Global Migration Isn't Subsiding. Neither Is the Backlash Against It.

Around the world, far-right populist parties continue to stoke the popular backlash against global migration, driving some centrist governments to adopt a tougher line on immigration. But with short-term strategies dominating the debate, many of the persistent drivers of migration go unaddressed, even as efforts to craft a global consensus on migration are hobbled by demands for quick solutions.

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Global Migration Isn't Subsiding. Neither Is the Backlash Against It.


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    Europe Can Learn From Germany’s Experience With Migration’s Impact

    Europe Can Learn From Germany’s Experience With Migration’s Impact

    As a country that combines Europe’s distinct pre- and post-1989 experiences with migration, Germany’s societal response gives us a sense of the coming challenges the EU will collectively face.

    Refugees & Long-Term Displacement

    The surge in global refugee numbers points to both a proliferation of conflicts and humanitarian crises, but also the failure to resolve long-standing crises. From Syria to Afghanistan, local, regional and international actors have been unable to craft solutions that will allow people to return to their homes.

    The European Refugee Crisis

    The pace of new arrivals to Europe has slowed significantly since 2015, due to arrangements made with countries like Turkey and Libya. But those arrangements have come under fire from critics who accuse Europe of turning a blind eye to inhumane conditions and human rights abuses faced by refugees in both countries. And despite the political demonization of migrants, many European countries are likely to become dependent on immigrants to replenish domestic workforces as domestic birth rates fall.

    US Asylum and Immigration Policy

    In his four years as president, Trump sought to shut down migration across the United States’ southern border and drastically reduced the number of asylum-seekers and refugees allowed into the US. Biden has already reversed some of Trump’s more controversial measures. But he is under increasing pressure from his progressive supporters to do more.

    South-South Migration

    While the influx of immigrants to Western countries receives much of the global attention, this ignores the fact that most migration takes place between countries in the same region. In the absence of international attention and assistance, some countries have introduced innovative strategies for integrating refugees and migrants. But others have pushed back against their commitments under international law and may be forcing refugees and asylum seekers to return to dangerous situations.

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