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Virtual Reality Learns How to Get Into the Classroom

Virtual-reality technology is ready for the classroom. Whether teachers are ready for virtual reality is less clear.

Nearpod Inc., a startup that makes education software used in 10,000 schools across the U.S., is launching virtual-reality lessons on Thursday. Here's their pitch: instead of …

Virtual Reality

Technology › Technology, ancient and modern, can help buildings survive quakes

Shocking images of a Taiwan apartment complex felled like a tree by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake have highlighted what is needed to build a structure …


New satellites could bring 1 terabit of internet bandwidth to remote regions

Delivering internet access to remote areas is challenging, as the traditional method of running lines from connected regions is extremely expensive. …


A robot butler is replacing humans in some California hotels

A robot may be delivering your fresh towels at hotels from now on.

An autonomous robot named Relay is currently bringing items to guests at some hotels in California. People who call down to the front desk for an item, like a toothbrush or towel, will be greeted by the adorable robot that is capable …


China's experimental fusion reactor maintains superheated hydrogen plasma for 102 seconds

A bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone. China's EAST tokamak and Germany's Wendelstein 7-X aren't exactly fusion energy's answer to Messi …

The Shadow in the Cloud

This week we were treated to an article declaring that consumers are not ready for the Internet of Things. Apparently this is due to the fact that the hardware is more expensive than their non-connected brethren. And yes, when you head down to Home Depot and see a $50 thermostat, that $250 Nest …

Internet of Things

To Respond to a Disease Outbreak, Bring in the Portable Genome Sequencers

Using a genome sequencer smaller than a stapler, geneticists have demonstrated the role they can play in combating outbreaks of infectious disease. …


World's fastest mobility scooter hits record 107.6 mph

This is not your grandfather's "Days Strider."

It must've been a slow week at an Isle of Man bodyshop when mechanics David Anderson and Mathew Hine decided to "tweak" a mobility scooter for a bit more speed. The garden-variety Days Strider model was designed to go 8 mph, so naturally the pair added …


Book a Motorcycle Taxi in Indonesia Via Messaging App Line

By Resty Woro Yuniar

Line Corp. on Wednesday said its users in Indonesia can now hail motorcycle taxis directly from its chat application, underscoring the company's push to grow its user base outside of Japan, where it dominates mobile messaging.

In its first-ever such arrangement, Line users can …


Pic-scanning AI estimates city air pollution from mass of photos

A project begun by Nanyang Technological University in Singapore aims to let people evaluate the air around them with just their smartphone


Brain electrodes read minds at the speed of thought

University of Washington neuroscientists and their colleagues have developed a system that uses electrodes implanted in the human brain’s temporal …


Scientists to Inject Fuel in Experimental Fusion Device

Scientists are poised to flip the switch on an experiment that could take them a step closer to the goal of generating clean and cheap nuclear …

Cold Fusion

Asteroid Mining? Luxembourg Announces Plan to Help Launch Industry

One small step for a man, one giant leap for a duchy: Mining asteroids for minerals is one step closer to reality after tiny Luxembourg announced plans Wednesday to help the fledgling industry get into orbit.

The Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy announced the first government initiative in Europe …


Coast Guard Uses Drones To Find Icebreakers In Antarctica

Unmanned and unfrozen

Few places on Earth are as inhospitable as Antarctica. Perhaps the bottom of the sea, or inside a lava lake, but of all the places that people can technically survive, Antarctica’s pretty rough. Sustaining the research at McMurdo station is a civilian-headed effort with …

Coast Guard

Taiwan university introduces portable wind turbine | Tech | FOCUS TAIWAN - CNA ENGLISH NEWS

Taipei, Jan. 13 (CNA) National Cheng Kung University Tuesday introduced a portable wind power turbine that can fold for portability and is less than …


Electronics: Panasonic crafts sharper electric eye for cars

OSAKA -- Panasonic says it has developed an image sensor 100 times as sensitive to light as existing technology, enabling self-driving cars to spot …


Synaptics Brings Force Touch To Automotive Touchscreens

Synaptics' ClearForce technology could bring pressure-sensitive controls to car infotainment systems in the near future.Your future car infotainment …


Here Come the Microbots

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Swiss Considering $3.4 Billion Cargo Tunnel for Automated Delivery Trucks

In the parts of the world where it seems that just about everyone has a car, we all want to get away from the crush of traffic. But after a certain …


The robot revolution starts with data entry and small talk

Robots are going to work in Japanese banks, hospitals and schools, but keep your expectations low.

Pepper the home robot is looking for work. According to SoftBank, the Japanese company behind the humanoid bot that looks like a friendlier version of an anime villain, this is the year that robots …


Coin / MasterCard to make everything you wear a payment device

Coin is primarily known for making one of the first “smart” credit cards. This hasn’t exactly worked out well, but it does mean that Coin has learned …


How Vroom Is Using Brands To Help Early Childhood Brain Development

The Bezos Family Foundation, Goya, and Johnson & Johnson partner to give parents the right learning tools at the right time.

Two years ago The Bezos Family Foundation launched a pilot program in Seattle to provide low income families tips and tools to make use of everyday moments, like bath time or …