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This Garden In The Sky Lets You Stroll On Top Of The Roofs Of Skyscrapers

Take a stroll through this Vietnamese park and you might never know you were 22 stories in the air.

In New York City, apartment rooftops tend to be the domain of HVAC ducts, water towers, and the occasional barbecue, accessible to a few residents. But imagine if the rooftops of our skyscrapers were …


Grocery shopping made easier

- +

Many things go digital these days -- even personal shoppers.

HappyFresh is a mobile application and website that allows you to do your grocery …


Case Study: High performance computing in health research

Business Spectator Technology Jennifer ForeshewMelbourne researchers have adopted new high performance computing technology to assist life-saving …


Hitachi can predict where and when crimes will occur by monitoring everything from the weather to Twitter

In the 2002 Steven Spielberg movie, Minority Report, Chief John Anderton (played by Tom Cruise) says, “No doubt the precogs have already seen this.” …


How virtual reality can make the real world a better place

Virtual reality (VR) can make the impossible possible — the rules of physical reality need no longer apply. In VR, you strap on a special headset and …

Virtual Reality

E-butler at your begging - Technology


New Sensor Tag Technology Could Link Animal Behavior and Conservation Science

For wild sockeye salmon, the trip upriver from the ocean to their spawning grounds is fraught with peril and hardship. But quantifying exactly how …


The hidden digital divide

The unstoppable global spread of the internet is encouraging, but wider access alone won't close the data gap.

Digital Divide

Switzerland ranks No. 1 in global innovation

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) published a study on Thursday naming Switzerland the world leader in innovation for 2015. Other …


In Developing Nations, Drone Airports Could Go a Long Way

Lord Foster's Africa-based project for emergency supplies could be the first droneport erected


Italian Team Aim For 3D Printed Housing

Friday, September 25th, 2015

You may have heard of 3D printed clothes, food, medical models and even fire arms, but have you ever imagined stepping …


To calibrate its fusion device, NIST is bending quartz crystals

When NIST fuses hydrogen, it creates powerful x-ray signals. To read those signals, scientists have had to get creative.


Oasis dome offers glamping under the stars all year round

Lithuanian designer Vytautas Puzeras has found a way to bring glampers that little bit closer to nature ... all year round. Dubbed Oasis, the …


Starfish-tracking eco-bots help protect vulnerable coral reef

Add / Remove When an environment becomes vulnerable, acting quickly can be the difference between preservation and decimation. Given the expenses and …


UK company reveals new technology that can transform radio frequency waves into energy

A British startup company, Drayson Technologies, has unveiled a new technology that harvests electricity from unused radio frequency waves in order …


UK team pioneers experimental cure for age-related blindness

A UK medical team is pioneering a potential cure for age-related blindness, with a treatment aimed at replacing damaged cells.

Doctors at London's …

United Kingdom

The worlds largest Delta 3D printer can print nearly zero-cost housing out of mud

Italian innovator Massimo Moretti launched WASP with the goal to “create a means for affordable fabrication of homes, and provide these means to the …


Solar Battery

Related Business Ideas

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Nima is a …

Renewable Energy

Slovenian Couple Develops First Smart High Chair

Maruša and Matej Košir & Family

One of the most rewarding aspects of covering tech startups is finding out how innovators have applied technology to solve problems, whether personal or global. Young parents Maruša and Matej Košir of Slovenia drew from their own parenting experience to design the …


Australian researchers make quantum computing breakthrough

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Crucial …


China moving full speed ahead in construction of aircraft carriers

The Liaoning, the PLA Navy's first carrier, commissioned in 2012.6 more images in gallerySatellite photos analyzed by IHS Janes show China has …


Science and technology in Central China

Central China is a growing hub for researchers and tech companies to launch exciting projects in science and engineering.


Meet the 21st century microscope: A peek into the Monash CAVE2 immersive visualization facility powered by NVIDIA

Home Meet the 21st century microscope: A peek into the Monash CAVE2 immersive visualization facility

A Peek into the updated Monash CAVE2 immersive …

Student invents ion thruster that breaks NASA's fuel efficiency record

Fuel Efficiency

Tipping Your Server Will Be Super Uncomfortable Thanks To New Chip-Embedded Credit Cards

Tipping has always been, more or less, a solitary process. Once your server hands you a check, you add in the tip amount you'd like to give them and …

Credit Card Fraud

A Protective Cloak Against Earthquakes and Storms

HOME > PAST ISSUE > September-October 2015 > Article Detail


Invisibility cloaking is not close on the horizon, but shielding from other …


Futuristic-Looking Solar Cars to Race Through Australian Outback

This fall, about 50 teams from around the world will take part in a competition in Australia to prove that their specially designed solar-powered …

Autos (Australia)

Blind Dogs with Genetic Mutation May Lead to a Cure for Blindness in Humans

Scientists have found the genetic underpinnings of achromatopsia in dogs, which is a rare, inherited vision disorder that affects the eye's cone …


Biohacking Device Napz Lets Users Control What's Happening in a Dream

If you’re having trouble sleeping and watching late night PBS isn’t quite working for you, help is on the way. A biohacker named Octavio A. Martinez

Lucid Dreaming

New ATM Malware Helps Hackers Dispense Cash On Command, Rendering Chip Security Irrelevant

Smashing into a store, chaining the ATM machine to the back of your car and driving off is so 20th century. Authorities are reporting that more cash …