core IT functions

The Metropolitan Police has …


Movies preparing us for robot overlords

How the movies are preparing us for our new robot overlords (spoiler)


A young programmer is selected to participate in a breakthrough …


Mobile Phone Ownership Skyrocketing in Sub-Saharan Africa

A recent report underscores the proliferation of cell phone use in sub-Saharan Africa. According to the Pew Research Center survey, Africa has all …


Scientists create self-powering camera

NEW YORK — Scientists at Columbia University in New York have successfully built a camera that is capable of producing images using power harvested …

The Unbelievable Power of Amazon Web Services

The company's Web Services—which undergird Netflix,, and Spotify—might be the single most important piece of technology to the modern tech boom.

On Thursday, we’ll finally get a sense of the true scope of one of the most important businesses for the Internet.

Amazon is due to announce …


Want to ride in a Tesla? Soon you can just visit Wuhan and hail a taxi

Tesla sales in China last year were bad: bad enough to cause layoffs and force Tesla to offer new China-only services. But this year, things seem to …


Futurist Thomas Frey » Blog Archive » The Coming Era of Alternative Credentialing

Earlier this week the DaVinci Institute became the first organization in the world to offer Microdegrees® to the graduates of the Institute’s coding …


The High-Tech Battle Against Pirates

A stealth vessel and other technologies could protect ships in troubled waters--if only we'd deploy them

Ghost looks more like a spacecraft than a seaborne combat vessel. It's waiting for us in the Piscataqua River, a few minutes out from its home at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. …


How Audi Car Trunks Are Doubling as Mailboxes With Help From Amazon and DHL

You've got mail -- in the trunk of your car.

Audi is teaming up with Amazon and DHL to test a new delivery program that would turn the trunk of an …


This Atomic Clock Won't Lose a Second in 15 Billion Years

The latest achievement in astronomical accuracy is an atomic clock that, had it been running at the time of the Big Bang, would still be correct to within a second today. This atomic clock, built by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Colorado, was last year …

Atomic Clock

CDC using new technology to track listeria Illnesses

Latest News


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The government is relying on some new technology - as well as a bit of luck - to track an outbreak of life-threatening listeria linked to Blue Bell ice cream products.

Texas-based Blue Bell Creameries recalled all its products this week as listeria was …

Blue Bell Creameries

Rethinking Hotel Communications for a Multi-Screen World

This is an excerpt from our latest FREE Skift Trends Report, Travel Brands in a Multi-Screen World, brought to you in partnership with Adobe.

A …


What Does the Army Want From Robots in 10 Years?

The service is outlining a multidecade plan for autonomic and robotic systems.

Nearly 10 years ago, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, or DARPA, showed that a self-driving car could navigate a 132-mile stretch of desert. That proof-of-concept test, DARPA Grand Challenge (2005), sought …


The Internet of Everything and How It Will Change the World | World Future Society

April 20, 2015 - Peter Diamandis, author of "Bold" and "Abundance" sends out a weekly email in which he describes a technology and its potential

The Future

China's DJI Drones Flying High Among US Companies

Chinese drone maker SZ DJI Technology has established a strong early lead in the U.S. commercial market as companies turn to its inexpensive, …


How a small electrical jolt boosts the brain

The White House’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative has hit its one-year mark working to improve prospects and correct inequalities for young men of …

The Brain

Li Keqiang Wants Faster, Cheaper Internet To Push Chinese E-Commerce And Entrepreneurship

China’s Premier Li Keqiang wants to give the Chinese faster, cheaper Internet access to help fuel the country’s e-commerce obsession and bolster the …


Robot assistants to give surgeons a leg-up

The Mediterranean refugee tragedy has highlighted Europe’s “incompetent policy reaction’’ to people-smuggling, Jim Molan says.

The future of the …

Saving energy: Nichia laser tech could make TVs 25% more efficient

TOKYO -- Japanese electronics maker Nichia has developed laser technology that could make LCD televisions 25% more energy efficient than LED-based …

Computer Hardware

Ikea thinks in 2025 we'll be cooking on tables that project recipes and more

Ikea dreamed up a concept kitchen for this year's Milan design week, giving the world a look at how Ikea products - combined with realistic …


Electronic Micropump Delivers Drugs On Demand Directly Into Brain

Researchers at Inserm (French Institute of Health and Medical Research), École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, and Linköping University in Sweden, have …

The Brain

'Mega' floating solar power plants open in Japan

Two floating solar power plants capable of providing electricity for 1,000 homes have been completed in Japan.

Solar power is booming in Japan; the nation doubled its solar power capacity within two years of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, and is now a world leader along with China and the US. …


New device to ease spinal surgery designed at Delhi hospital

Read Full story of 'New device to ease spinal surgery designed at Delhi hospital' at


The Airbus H160 Helicopter Is a Technological Tour de Force

The massive aircraft will measure an impressive 238 feet long and 385 feet wide…

The forthcoming aircraft offers vertical takeoff and landing and can …


This heated underwear can double scuba dive time for women

There aren't a lot of divers exploring the ocean depths offshore of Antarctica; and of those brave enough to plunge into the icy waters, fewer still are women.

Part of the reason might be the gear. Historically, diving gear has been designed for men.

"There's a lot of differences and we can't just …

Scuba Diving