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The Chordettes - Mr Sandman (Live 1958)

Thursday Thoughts: Conversations

Sometimes a conversation has a point, makes it, and ends.<p>Sometimes a conversation starts out with a point, veers off to the left or right, and ends …


Peggy March - I Will Follow Him (remastered audio)


Granny midwives birthed rural babies and saved lives

But that didn’t stop them from being demonized.<p>The first time Onnie Lee Logan witnessed a birth she was but nine years old, peering through a crack …


Female Mariachi's beautiful ballad


Gender Equality, 2017 Year in Review

From the rise of the #Metoo movement to numerous new laws on violence against women and the conviction of the ‘butcher of Bosnia’ for war crimes, …

António Guterres

Koko Taylor - I' m a Woman

The Only 3 Things I Need In A Partner – Startups & Venture Capital

Too many people — especially women my age — harbor ridiculous “check lists” of demands in a partner that don’t matter.<p><i>Tall. High-income. Nice car.</i> …


The Chordettes, The Wedding (1955)

What Breast Cancer Taught Me – Melissa Fleming – Medium

<b>What Breast Cancer Taught Me</b><p>One year ago, I was in a hotel room in New York, when I felt the lump on my breast, a hard, protruding growth that was …

Lucienne Boyer - Parlez-Moi D'Amour [1930]

You Deserve Someone Who’s Sure About You

Don’t settle for someone who sees you as “good enough”<p>I know this because everyone does.<p>It can be tempting to settle for second best. To settle for …

Here’s how you’ll get closer to your life goals

It’s all about creating that shift in consciousness<p>A lot of people including myself have whined about having a lot of goals but never seeing them …



Martha Reeves and the Vandellas- Nowhere to Run

When this Irish housewife was ‘reincarnated’ in Denver in 1956, America went crazy for her story

Instead of RIP, it was brb for Bridey Murphy<p>At a dinner party in 1952, a young Colorado housewife named Virginia Tighe reclined on a couch in a …

come josephine in my flying machine by Blanche Ring 1910

Her problem-solving theorems helped pave the way for women in mathematics

Cathleen S. Morawetz, whose achievements in mathematics found widespread practical use, helped open her profession to other women and made her the …

A mom’s fight against her child’s lethal brain cancer leads to Mexico

At 39, Melany Knott didn’t have a passport.<p>She’d never flown on a plane. She was too busy caring for four kids, three cows, hogs, horses and dozens …

The Toys - Lovers Concerto - HQ

Waiting at the church - Vesta Victoria

What Being A Survivor Has Taught Me

<i>Disclaimer: There could be trigger worthy content in this article. Please proceed with that understanding and knowledge of my willingness to discuss</i> …

American Soprano Emma Eames: The Star Spangled Banner ~ Dixie (1905)

'The Huge Moment That Helped Me Learn To Embrace My Amputation'

"Life—and sex! and travel!—doesn't stop because you had a limb amputated."<p><i>What if the only way to save your life was to drastically alter your body? Would you still feel like yourself? And what would it be like to see yourself naked again for the first time? Three women who have undergone major</i> …


Florrie Forde, Queen of the English Music Hall

Six young women leaders you need to know

The world might celebrate International Youth Day on 12 August, but these leading ladies are working towards a better future every day of the year. …

UN Women

The Ckick-ettes-Why Oh Why

How The Lilly Awards Help Make Women’s Stories Matter

The recipients of this year’s Lilly Awards gathered on<br>the stage of Off-Broadway’s Playwrights Horizons Monday afternoon and remained there<br>as all the …

Woman Living Today. Isabel Allende

is a Chilean-American writer. Allende, whose works sometimes contain aspects of the “magic realist” tradition, is famous for novels such as The House …