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SpaceX’s Mars Colonial Transporter can go “well beyond” Mars

Elon Musk just teased that one of SpaceX’s more future-focused projects might be more ambitious than previously thought. On Twitter, the SpaceX CEO revealed that the company’s Mars Colonial Transporter (MCT) will need a new name, since in fact, it “can go well beyond Mars.”<p>This then promptly turned …


Inflatable 'bedroom' attached to space station

<b>(CNN) —</b> A prototype that may one day usher an era of space hotels has successfully been attached to the International Space Station, NASA said Saturday.<p>Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) is the first test module to ever attach to the space station. The prototype was one of the highly …

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NASA Mars Rover's Weather Data Bolster Case for Brine

Martian weather and soil conditions that NASA's Curiosity rover has measured, together with a type of salt found in Martian soil, could put liquid …

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NASA's real life Enterprise may take us to other star systems one day

Dr. Harold "Sonny" White is still working on a warp drive at NASA's Johnson Space Center. His work is still in the experimental stage but that …

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Airbus recreates the surface of Mars in Stevenage to test the ESA's ExoMars rover

Aeronautics giant Airbus has completed its project to recreate the surface of Mars in Stevenage, UK. The site, roughly the size of a basketball …

Who Should Name the Craters on Mars, You or Astronomers?

Yesterday, I named a crater on Mars. In fact, I named two.<p>The process was really easy. Through a website, I clicked on a map of Mars, chose my …

Lego Mars Curiosity Rover

For the uninitiated, Lego Cuusoo is a forum for brick fans to submit, and vote on, potential sets that may one day make it to a Lego store near you. …

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Water May Be Flowing On Mars Right Now

Curiosity has uncovered ancient, once-wet lakebeds, but there might be some active streams, too.<p>The intrepid Mars rover Curiosity has already confirmed that water once flowed on Mars, but that it's long since dried up. Still, that doesn't mean there's not flowing water now, too.<p>NASA data has long …

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Before the Reality Show, Mars One Will Launch 2018 Unmanned Mission

The nonprofit group that intends to send the first humans to Mars has announced that its first mission will be unmanned. The plan is to launch an orbiter and a lander to be built by established aerospace companies by 2018. Now it just has to raise the money.<p><b>In a press conference in Washington, D.C.</b> …

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Martian lake was able to support life for thousands of years

An ancient lake on Mars was capable of supporting life for tens or hundreds of thousands of years, researchers reported today based on findings from NASA's Curiosity rover. In March, NASA announced that the lake was once capable of supporting microbial life, but little more was known. Now …

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Opportunity: 10 Years on Mars - Science

Want To Colonize Mars? Applications Now Being Accepted | Fast Company | The Future Of Business

Astronauts will undergo a whopping eight years of training before being deployed to Mars to build a sustainable life there, the company said. While you don’t have to have an advanced degree in science, Mars One is looking for people with intelligence, good mental and physical health, and dedication.<p>…

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NASA Is Planning To Send A New Rover To Mars In 2020 | Fast Company | The Future Of Business

Curiosity has an on-board lab, but the plan is for the 2020 rover to store samples to eventually send back to Earth. It could also access parts of the planet that Curiosity couldn’t because of when and where it landed. In Earth exploration, the most interesting places are harder to get to, and …

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Think Your Job Is Hard? Watch NASA Crew's Riveting "7 Minutes Of Terror" Mars Landing

Before NASA’s Curiosity rover makes its descent into Mars’ atmosphere, it will have to get around a mind-boggling host of obstacles with brilliant technical precision, all of which are intensely recounted here.<p>Last November, the team at NASA launched its Mars Space Laboratory, known as Curiosity, …

Branson On The Impact Of Space Travel | Fast Company

We will be able to put someone into space for less than the environmental price of an economy class ticket from London to New York and back.<p>It’s certainly happened with the 450 people who have been into space. They’ve all come back having seen this beautiful Earth, very committed to protecting it.

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Watch: An Astronaut’s One-Way Trip Into Space | Co.Design

To travel the stars, we’ll likely need to leave everything we know behind.<p>Under this light, <i>The One-Way Ticket</i>, by Joseph Popper, doesn’t seem so extreme. His proposal is for a one-way trip into space, a spaceship piloted by an astronaut who knows they have no possibility of coming home. The idea …

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Mars One Has Officially Raised “Millions” To Build The Red Planet’s First Human Settlement | Fast Company | The Future Of Business

Though a few million dollars might pale in comparison to the estimated $6 billion Mars One anticipates this mission will cost, its director of business development Kai Staats points out that this money is the first tangible result of nearly two years in planning mode.<p>“For us, committed funds in …

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The Incredible Landing That Started NASA’s Epic 10-Year Mars Mission

Engineers at mission control celebrate getting the first signal back from Spirit. <i>Image: NASA/JPL</i><p>Dr. Steve Squyres, principal investigator for the …

WIRED Space Photo of the Day 2013

Jan. 19, 2014: Solar X-Flare<p>The largest sunspot group of the solar cycle unleashed a large (X1.2 class) flare just when it was facing right towards …

Watch Live: NASA Scientists Discuss Paving the Way for Humans to Mars

Watch live as a scientists and engineers celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers landing on Mars by looking at what we …