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Travel poster

Marianne Stokes

Windy Poplars Room<p>http://windypoplarsroom.tumblr.com/post/141356895479/marianne-stokes<p>a<p>tumblr-feed:photo

All Things Interesting

Jon Whitcomb by oldcarguy41 Via Flickr: You can tell this ad for Coke in a bottle was before the rule of no glass in the pool area.

Chanticleer and The Fox, Barbara Cooney

Today's vintage children's book is a repost from April of 2012, a wonderfully illustrated book by Barbara Cooney. It would have to be in my top ten …

Jean de la lune, illustrated by Elisabeth Ivanovsky in 1944/1945.

Hi !So many times without post a book...I had big troubles with my right arm, the good one of course, and it was quite difficult to take photos !I …


Arthur Rackham https://t.co/LlVmEvzRU7

Arthur Rackham / Alice https://t.co/oHqiJSrTtq

John Atkinson Grimshaw https://t.co/ZoOLKNiPIe

John Atkinson Grimshaw https://t.co/WNQFKK5DCf

John Atkinson Grimshaw https://t.co/JkpnNRVCoa

Edwin Georgi https://t.co/8dyT7I25ig

Ren Wicks .. can't argue w bow-tie https://t.co/vz5s6BTBdu

Bill Sienkiewicz https://t.co/FNSXpTQpth

Kelly Freas https://t.co/biVxrJWwT9

Kelly Freas https://t.co/jTNzBMuuT9

Temple of Venus at Baia - Etching by Filippo Morghen (18th century) - Collection "Azienda di Soggiorno e Turismo" of Pozzuoli