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Bracelet Uses Ultrasonic System To Help Blind People Navigate

The technological development has international recognition and has sparked interest for industrial production by a manufacturer in the medical …


Could Lithium-air batteries make oil obsolete?

Sooner than it takes to build a nuclear power station, lithium-air batteries could be helping wind and solar to make coal, oil and nuclear obsolete, …


China uses old playbook to challenge world in higher technology

China is turning to an old formula to challenge the world in higher value-added manufacturing, posing an increasing threat to developed-nation …


Printing out body parts

Swiss researchers have harnessed 3D printing to produce cellular material in process called bioprinting. (SRF/

Researchers at the federal …

European News

Upcoming Crossrail trains will get customers online when they're on the line

The trains for the UK's new Crossrail rail link have been unveiled. They will be over one-and-a-half times as long as London's longest Tube train and …


Manipulate and Tug On a 3D Interactive Display With Your Hands

The team behind Ultrahaptics is working to make three-dimensional experiences that go beyond touchscreens


China’s Tianhe-2 is still the world’s fastest supercomputer, but Cray is on a resurgence

It's that time of the year again: TOP500 published its twice-annual list of the 500 fastest supercomputers in the world today, and it looks like …


Domino's UK now lets you order pizza with just the press of a button

Domino's UK has just launched a product that makes it exceptionally easy to order pizza to your doorstep. With a single press of 'The Easy Order' …


Lithium-air: A battery breakthrough explained

In the quest for smaller, longer-lasting, more powerful batteries, scientists have tried many alternative approaches to battery chemistry. One may …


Smart Cities and IoT Face Looming Challenges, Along with Opportunity

The idea of “smart cities” has been around for a while, with burgs like Barcelona and Los Angeles taking an early adopter role in programs like smart …


16 People Freak Out Trying Virtual Reality For The First Time

"Who needs a dating life?"

No one can see their hands, but everyone wants to.

At least, that's the impression staffers at The Huffington Post left after they spent some time with Gear VR, the new virtual reality headset launching Friday from Samsung. (You can get it for $99.99 on, Amazon …

Virtual Reality

Digital homes: How app and device use will transform houses in the next five years

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The …


In electrifying advance, researchers create circuit within living plants

Talk about flower power. Researchers have crafted flexible electronic circuits inside a rose. Eventually such circuitry may help farmers eavesdrop on …


The Elbee could be the very visible future of hearables

Our tech blogger writes about everything 'smart.' (It's the new green, only with gizmos — preferably useful ones.)

They are both in your ears and in …

The Future

ESET brings a helpful new tool for parents to keep their kids safe

ESET has just launched a Parental Control app for Asia Pacific that leverages their existing technology and adds some new features to make it easier …

Robots are Stealing All the Food Service Jobs

We’ll be lucky if robots only steal our jobs, rather than also enslaving civilization and mocking our weak sacks of soft-muscled frailty. Roughly 47 …


Computer Vision and Computer Hallucinations

HOME > PAST ISSUE > September-October 2015 > Article Detail


A peek inside an artificial neural network reveals some pretty freaky …

Artificial Intelligence

This Weed-Destroying Farm Robot Is Going To Replace Farm Workers

But it also means way fewer herbicides. Maybe the way to chemical-free foods is through more automation.

The automated weeding machine before you may be the most efficient weeder in history. It can work all day. It destroys two weeds a second. And, it never goes on strike (unless it breaks …


Clothes with inbuilt air conditioning

Researchers at the Technical Research Centre of Finland — VTT — have developed a mass production method for wearable air conditioning technology. The …

Wearable Tech

Cyborg Roses Wired with Self-Growing Circuits

Scientists have demonstrated that it is possible to embed electronic circuits in living plants, which could one day be used as sensors to monitor …


NASA Gives Humanoid Robot to MIT to Develop for Future Space and Mars Exploration

NASA announced that MIT will receive a humanoid robot to test and develop for future space missions to Mars and beyond. The robot could be huge when …


'Fool's gold battery' developed as alternative to lithium ion

ZURICH, Switzerland, Nov. 13 (UPI) -- Lithium ion batteries power a wide range of electronics, including electric cars. But researchers say it's …


Camera trap helps catch tiger poachers in Thailand

Police in Thailand nabbed several tiger poachers, thanks to evidence that turned up on a camera trap.

It all started when tiger skins and body parts were found at a police checkpoint in Mae Sot District in Western Thailand.

Authorities along with experts from the Wildlife Conservation Society then …

Camera Traps

New Scanner to Image Entire Body, Better Target Diseases

A new full body PET scanner is being developed that could revolutionize how scientists see the inner workings of the human body, possibly leading to …


Movement may replace phone PINS

Movement may soon replace phone passwords

Data61 has successfully tested a password-less security system that relies on movement detection.

Your mobile …


Your brain cells can now be turned on and off like a bedside lamp: A new discovery in optogenics

Two neuroscientists from MIT and Stanford have won a Breakthrough Prize for their revolutionary work in the field

Optogenetics is probably the biggest buzzword in neuroscience today. It refers to techniques that use genetic modification of cells so they can be manipulated with light. The net result …

The Brain

Reaching 1 Billion Drones by 2030 | Futurist Thomas Frey

I was recently honored to be a guest speaker at a conference hosted by Mark Wilkins, Kevin Kelley, and the good people at Stampede on the “future of …


The Doomsday Invention

Will artificial intelligence bring us utopia or destruction?

I. Omens

Last year, a curious nonfiction book became a Times best-seller: a dense meditation on artificial intelligence by the philosopher Nick Bostrom, who holds an appointment at Oxford. Titled “Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, …


Following Tesla’s lead, Gogoro to take funky electric scooters to Amsterdam

Gogoro’s smart electric scooter (Photo: Tech in Asia)If any western city is synonymous with bikes, it’s Amsterdam. That could make it a good place …


Stealthy Shape-Shifting Skin Could Wrap Chinese Aircraft

Researchers publish stealth secrets

Chinese researchers have developed a new aircraft skin that makes planes even harder to see on radar. Published this week, the technique makes a plane skin that can adapt to different radar frequencies and react to them, the radio wave equivalent of chameleon skin.