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France and the US lead the food tech revolution

As food becomes one of the tech scene’s fastest growing areas, entrepreneurs around the world are innovating to meet consumers’ demands for fresher, ethical and more environmentally friendly foodstuffs.

Two countries leading the revolution make an unlikely duo when it comes to sitting down to …

Catching Poachers on Rhino-Cam

Protect RAPID implants hidden cameras and GPS on rhinos to catch and deter poachers

In 2007, poachers in South Africa killed 13 endangered rhinos. …

GPS Tracking

First practical hybrid aircraft takes to the skies — and could save many lives

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Spanish firm Axter Aerospace has developed a new hybrid powerplant for small single planes. This thing just makes sense. Its …


Australia reveals the world's first solar powered e-paper traffic signs

Sydney is leading the way in eco-friendly traffic signs by using the world's first solar-powered “electronic ink” signs. The signs are completely …

Renewable Energy

The future is here: New face recognition technology can work in the dark

It’s kind of crazy how quickly face detection and recognition technology managed to push its way into the mainstream. Over the past few years we’ve …

Face Detection

Smog Free Tower creates clean air, and air that you wear

Smog affects many major cities around the world and can cause health problems for those breathing it in. To highlight this issue, Dutch artist Daan …


Enterprise Pepper Robot Can Be Rented For $440 Monthly

Business is all about opportunity cost – most businesses would like to own their premises, but reality dictates that rental is the way to go until …


The Just-Smart-Enough Home

IF YOU SPEND enough time trying to rig up a smart home—one in which your smartphone magically turns on the lights when you walk through the door then sets the temperature just so—you’ll eventually long for a Clapper. Remember the ad? Clap on! Clap off! Simple—and a lot catchier than Take out your …


Solar-powered drone breaks record with 81-hour flight

Madhumita Venkataramanan

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Solar-powered drone AtlantikSolar has broken the world endurance record for unmanned aerial vehicles under 50kg -- by flying continuously for 81 hours. It is also the second longest UAV flight ever, behind Airbus Space's 53kg Zephyr 7. "We …


University Of Lisbon Scientists Solve Pendulum Clock Mystery

Two professors at the University of Lisbon say they have discovered why the pendulums of clocks set on the same surface will eventually swing together in opposing directions.



And now a vexing problem solved.

HENRIQUE OLIVEIRA: Tick-tock, tick-tock.

BLOCK: This is …

Have I Lost My Mind -- Or Only My Car Keys? Technology's Effect on Memory

Whoever invented the key fob for cars did not design it for women with more than one purse. I feel like I am playing a constant game of hide-and-seek with my keys. Modern technology clearly has many benefits, but for a long time I was certain that the impact on "working memory" was one of the …


The first machine that can jump on water

We’ve made machines that can float on water, and machines that can walk on water, but until now, robots or automata that can leap suddenly into the …


Lamp runs on nothing but saltwater*

Developers hope the design will bring affordable lighting to people worldwide who live along the coast.


Pull Over, America! This Adorable Hitchhiking Robot Needs a Lift

Think you'd never pick up a hitchhiker? Then you've probably never met hitchBOT.


3D Printing: World's First 3D Printed Car Is Named Blade

Say hello to Blade. It's the world's first 3D printed car. (Photo : YouTube/Screenshot )

3D printing technology is not exactly new. Some of this …

3D Printing

Food fight: New challengers spice up Singapore’s online grocery war

Honestbee and RedMart are shaking up online groceries in Singapore. But their approaches are fundamentally different.


Researchers turn human blood cells into micro-lasers

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland, July 23 (UPI) -- In an effort to improve their cancer-fighting skills, researchers at the University of St. Andrews, in …


Dutch Bank Launches Voice-Activated Password System

ING Netherlands customers can now log in to their accounts simply by speaking


'Metal Muscles' Flex a New Bionic Hand

Artificial limbs, including the most complex of them – the human hand – are getting more life-like and useful due to constant advances in tiny …


Nokia’s next in line to build a virtual reality camera

SAN FRANCISCO (California) — Nokia introduced a virtual reality (VR) camera called Ozo late yesterday (July 28), aiming to become the first company …

Who is to blame when a robot kills a human?

An ethical dilemma for the 21st century

Since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, Western nations have harbored a collective anxiety about the replacement of human jobs by mechanized labor. Economists have long tried to predict which jobs will be lost to machines, but they offer no guarantees. …


The Great Mannequin Vs. Fashion Model Showdown | Futurist Thomas Frey

If it weren’t for their glowing eyes, I would have sworn they were live fashion models dancing in the store window.

Moving smoothly to match the music …

Fashion Modeling

A Search Engine, but Not on the Internet

An Israeli company wants to build molecular spectroscopy into a smartphone so people can count calories, identify pills, and find out more about objects than can be seen by the human eye.

With all the hype around the Internet of Things—a future in which ordinary devices are sensor equipped and …

Search Engines

The Download: Uber faces mounting roadblocks in Asia

We're more than halfway through the year, and it's clear that it's going to be a rough ride for Uber in Asia. Across the continent, the San Francisco-based ride-hailing company faces new rivals, new legal hurdles and other roadblocks.

Uber first entered Asia via Singapore in October 2012 and took …


Samsung unveils monitor that can wirelessly charge your phone

The company announces the world's first wireless mobile-charging monitor at a time when PC monitor sales are on the decline.

Samsung has outfitted its …


Amazon proposes a slice of the sky for commercial drones

At a conference hosted by NASA, the e-commerce company calls for a high-traffic strip of the sky to support the wider use of robotic aircraft.

Amazon …


Palm-Sized DroPrinter Produces Tiny Photos and Documents

Every now and then, you might need to print something from your phone — a grocery list, address or email, for instance — but when you're out and about, how are you supposed to do it? The droPrinter is a pint-size solution to this mild annoyance. It's essentially a receipt printer, using rolls of …


Changing change management

Change management as it is traditionally applied is outdated. We know, for example, that 70 percent of change programs fail to achieve their goals, …

Business Technology

Egyptians Turn to Facebook to Highlight Decrepit Public Facilities

CAIRO — When the prime minister of Egypt visited two Cairo hospitals last month, he said he was shocked by the disorder and decay he encountered. No one else was.

Egyptian doctors posted hundreds of pictures on a Facebook page showing poor conditions at medical facilities around the country: …