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White House Dismisses Petition For Edward Snowden’s Pardon

It looks like whistleblower Edward Snowden might be renewing his lease at his Moscow apartment.

Today, the White House responded to and dismissed a nearly two-year-old petition asking for the pardon of Edward Snowden, and cited that his decision to “steal and disclose classified information had …


Mini Review: Asus Chromebook Flip

The best PCs for Windows 10

These recent laptops, hybrids and desktops are ready for a day one upgrade to Windows 10, and should work without a hitch.

Nearly every laptop, …

Microsoft Windows

Multifunctional Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset

• Bluetooth V4.0
• Transmission Range 10m
• Frequency Range 2.402G-2.480G
• Talk Time About 6.5 hours
• Standby Time About 240hours
• Music Time 6 hours
• Transmission …


Parallels 11 to feature always-on support in OS X for Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant

According to a leaked product page on the Australian Parallels page, the popular virtual machine software will support Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant throughout OS X. The product page explains that as long as Windows 10 is running somewhere in the background, users will always be able to say …

Microsoft Windows

The Next Wave Of Enterprise Software Powered By Machine Learning

Enterprise software is about to undergo radical transformation — a substantial change that will make the shift to software as a service (SaaS) look like a simple facelift. This transformation is being powered by machine learning.

With machine learning, computers can process and mine data in real …

Machine Learning

LG Just Introduced A New Flip Phone For Smartphone Users


Is your smartphone... too functional? LG may have a solution.

The electronics company on Sunday announced the LG Gentle, a new flip phone available in South Korea that runs a recent version of the Android smartphone operating system. It's sort of like the Motorola Razr got together with a Samsung …


Opinion: A Mac’s longevity is its biggest unsung selling point

Apple can’t advertise Macs as having ten-year lifespans for legal reasons, and reviewers rarely write about their old computers ten years later — they’re typically focused on each year’s latest and greatest machine. But the average person buys a computer and keeps using it until it stops working, …


Get self-destructing Gmail emails with Dmail

Last month, Google introduced an "Undo Send" option for all Gmail users, allowing anybody to recall messages up to 30 seconds after sending them. However, if 30 seconds isn't enough time for you to spot an error (or realize that that's actually a totally inappropriate thing to say to your boss), …


Windows 10 release week: what to expect and how to download

After nine months of waiting, Windows 10 is almost here.

Tuesday night at midnight ET, Microsoft will release the first full release of Windows 10, the biggest sea change in PC software in nearly three years. It's kind of a big deal! We've been getting previews of Windows 10 since October, and the …

Microsoft Windows

The Punkt. MP 01 Mobile Phone: A stripped down device with just the essentials

In 2015, the idea of not having immediate access to the internet, games and social media apps on your phone has gone from inspiring terror and fear of missing out to sounding increasingly appealing. The ability to disconnect and not constantly check Facebook statuses and work emails has become …

Mobile Technology

This is How Press Photos Were Transmitted Back in the 1970s

In our world of digital photography and high speed Internet, photojournalists can quickly and easily send large numbers of high-res photos to the …


Windows 10 Automatic Updates Start Causing Problems

Last week Microsoft confirmed every Windows 10 update will mandatory and installed automatically. This was met with a hostile reception from Forbes readers with over 100 comments on my news article voicing their concern. And now some of those fears have been realised…

With just four days left before …

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Arrow Launcher for Android now in private beta (APK download)

There’s a plethora of great Android launchers out there (here’s a list of our favorite), but very few of them come from large companies like …


Is Mikme the GoPro of Microphones?

A microphone with only one button—one more than usual.

The secret to great video is audio. In an age where your cameraphone shoots video that isn't just good enough, but actually pretty great, the tinny, flat sound that accompanies most videos remains the starkest difference between amateur and pro. …


Technology Is Magic, Just Ask The Washington Post

Most people don’t understand how technology works. When they flip a light switch, or tap their phone, what happens next is essentially magic to them. Oh, they may be able to handwave a bit about electrons and volts and microprocessors and radio waves and packet-switched networks, but they’re just …


YouTube’s New App Plays To Creators

Yes, we love videos of cats falling, but YouTube’s content creator network has blown up over the past few years. There’s some really great content being created by budding superstars.


Today, the company released a new version of its app (Android first, and iOS soon) that helps …


Karma Go review: a mobile hotspot minus the monthly fee

Karma was always intriguing, at least in theory. You get a relatively cheap mobile hotspot and data, but it's open to anybody. If somebody near you uses it, you'll get free data added to your plan. But the best part of the Karma system isn't the scheme to try to get free data, it's the way you pay …

Home Cinema

Why I’m Upgrading to Windows 10

Microsoft Windows

10 hidden tricks that could completely change the way you use your iPhone

If Apple included a paper user manual with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that included explanations of each and every feature, it would be the size …


Sen. Al Franken Urges Federal Probe Of Apple Music

Apple’s hefty fees on in-app subscription services are being called into serious question. In a letter addressed to both the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice, Sen. Al Franken called on federal regulators to look into possible Apple Music antitrust violations in the music …

Apple Music

VPN Maker CyberGhost Aims To Grow A Privacy Hub In Eastern Europe

Earlier this year a London-based cyber security incubator called CyLon opened its doors. Now Europe is getting a pro-privacy bootcamp program, with bootstrapped Romania-based VPN startup CyberGhost this week kicking off a search for startups wanting support to build privacy tech.

Where London’s …


Report: Hulu Considers Offering A Pricier, Ad-Free Tier

Hulu is considering an ad-free version of its streaming service, according to a new report from The Wall St. Journal on Thursday. The service could launch as early as this fall, and would be priced around $12 to $14 per month – higher than Hulu’s ad-supported service today, which is $7.99 per …


“Thank you for calling tech support, now please die”

I felt unmoored and directionless after my high school job at Babbage’s dissolved at the end of 1997. I’d met my wonderful wife there—we’d go on to …

Maybe Apple Watch isn’t doomed after all

That Slice data? Totally misleading, says analyst Mark Hibben.

Instead, he says, Apple sold over 4.5 million Apple Watches in two months of the June fiscal quarter. That’s way more than the 1 million units of the original iPhone Apple sold when it first launched in 2007.

“Apple Watch has a bright …

Apple Watch

What One Company Learned When They Gave Apple Watches To The Entire Staff

Can the Apple Watch provide more than just a bright, shiny incentive to check your email?

"Know your customers" is a mantra among many companies—eager founders scour social media, scan competing sites, and set up A/B testing to sniff out the singular route between a consumer’s mind, heart, and …

Apple Watch

Google will finally add iPhone-like visual voicemail to Android

Android users on select networks will soon get native "visual voicemail," a feature that iPhone users have enjoyed since forever. In case you're wondering, that's a way of checking and deleting voice mails via an app, rather than having to call a carrier number and go through them one by one. The …


Watch this totally illegal drone fire a handgun

This isn't the first video we've seen of a firearm attached to a consumer-grade drone, but it is the most convincing. The 14-second clip, uploaded to YouTube last Friday, claims to show a "homemade multirotor with a semiautomatic handgun mounted on it." The drone fires four times, with the recoil …


Apple may drop iPad Air 3 to focus on iPad Pro in 2015

We’ve been reporting plenty about the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but so far there’s been next to nothing about the next-generation iPad Air, which most people are expecting this fall alongside a new iPad mini.

According to a new report, there’s a very good reason for that: The iPad Air 3 has been …