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Where Does Wine Really Come From?

Europe was relatively late to the game when it comes to winemaking, and the original inventors of our favorite fermented beverage are staging a …


Unearthing California’s Pre-Prohibition Wine Roots

Next time you’re in Napa, Sonoma, and the Bay Area, visit these important historic sites and wineries.<p>Each year, millions of people descend on Napa and Sonoma counties to taste wine, eat at fine restaurants and marvel at the grapevines that stretch as far as the eye can see.<p>But few of today’s …


Be Careful Trusting the American Palate When It Comes to American Wines

In Alphabet City in the East Village<p>My earliest memories of drinking wine are filled with gritty pictures of downtown New York City, in the early to …

The ultimate hack for wine lovers

HUNDREDS are calling for this woman to overthrow The Donald as Time’s Person of the Year after she posted a household hack on Twitter.

Into the Water

PUNCH | Your Updated Guide to Orange Wine

There’s a visceral reaction the first time you taste an orange wine. It doesn’t fit into all the boxes your wine brain has organized—too rich to be …

California Wine

In Defense Of White Wine (Thoughts On Expert Scores And Red Wine Bias)

White wines get the review shaft (image: little over a week ago, my friend Jeff Siegel published details by PhD Suneal …


These Oregon Winemakers Are Making Chardonnay Cool Again

Chardonnay has gotten a bad rap, but a group of Oregon producers are betting their reputations on the much-maligned grape. Their wines may still be under the radar, but Lettie Teague is betting they won’t stay that way for long.<p>OREGON IS a single-grape state for many wine drinkers, as tied to Pinot …


Oregon via Oenotria

Anyone who ever ordered a pizza from a local Italian restaurant knows, Italy appears on placemats or menus as a great boot, poised to kick the soccer …


Poland's wine champion

Robert Mielżyński’s intimidating 6’ frame is what you’d expect from a former hockey player. He was a fighter even by the sport’s standards, as some …


The Case For Natural Wine: Interview with RAW WINE Founder Isabelle Legeron MW

Crowds Gather Around Producers at RAW WINE (Photo by RAW WINE)<p>One needn’t love <i>all</i> natural wines to root for the category’s success, and yet the movement has proved divisive within the wine industry. Do wine drinkers love <i>all</i> conventionally produced wines? Conventional includes grapes grown using any …


Napa Valley Vintner Brings Robotics To Winemaking Process

NAPA COUNTY (KPIX 5) – Winemaking is a centuries-old process. But at Hall Wines in Napa Valley, it’s getting a high-tech upgrade.<p>A robotic sorter is …

Napa Valley

Historic Winemaking Regions

Some of the oldest vineyards in the world are from Israel, Georgia and Turkey. Take a look at some wines you may have missed from these historic …


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tequila – Cheers to You – Part 1

Tequila, ahh, tequila. What better beverage is there to discuss that has caused so many hangovers and so many “oops!” moments. Here’s your chance to …


Genomics 101 | Barry Schuler is genomics? How will it affect our lives? In this intriguing primer on the genomics …


Making wine with biodynamically farmed grapes — and marijuana

The road to California’s first commercially available pot-infused wine begins on a camping trip in Yosemite National Park in 2010. There, Lisa Molyneux, a Santa Cruz dispensary owner and pioneer in marijuana retail, is introduced to the therapeutic properties of an especially good bottling purveyed …

French microalgae may be the answer to key vine diseases

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You Think You Know Malbec Wine. You Are Wrong.

First, a confession. I’ve long thought malbecs from Argentina vastly overrated, slack-jawed big reds found hanging out in bad steakhouses and touted …


Scientists Get Closer to Harnessing the Health Benefits of Red Wine

Researchers develop new formulations of resveratrol, which is found in small quantities in red wine, to make into a pill<p>Scientists on opposite sides of the globe appear to be getting closer to harnessing one of red wine’s most elusive health-giving ingredients and putting it into a pill.<p>The …


Donald Trump's World Atlas of Wine

What is it with you people that you want to know what I think about wine all the time? When I became the new Emperor of Wine, and, really, I’m doing …


The New Rules of Pairing Wine with Sushi

What works with the Japanese staple? More than you might think.<p>When Garrett Smith, beverage director of NYC’s acclaimed omakase den Sushi Nakazawa, …

Resurrecting the Original Sparkling Wine

There's more to sparkling wine than Champagne, Caroline Henry discovers, as she explores méthode ancestrale wines.

Sparkling Wine

Some Geniuses Made Vodka With San Francisco's Fog

Mmm, Karl.<p>If your memory feels a little <i>foggy</i> tomorrow morning, we'll know why.<p>This vodka actually contains San Francisco fog, and we can't <i>condense</i> our eagerness to try a shot (or five).<p>Fog Point Vodka is a mix of <b>water harvested from San Francisco fog</b> and <b>vodka distilled from local California wine</b>. …

San Francisco