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By Keith A. Seiffert | Beer news from a geek point of view, happytimemagichour.com or PNRShow.com for our podcast.

London is the thirteenth most expensive city in the world for beer

Summer in London is great, isn't it? Sipping on an ice cold beer in the sun with your pals – those memories are priceless, aren't they? Well, not …


IRI: Craft Sales Up 20 Percent, Not Your Father's Root Beer Cracks the List

The midway point of the year is upon and with brewers gearing up Independence Day, one of beer’s biggest selling days, we’re spotlighting a few …


Alcohol prices to rise on Defence Force bases

The cost of buying alcohol at Australia's defence force bases will rise sharply from September.

Hefty alcohol price hikes have been approved by …


Meet the MythBusters of Beer

Marshall Schott and the team at Brülosophy are trying to break all the rules of homebrewing.

Marshall Schott is an avid homebrewer and head writer behind the popular Brülosophy experimentation website. Dubbed the 'MythBusters of Homebrew', Schott and his crew of brewers put the many practices behind …


What is IPA

India Pale Ale

Good question! What does India have to do with beer? Wasn’t beer invented in Europe?

Well, yes and no. Beer has been manufactured for …


8 great airports for beer enthusiasts


Maybe you see traveling on business as an adventure. Or maybe you see it as an unwanted hassle. Either way, it's nice to find a minute …


7 of the Best Cities in America for Beer Lovers

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It’s easy to see that beer is one of America’s favorite pastimes. It pairs well with sports, backyard barbecues, and …


Beer threatened by climate change

Photo: Shreveport-BossierFOR MANY OF US, THE REALITY OF CLIMATE CHANGE is still an abstract one. We see it as a far-off catastrophe that will be felt …


This is how to make money off your homebrewed craft beer

A company called Startup Noble Brewer lets home brewers sell to the masses, legally.

Most craft breweries started in the kitchen. Beer lovers, tired of bland macro tastes, decided to try their hand at making their own – and it became popular enough amongst friends that they rolled the dice and …


Unpeel A Secret

Don't you just love secrets. So do we and we are keeping a really BIG one! You will not want to miss out on this, we promise you. Keep an eye on our …


Molson And Google Built A Beer Fridge That Unlocks Via Voice Translation

Some of you may know that I hail from Canada, the country to the north of most of you that only occasionally enters your consciousness when someone mentions Drake or Bieber. Our nation’s symbolic birthday is July 1, next week, and so some #brands are looking to capitalize. Molson, maker of …


Sam Adams is about to be kicked out of the ‘craft beer’ category

It required an act of Congress to tell us what a craft beer brewer actually is.

For years, the Brewers Association craft beer industry group offered its definition of a craft brewer, using metrics like barrels of production, percentage of a brewery owned by a non-craft brewer and more “traditional” …


Queen launch their own lager

When one thinks of Queen, one surely thinks of Freddie Mercury down the pub, sipping his lager and then placing it on top of the fruit machine. And if only Freddie had lived, he would finally be able to celebrate with his own brand of beer.

Queen are releasing Bohemian Lager to celebrate the 40th …


America's Hottest Startups Are Craft Breweries

Forget apps, the real startup gold rush is to open a brewery.

The craft beer boom has led to an explosion of specialty craft and micro brewers following in the footsteps of billionaire pioneers like Ken Grossman at Sierra Nevada and Jim Koch at Sam Adams. In fact, by the end of 2014, there were over …


The Only Beer You Really Need to Bring to a Party

Your buddy asks you to bring beer to a cookout. If you carry in something too familiar and mass market, it’ll likely sit in the back of the fridge, passed up for fancier fare. If you truck along a case of something too craft-y, it’ll likely be enjoyed by only the homebrew crowd. Instead, pack a …


The top 10 beers chosen by beer enthusiasts across the country

For the seventh year running, Pliny the Elder, a popular double IPA produced by California-based Russian River Brewing Co., has topped the list of the Best Commercial Beers in America by Zymurgy, the official magazine of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA).

This is the thirteenth year that …


Humboldt Regeneration Brewery

If you happen to be in Humboldt County in northern California and you see a sign for McKinleyville, do yourself a favor and take the exit. Google …


The 10 best summer beers

Thornbridge Chiron American Pale Ale (£2.45, 50cl, waitrose.com)
Based in the Peak District National Park, but drawing inspiration from the full-on flavours of the US craft brewing scene, Thornbridge’s pale ale has an invigorating slap of redcurrant-like fruitiness to go with its toffee-and-Twiglet …


Carlsberg (Yes, That Carlsberg) Gets Into The Grooming Game With Its "Beer Beauty" Line For Men

For men who can't even take a shower without thinking about beer.

Fellas: Love beer, but hate using girly grooming products? If so, Carlsberg—the beer company—has a product for you: They’re launching the Beer Beauty Series For Men.

"Beer beauty" may recall concepts like "beer goggles" when you see …


5 Things You Need to Know About Alcohol, Backed By Research

• If you want to crack someone’s skull, use an empty beer bottle, not a full one. Are you a mean drunk but don’t want to get into fights? Take Prozac. Just thinking about alcohol can increase aggressiveness. People who suppress their anger are most likely to get violent when drinking. Force bars to …


The best Italian beers to try this summer

Italy’s craft beer scene is currently one of the most creative and adventurous in Europe. Here are 10 of the best available in the UK

The days when Italian beer was seen as a thirst quencher best glugged on a hot beach are long gone. Italy’s craft beer scene is currently one of the most creative and …


Adult Root Beer Floats Are an Epic Summer Treat

Vanilla bean ice cream and root beer ale combine with a dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup to create the ultimate adult summer adult beverage.

If you're a fan of social media, odds are you've stumbled across a photo of one of your friends gleefully sipping on a bottle of Not …


Colorado coal town uses beer boycott to fight Colowyo Mine closure

The judge gave the federal agency 120 days to bring the permit into compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act. The problem is that …


Why Americans have such bad taste in beer

Beer, the lifeblood of so many happy hours, is the most popular alcoholic drink in the United States. But while there's been a burst of craft brewers introducing beers with complex flavors, Americans still largely love their beer to taste one way: bland.

Almost every best-selling beer is a light …


10 Great Beers You Will Never Taste

These beers make Pappy Van Winkle seem as easy to find as a can of Coke.

While newly-minted bourbon "connoisseurs" line up at liquor stores, enter lotteries, or troll the black market hoping to get their hands on that sweet, sweet Pappy Van Winkle, beer geeks only wish they had it so easy. According …


Oh Hey, the UK Just Got Its First Naked Beer Festival!

If you feel like your busy London life is significantly lacking lots of beer, some smooth jazz and unfettered nudity all rolled into one, then do we …

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OMG Facts on Twitter

In Denmark, the phrase 'to have carpenters (in your head)' means 'to have a hangover'


Men under increasing pressure to have a craft ale brewery

MANY men are struggling with social pressure to have their own brewery selling imaginatively named beers, it has emerged.

With 61 per cent of men …


Craft Ciders Are Sweeping Across Beer-Crazed Central Europe

At the end of a country lane flanked by linden trees, tall grass and meandering sheep, Michael Jurkovic is intent on changing Slovaks’ drinking …