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By The World Bank  | Good, inclusive jobs are the surest pathway out of poverty. A productive private sector that operates on a level playing field - one that provides jobs for all walks of society - is key to ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

Thriving Local Businesses Provide Jobs to Thousands in Afghanistan

With support from the Afghanistan New Market Development Project, a local pasteurization factory in Mazar-e-Sharif improved its production capacity …


Secondary towns for migration and jobs: Creating the action space

Raymond is a young boy living in rural Kagera, Tanzania. He has always dreamed of moving to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s prime city, 1,650 km away and …

Dar Es Salaam

The future of Jobs and Skills: A gloomy or glowing scenario for the less skilled workers?

<b>Fears abound that automation and other advanced technologies will lead to job losses for lower-skilled workers in emerging economies and exacerbate</b> …


World Bank Group Youth Summit 2017: Technology and Innovation for Impact

We are excited to announce this year’s Youth Summit 2017: Technology & Innovation for Impact. As highlighted in the 2016 World Development Report …


A new generation of CEOs: Six businesswomen discuss entrepreneurship and start-ups in West Africa

Across West Africa, it’s very difficult to find a workplace as innovative and diverse as business incubators. Known for their young, energized, and …


Africa Fellowship Program: Fielding Top Talent to Forward the World Bank Development Mission

“The Africa Fellowship Program contributes to renewing and enlarging of a diverse pool of experts in the field of development, thereby enhancing the …


Bangladesh Development Update: More, Better, and Inclusive Jobs Can Boost Growth

<b><br>September 27, 2017:</b> Bangladesh’s economic growth remains resilient in spite of volatile export growth and shrinking remittances, according to a new …


South Africa: Innovation, skills transfer improving lives, driving economic growth

Can South Africa tap into its innovation potential to improve the lives of its citizens?

Some people think innovation is only about gadgets, high-tech industries, and laboratories. But this is only the tip of the iceberg! The truth is …

South Africa

Horticulture offers hope for growth and jobs in rural Afghanistan

Afghanistan is struggling with unemployment and poor economic performance because of drastic reductions in foreign aid and continued social …


Reforms Sri Lanka needs to boost its economy

Many Sri Lankans understand the potential benefits of lowering trade costs and making their country more competitive in the global economy. The …


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Empowering Women to Boost Local Economies in Rural Afghanistan

Grants Help Women Entrepreneurs Grow Businesses in Afghanistan


It takes an ecosystem: How networks can boost Africa’s incubators

Also available in: <b>Français</b><p>Across francophone Africa, incubators are emerging rapidly to support a new generation of young entrepreneurs. Despite …


Afghanistan: Entrepreneurial Women Bring Economic Vibrancy in Rural Communities

Afghanistans Rural Enterprise Development Program (AREDP) aims to increase the employment and income of rural women and men through organizing the …

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In the Dominican Republic, Child Marriage Is Not Only a Moral Issue, But an Economic One as Well

In the Dominican Republic, more than one third of young women aged between 18 and 22 get married or form an informal union before turning 18, while …

Dominican Republic

Three ways creative community spaces are transforming cities

Start-ups are transforming cities. Entrepreneurs are inspiring creative communities and transforming the social and economic landscape of the …


Skills, Gender and the Future of Jobs: 2017 End of Summer Reading List

If you are looking for a good reading list before the summer ends, we’ve compiled a selection of five recent papers and publications that touch on …


Can small grants, training, and mentorship for micro-entrepreneurs create jobs in Afghanistan?

As the world marks International Youth Day on August 12, many in Afghanistan, especially the youth, strive to find better ways to make a prosperous …

Women Entrepreneurs

Women: The Hidden Figures Behind Côte d’Ivoire’s Economic Emergence

Politicians and economists often go to great lengths to scrutinize hundreds of pieces of data to identify complicated solutions, to the point of …

Ivory Coast