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This Is Going to Be Apple’s Next Hit

Apple is increasingly focused on being a dominant player in augmented reality (AR), and for good reason: The future of the company depends on it.<p>AR …

Augmented Reality

The Laziest, Cheapest Way to Circumvent Your Snooping ISP

Cool Stuff

Google Calendar for iPad is here. Finally.

Planning that lunch meeting just got a bit easier on your iPad if you're a die-hard Google user.<p>Yes, you can finally say goodbye to Apple's calendar and download Google Calendar optimized for the iPad.<p>It features everything available on the desktop and smartphone versions of the app. And it can …


Samsung is beating Microsoft in the battle to turn a phone into a PC

DeX vs. Continuum<p>Samsung unveiled its new Desktop Experience (DeX) during its Galaxy S8 launch in New York City yesterday. It’s designed to turn a Galaxy S8 into a PC, with Android apps running in a desktop-like environment. To work well, it will ultimately require apps to support larger displays. …


Ikea’s poised to do for the smart home what it did for design

March 29th, 2017<p>Welcome to First Click, a daily essay written by The Verge staff in which we opine on lives lived in the near future.<p>Ikea can be criticized for using cheap materials and veneers, but you have to admire its commitment to tasteful furniture design that has — to a fault — raised the …


The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how much it cost to buy them

They betrayed you for chump change<p>Republicans in Congress just voted to reverse a landmark FCC privacy rule that opens the door for ISPs to sell customer data. Lawmakers provided no credible reason for this being in the interest of Americans, except for vague platitudes about “consumer choice” and …

U.S. Congress

Google Duo “audio-only” call functionality rolling out worldwide

And the app updates keep on coming. Following the UI tweaks of the IMDb app and Google Translate’s inclusion of word definitions arrives another considerable app upgrade, this time to Google Duo.<p>Google Duo version 9, which is currently hitting the Play Store, now features an audio-only call …


Samsung confirms the Note 7 is coming back as a refurbished device

Pending approval by local regulators<p>Ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch, the company has released a statement regarding its plans to recycle Note 7 devices. The process comes in three parts: save salvageable components such as camera modules and semiconductors, extract metal parts with the help …


Apple launches red iPhone 7

Apple is introducing a new color option for its iPhone 7 lineup today: red. While the iPhone maker has offered special product red cases for the iPhone previously, this is the first time the actual handset is available in red itself. The new Product (RED) iPhone features a red aluminum finish, and …


Let there be cheap light: $1 LED bulbs and $6.99 dimmable LEDs

From Home Deals: LED lightbulbs are more efficient than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, and if you find the right deal, they are cheaper as well. We've found the best deals on LED lights.<p>We thought that the Nanoleaf Bloom was a nifty idea, but too expensive when it first came out at $40. But for …

Home Automation

Adobe, Microsoft to Integrate Sensei AI Across Platforms

Adobe and Microsoft have joined forces, combining Adobe's Sensei artificial intelligence (AI) with Microsoft's data to give Adobe customers more automated, intelligence-based business feedback. By plugging into Microsoft's ecosystem, Adobe can pull rich insights from Microsoft's customer …


Black & Decker adds Wi-Fi to a slow cooker

Slow cookers can be the culinary savior of a busy person -- you throw in your food, let it cook all day while you're away and come home to a hot meal. Black & Decker wants to add even more convenience with the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity in its new six-quart slow cooker.<p>The company displayed the …

Slow Cooker Recipes

Neverware's Chrome OS for old computers now includes Office 365

Neverware has made a name for itself with its CloudReady software, which essentially transforms any old PC or Mac into a Chromebook. But while that's a nice way to breathe new life into aging computers, it's naturally reliant on Google's online services. Now, the company is offering a new version …


Microsoft's new tool helps you easily migrate your stuff from Mac to Surface

For those ditching macOS for Windows 10<p>Microsoft appears to have quietly released a new piece of migration software that makes it easier to switch from Mac to Surface devices. The Mac to Surface Assistant, as it’s aptly called, is pretty straightforward: you download it from here, and the software …


Google Chrome is definitely not judging you and your 100 incognito tabs

Google, well-known for hiding Easter eggs in its apps, has a little treat for those of us with an uncontrolled tab-opening habit.<p>If you reach 100 tabs on the Chrome app, the tab count on the upper right becomes an adorable old school smiley—":)"—on iOS and ":D" on Android.<p>Android<p>iOS<p>And then, if you …


Hushme will keep your conversations private and creepy at the same time

Once upon a time, we talked on the phone in a scant few spaces. The home, the office, and the relative safety of phone booths. These days, a call can …

Darth Vader

LineageOS now has one million users, OnePlus One is the most popular device

LineageOS, the project sprung from the death of CyanogenMod late last year, has just passed one million users. The community-driven ROM provides a near-stock Android experience and it’s receiving support for more devices all the time: it has doubled its usage numbers in the last month alone.<p>Of the …

Mobile Technology

Jeff Bezos looks a little too happy piloting a giant mechanical robot

Add this to the growing pile of evidence the world is slowly transitioning into a sci-fi dystopia: a billionaire entrepreneur with a sideline in building space rockets has been showing off by piloting a 13-foot-tall robot.<p>Amazon CEO and fifth richest person in the world Jeff Bezos got behind the …

Jeff Bezos

Indie games get a permanent home on the App Store

Independent games have always been a crucial slice of the iOS app market. Now, Apple is adding a new section to the App Store to better highlight these games from smaller studios, which can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of big-budget titles and free-to-play behemoths.<p>The new Indie Game Showcase …

Net Neutrality

Netflix CEO says he isn’t worried that Trump administration will gut net neutrality

He thinks consumer expectations are too great at this point<p>Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says he’s “not too worried” about what will happen if new FCC chairman Ajit Pai eliminates the Title II regulations that have guaranteed a neutral internet experience for US consumers in recent years.<p>Speaking to a …

Net Neutrality

How to Securely Dispose of an SSD

Solid State Drives (SSD) work a little differently than hard drive and no amount of drilling holes, degaussing, or zeroing out will actually properly …

Cool Stuff

Amazon brings Alexa to the iPhone

Rolling out inside the Amazon App<p>Amazon is bringing Alexa to the iPhone today right inside of the company’s main app.<p>While this isn’t the first time Alexa has been on a smartphone — third parties have made it happen already — this is the first time it’s coming directly from Amazon. And it could be …


Samsung might finally unveil its long-awaited foldable smartphone this year

One of the longest-running rumors in the mobile industry is Samsung's foldable smartphone.<p>Samsung is believed to have been developing a smartphone with a screen that can fold and bend — but so far, it has never seen the light of day.<p>However, according to a report from the Korean news site ETNews, …


FCC chairman promises broadband for all

Republican FCC head Ajit Pai says he'll cut regulatory red tape to get broadband deployed faster.<p>Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is pushing for his boss President Donald Trump and Congress to include broadband in an upcoming infrastructure spending bill.<p>In a speech Wednesday at …

Net Neutrality

Yes, mobile VR is possible without strapping a smartphone to your face

No, I don't like strapping a smartphone to my face to enjoy virtual reality. And I don't blame you if you don't want to either.<p>But if you look at the reported sales numbers for mobile headsets like the Samsung Gear VR over the past year, you might think people prefer them.<p>Um, I don't think …

Virtual Reality