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Accessory to consolidation: ZAGG to purchase Mophie for over $100 million

ZAGG, makers of popular mobile accessories from cases to battery packs to headphones and screen protectors, announced today that it has entered into …


Microsoft Turns On Yammer For Office 365 Business Customers

Get ready for Yammer, Microsoft announced today – and it’s not kidding. Microsoft said this afternoon it will begin to activate Yammer for all its eligible Office 365 business customers starting today, in what’s a major push for the enterprise social networking service. The rollout will come in …


Apple May Be Developing An Augmented Reality Windscreen For Its (Rumored) Car

Apple, like Facebook and others, is actively exploring its own flavor of a virtual/augmented reality future.

Apple is already well into an effort to explore the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality products, and one of the applications may be in the rumored Apple car.

If a new report from …

Augmented Reality

Obama wants $4B to help students learn computer science

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama said Saturday he will ask Congress for billions of dollars to help students learn computer science skills and prepare for jobs in a changing economy.

"In the new economy, computer science isn't an optional skill. It's a basic skill, right along with the three …


Why the war on VPNs is one Netflix can't win

Security is more important than licensing deals.

Netflix has started blocking users who try to bypass country-based content restrictions by using a VPN, beginning its enforcement last week with Australian subscribers. The problem is, by forcing customers to turn off their VPN, Netflix is putting …


The CrossOver from NextDesk turns nearly any setup into a motorized standing desk

NextDesk is not new to the game when it comes to standing desks. The benefits of not sitting in your chair all day have been well documented by now. However, up until the last year prices were generally too high for most consumers. The latest project from NextDesk aims to change all that by serving …

Standing Desks

Apple acquires education startup LearnSprout

Apple has acquired the education startup LearnSprout, the company has confirmed. LearnSprout offers a simplistic but robust way for schools and …


The Toshiba FlashAir Makes Adding Wi-Fi to Your Camera Dead Simple

Wi-Fi SD cards have been around for quite a long time, but they didn’t really work that well. After digging around, I decided to try out Toshiba’s 32 …


A New Player Is Entering The Driverless Car Race

The market is getting a lot more competitive.

Baidu bidu is reportedly ramping up efforts to develop its own autonomous vehicle in a bid to compete with other tech giants.

The online search company is talking to city authorities in China, and has designs on launching autonomous cars in 10 Chinese …


Bitfinder’s $199 Smart Air Monitor Knows That Looks Matter

It’s not often that I think long and hard about the air in my apartment. It’s air. But then again, I wouldn’t drink murky water, so why is it that I don’t remember to care about what goes in my lungs?

The Awair, a smart air monitor from BitFinder, is looking to bring the flair back to air.

How It …

Air Quality

Spotify video is reportedly launching this week

Spotify is launching video content on its Android app this week, says The Wall Street Journal, with the update reportedly coming to iOS users by the end of next week. Spotify announced it would be expanding into video in May last year, but the service has been a long time coming. The company has …


This leaked photo claims to give us our first look at the 'iPhone 5se'

Following up a Friday report from 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman that Apple's long-rumored 4-inch iPhone will be called the 'iPhone 5se,' we might now have our first look at the smaller device.

On Sunday, a photo claiming to show the iPhone 5se surfaced over at Apple blog One More Thing, purportedly showing …

iPhone 5

Microsoft launches its priciest Surface configurations yet

Been holding back on a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 purchase because the prices were a little too low? It might be time to get the credit card out, …

Microsoft Surface

Karma revamps unlimited data plan in response to heavy users

About 10 days ago, Karma announced that it would be cutting the speeds of its Neverstop data plan in response to a small number of users that were racking up hundreds of gigabytes of usage per month. Today, the company is announcing a retooling of the Neverstop plan, which will restore its speeds …


Bragi Dash Impressions: Wireless Earphones Offer Enough Quality Features to Counter Small Battery

Wireless bluetooth headphones have been gaining traction over the past few years as potentially reliable replacements to the traditional wired headsets offered in most smartphone boxes. With the announcement of the "Bragi Dash" at CES in 2015 -- and the subsequent year of updates trickling out of …


Microsoft’s HoloLens will be ‘totally wireless’ with up to 5.5 hours of battery life

Microsoft technical evangelist Bruce Harris has unveiled new details for Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, HoloLens. At an event in Tel Aviv, Harris was recorded (via Petri) saying that that any universal Windows 10 app will run natively on the device, as we’ve already heard, and that …


iPad Pro vs Google Pixel C vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Best 2-in-1s battle it out

Accessories and Price

Depending on the tech specs, a Surface Pro 4 will set you back $899-$1,799, though you do get the Surface Pen stylus included. …


MicSwap Turns Your iPhone Into Rock And Roll

If it’s been a long time since you’ve rock and rolled and it’s been a long lonely time since you did the stroll, it might be time to model some old-fashioned microphones on your iOS device. An app, MicSwap, makes it easy to do just that.

Two musicians, Gary Levitt and Rob Behnke, created the app to …


Microsoft may be right to dub the iPad Pro a 'companion device'

I’m finding myself in an awkward predicament today. I’m actually in agreement with something a senior Microsoft representative told TrustedReviews at …


Watch SpaceX fire up its Crew Dragon capsule's escape engines

This week, SpaceX successfully tested the engines it will use in its Crew Dragon, the spacecraft it's building to transport NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. The engines, called SuperDracos, were fired up 27 times at the company's test stand in McGregor, Texas. The SuperDracos are …


Nasa signs first contracts with SpaceX for manned commercial spaceflight

Manned commercial space flight took a giant leap forward as Nasa signed its first mission orders with California-based private spaceflight company SpaceX to transport astronauts to the International Space Station.

SpaceX joins Boeing, which signed a similar contract with the space agency in May, in …

Forget Wi-Fi: You may soon access the internet via ordinary light bulbs

Light-speed internet may be upon us. A technology called “Li-Fi” uses light waves from ordinary LED light bulbs to deliver internet connectivity that that is cheaper, more secure and 100 times faster that broadband internet.

Velmini—a tech company in Tallinn, Estonia—is the first to test visible …


Apple TV now has VLC for playing locally stored video files

VLC, a popular media player app for iOS, Android and the Web, is now available for Apple TV.

The app lets you view natively stored media without the need to convert it to a different file type. It also supports subtitles and chapter navigation.

For Apple TV, VLC will also support files from Plex …


Amazon working on a smaller, cheaper, portable Echo

When Amazon originally launched their Echo device, some thought that this wasn’t necessarily a product released to profit, but rather an experiment …


Will LiFi Take Big Data And The Internet Of Things To A New Level?

The enormous demand for WiFi and transmissions of mass quantities of data is putting a strain on the current technologies. With the predicted exponential growth of mobile devices, by 2019 more than ten billion mobile devices will exchange 35 quintillion (1018) bytes of information each month — and …

Big Data

How a game-playing robot coded “Super Mario Maker” onto an SNES—live on stage

The star of the show, and some of the men behind the 'bot.DULLES, Va.—Regular watchers of the annual Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) video game …


Edwin The Duck Is A $99 Connected Rubber Ducky 🐥

I’ve had a pretty decent amount of conversations with my college roommate about his great distaste for the fact that almost every new device in existence is “connected” in some way to the web. Light bulbs with WiFi would have likely seemed to be a truly ludicrous concept a few years back but now I …


The cunning way that hackers break so-called unbreakable encryption

Modern encryption systems rely on oxymoronic “random generators.” This could be the crack in a supposedly unbreakable system.

As discussed in a recent Monday Note titled “Let’s Outlaw Math,” electronic messages that are encoded with modern encryption techniques are truly indecipherable by …


Ford Starts Autonomous Vehicle Testing In The Snow

Anyone paying attention to all of the news about autonomous vehicles from Google and other companies may have noticed a common thread in the stories, photos and videos. The roads are always dry and the sun is shining. That’s because many of the sensors used to let a car manage its own trajectory …

Driverless Cars