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13 Facts Every Self-Respecting Beer Drinker Should Know

There was a time in (very recent) history where the depth of knowledge required to order the perfect beer for you was knowing whether you wanted it …


Why High Life is called 'The Champagne of Beers'

Davenport, Iowa, 1942

Why High Life is called ‘The Champagne of Beers’

Sara WhiteAugust 26, 2015

It’s hard to imagine that bottled beer used to be kind …


Can craft beer really be defined? We're about to find out

Next month, possibly in a secret underground bunker, but more likely in a pub, the leading lights of new wave British brewing will meet to do something that, so far, beer geeks have found impossible. They will define what craft beer is in the UK.

This attempt by the new United Craft Brewers (UCB) to …


121-year-old bottle of whisky found in Scottish time capsule

A construction team has found what is believed to be a 121-year-old bottle of whisky near Kingussie in the Cairngorms

An time capsule containing a 121-year-old bottle of whisky has been found in Scotland.

The capsule, believed to contain items from the 1890s, was found buried inside the Ruthven Road …

United Kingdom

Modern Glasses Purpose-Designed For Beer Drinking

Knock back your suds in style.

Serious wine drinkers have dozens of specially shaped glasses to choose from, each promising to tease out subtle flavors and aromas. As craft beer connoisseurship continues to build, so does demand for glasses that do the same. Brewers have even gotten into the game …


Don’t tread on my beer

Never come between a Canadian and his beer. That’s a simple truth a rueful province of New Brunswick might one day regret having ignored.

In 2012, Gerard Comeau of Tracadie-Sheila drove across Chaleur Bay to Quebec and loaded up his vehicle with 14 cases of beer. He turned around and headed back to …


Stop dry-hopping cask ales

Some brewers seem to be all wet when it comes to dry-hopping.

As regular readers know, I’m quite the hophead. I love hops and hoppy beers more than …


Star Wars Steins Hold Beer and Awesome

If you are the monster that Budweiser created (Drinkenstein) you need a stein to hold your drink. A plain stein won’t do it for geeky beer lovers, …

Star Wars

What's in your beer fridge? Runners' favourite post-run beers

There’s no question beer has a prominent place in the running world. Post-race pub ventures, post-run swigs and frothy cold brews after tough …


Victory, Yards and St. Benjamin Brewing say no to papal beers - Philadelphia Business Journal

Kenneth Hilario Reporter Philadelphia Business Journal


A number of local breweries will not be producing papal beers.

A number of local breweries …


It's Time To Dial Back The Craft Beer Snobbery

Hear me out. I enjoy beer. I enjoy craft beer. Like a good Michigander, I thanked Bacchus the day Two Hearted Ale finally arrived in New York City. I …

Raise a toast to Portland craft-beer legend Fred Eckhardt at 3 p.m. today

I thought I knew Fred, but clearly, I knew just a part of that amazing life – Fred the beer writer was just a facet of Fred the mensch. And though …

Portland, OR

Pop-Tart Flavored Beer Exists

(Photo: 21st Amendment)

Finally! If, like me, you've been waiting for breakfast (and lunch and dinner) pastries to be turned into an alcoholic …


Why trek past Portland to eastern Oregon? It's a community built on craft beer.

My rearview mirror revealed spidery snowdrifts peeking through the afternoon fog. Ahead, cows grazed on a wide prairie under a big, sunny sky. Soon, the road I was on twisted into a canyon made of rubbly, reddish bluffs and dropped 2,200 feet.

My ears had popped by the time I reached the tiny …


Hundreds run and drink in first S.F. Beer Mile World Classic

Runners from around the world came to Treasure Island Saturday to showcase both their athletic prowess and their drinking abilities.

The inaugural Beer Mile World Classic had about 300 willing participants, including plenty of serious running ringers. The goal? To beat competitors in running a mile, …


Science Keeps Beer Out of Plastic Bottles, But Japan Might Change That

Ever wonder why beer never comes in plastic bottles? It’s because it affects the brew’s quality. But a major Japanese beer company has new plans to …


Why a 5% Beer Gets You Drunk So Much Faster than a 4% Beer

If you look at the alcohol percentage on beers, it doesn’t seem like they’re all that different. After all, a 5% lager is just 1% more alcohol than a …


Indiana Brewery Is Now Making a Beer for Dogs

It tastes like broth.

It seems you can take dogs just about anywhere these days. The pub? Check. The gelato shop? The café? Check and check. But now …


3 ice cold wheat beers to get you through this latest heat wave

Beer is, of course, wonderful for weathering these dog days, and though nearly any beer tastes pretty great in hot weather, there are some brews that are particularly effective cool-me-downs.

Germany has more traditional styles of wheat beer than any other brewing culture, and many of these brews …


10 Lesser-Known Styles Every Beer Fan Should Know

Jeff Alworth doesn’t think craft brewing is going away anytime soon. In fact, the author of The Beer Bible, a comprehensive guide to more than 100 …


Heineken new sponsor Van Gogh Museum - Van Gogh Museum

19 August 2015

Heineken N.V. has entered into a three-year sponsor contract with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Axel Rüger, Director of the Van Gogh


7 Signs You’re in a New-School Brewery

Does going to a brewery always sound like more fun than it actually is? You just want to chat over a few beers, and instead you’re getting a lecture on hops that’s so long you’d rather just drink the cheap stuff from your college days. Today’s breweries get that—with stylish décor, impressive food …

Craft Brewing

Small breweries a growing industry

“Cold Beer.” The tattoos on Mike Armstrong’s knuckles say it all.

Washingtonians can’t get enough of craft brews, and three soon-to-open breweries in …

Beer war brewing in Canada

MONTREAL -- A beer war is brewing in Canada as SABMiller seeks to grow its presence following its divorce from partner Molson Coors.

Just four months …


The Hard Truth About Helium Beer

I was wrong—way wrong—I admit it. I inaccurately asked if skunky beer was this summer’s it beer. Turns out, Helium beer is the real must-have summer …


Nine scientific reasons why drinking beer is good for you

If you happened to find yourself consuming a pint or two at London’s craft beer festival this weekend, don’t worry - your hangover was not in …