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How to make a sourdough starter—and keep it alive

The perfect loaf starts with some bacterial friends.<p>Sourdough bread, tangy and chewy, is my favorite bread for grilled cheese sandwiches (white cheddar only, please), pesto paninis, and eating an entire loaf in one sitting. To rise, this bread doesn't rely on the packets of dried yeast you find in …


Susan Jones Teaching: Composing 2D Shapes Free Center Cards!

Money is now a thing of the past and geometry is where it's at in room 102!<p>We have been identifying 2D shapes and their characteristics, while also …

National Geographic Travel

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My friend is in her 20s and entered this because there was no age limit.

Daily Morning Epicness (30 Pictures)

A Map of the Introvert’s Heart


8 Unconventional Ways to Decorate Gingerbread Men

We often marvel at intricate and clever houses and other structures made of gingerbread, but simpler gingerbread men are also recipes for holiday …

100 zip ties and definitely worth it!

9 Struggles Only Introverts Can Relate To

In a world that often leads us to believe that extroversion is the norm, it’s not always easy to be an introvert. You may feel like you’re the only …

The Golden Ratio: Design’s Biggest Myth

The golden ratio is total nonsense in design. Here’s why.<p>In the world of art, architecture, and design, the golden ratio has earned a tremendous reputation. Greats like Le Corbusier and Salvador Dalí have used the number in their work. The Parthenon, the Pyramids at Giza, the paintings of …


A psychologist discovered the secret to never getting frustrated

The guy in front of you is driving like an idiot. Your boss is being a jerk. Your partner isn't listening.<p>And sometimes these all happen to you <i>on the same day</i>.<p>What's the fix for this? One guy came up with a solution that deals with all of these problems — and more.<p>Albert Ellis was quite a …


This 8-step process will change the way you read forever

Other luminaries who have lived a thousand lives include SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who believes that reading is the fastest way to learn.<p>The members of Chromeo spend most of their time in the library, while business magnates Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger frequently spend entire days …


21 Picasso Tattoos Everyone Will Fall In Love With

Abso-stractly beautiful.


If you want your children to succeed, teach them to share in kindergarten

Kindergartners who share, cooperate and are helpful are more likely to have a college degree and a job 20 years later than children who lack those social skills, according to a new study.<p>Kids who get along well with others also are less likely to have substance-abuse problems and run-ins with the …

College & University

Stanford study on brain waves shows how different teaching methods affect reading development

Stanford Professor Bruce McCandliss found that beginning readers who focus on letter-sound relationships, or phonics, increase activity in the area …

The Brain

Find out how strong your vocabulary is and learn new words at Vocabulary.com.

Look up a word, learn it forever.<p>Don’t just memorize. Achieve mastery.<p>Ditch the flash cards and stop memorizing definitions. Vocabulary.com teaches …

I customised my water cup today

What the Real Irish Eat on St. Patrick’s Day

Ready for another round of watery green beer and corned beef with limp cabbage? Me, neither. St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be all about bad food. In fact, the quality of Irish food is on the rise as more people are beginning to discover the island nation has much more to offer than cliches.<p>For …

All you college students will thank me.

The Best Recipe Videos on YouTube for People With “No Time to Cook”

<i>House of Cards</i> is great and all, but in truth our favorite thing to binge watch is cooking videos. There’s something addictive, even therapeutic, …

Healthy Eating

The Time Napoleon Was Attacked by Rabbits

History tells us that Napoleon’s most upsetting defeat came at Waterloo. Or it may have occurred eight years earlier, after the French emperor was …

The professor who 'cured' his cancer with a cocktail of everyday pills and 20 years on remains disease-free

Ben Williams' aggressive brain tumour was treated with conventional therapies - and with a mix of common drugs, including those for acne, insomnia and high blood pressure, as revealed in a new documentary. Could this approach work for others?<p>ONE day, some two decades ago, Ben Williams set out from …


Your place to buy and sell all things handmade

The Best Paper Airplane: How to Make a Paper Airplane | The Art of Manliness

There are many skills fathers should pass on to their children: how to ride a bike, how to skip a stone, and of course, how to make a paper airplane. …

DIY Cross Hatch Stamp

I loved these easy DIY stamps so much, I wanted to make some more. I’ve always wanted a cross hatch stamp to use to fill in a larger shape or area. …

How to Make the UltraSabre Paper Airplane

Introduction: How to Make the UltraSabre Paper Airplane<p>Fast, long range and simple, the <b>UltraSabre</b> is a capable paper airplane simpler than most …

How to Build an Igloo

The National Film Board of Canada produced this video (originally on film) in 1949 to show how igloos are made in far North Canada.<p>Using hard-packed …