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Blood for Blood

Love can be a powerful ally...or a lethal weapon.<p><i>Zytarri, Book 1</i><p><i>The Past...</i><p>Leora Saguna has become what her kind fear most—a blood huntress. Fueled …

Human Anatomy

Kayakers explore 110-year-old 'ghost ship'

Thomas Edison

Why We Just Can't Quit Our Obsession With Vampires

Vampires; zombies; vampires; zombies. Over the past few decades, we've waffled between the two. In the post-<i>Twilight</i> era, the undead took over for …

Vampires, werewolves and dragons at The Merrylin Cryptid Museum – Now. Here. This.

Posted at 6:15 pm, May 30, 2014 in Fun London<p>‘I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!’ It turns out Tinkerbell wasn’t just a figment of J.M Barrie’s …

The Brief Look at the Werewolf Through History

Since ancient times, the fusion of man and wolf has been the stuff of legend and folklore (“wer” was the word for “man” in old English, with “man” …


Words Inside My Head

Let me speak to you of the man. Oh, yes, the man, and the feelings I did not understand.<p>I speak of love -- a love that has locked me here within …

Moon Trance - Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)


Under the Skin, Only Lovers Left Alive, and a Brief History of the Art-Horror Film

<i>Under the Skin</i>, starring Scarlet Johansson as an alien come to Earth in human form, is being billed as a science-fiction film, and it is, on some …

Horror Movies

Why a full moon sends us barking mad

We sleep less deeply to guard against attack – and when we do drop off our dreams are “weird and bizarre”.<p>Top sleep scientist Richard Wiseman says: …

Biomechanical #steampunk #dieselpunk

Chateau R., Greenhouse

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Mexico's Haunted Island Of The Dolls Is Actually Terrifying

Just to the south of Mexico City is a rural area named Xochimilco (so-chee-meel-koh) which translates into ‘a place of flowers’ – it paints of …

The Incredible Monsters & Machines Of The Isle Of Nantes

When it comes to tourism, many countries highlight their unique landmarks (Sydney Opera House in Australia, The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy) or …


Running Sunset Canvas Print

Join Our Tee Party!<p>Whether for work or for play our t-shirts make a bold statement.<p>We've Got You Covered<p>From your head to your toes, find apparel …

Dark Arts

We’re in a weird time for the way the future looks; somehow <i>House of Cards</i> can slyly introduce a floating text-message interface to their present-day political drama without so much as blinking, but most of our iconic near- and far-future worlds run on tracks laid down well before the ’90s. And it’s …

Book World: In ‘By Blood We Live,’ Glen Duncan adds bite to his werewolf series

Glen Duncan is back at the top of his game with “By Blood We Live,” third in the series of novels that began with “The Last Werewolf.” That book was a tour de force, an existential dark fantasy whose world-weary narrator had one of the most compelling voices in recent supernatural fiction. But its …


Meet the Lykoi, Better Known as the Werewolf Cat

The first Lykoi cat, Greek for “wolf cat,” wandered out of a wooded thicket on a clear October night when the moon was at its fullest. With a sparse, …


How Do Psychiatrists Treat Werewolves?

About five years ago, a smart, college-educated 26-year-old Moroccan man began sensing that his body was undergoing a radical physical …


Meet the 'Most Connected Man' in the World

And you thought managing a smartphone and an inbox was exhausting.<p>45-year-old Chris Dancy is known as the most connected man in the world. He has …

Wearable Tech

Dear Writer. Be More Adventurous.

If you read the writing of the average MFA student, you’ll find perfectly composed, uniquely styled, completely boring stories. What’s the deal? Some …


what a click

"The Cursed and the Damned #1" Comic Review<p>Written by James Ferguson<p>Published by N.A.S. Studios<p>Story by David Sandoval<br>Written by Luis M. …




look mom! a furry!