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"When it comes to drinkability, nothing beats cask ale"

27 Nov 2015

In this month’s column, Fuller’s head brewer John Keeling tackles the issue of cask ale. It’s the traditional way to serve British beer, …


We've created the hoppiest beer ever documented ... Hoo Lawd!

We've created another boundary-pushing off-centered ale. This time, it just so happens to be the hoppiest beer ever documented through scientific …


Here's how 170-year-old beer maker Pabst is using predictive analytics to reinvent itself

The Pabst Brewing Company was founded as Empire Brewery in 1844 and throughout the years has brewed several popular beer brands, including Pabst Blue Ribbon.

The 170-year-old beer maker may have started selling beer in the 19th century, but it hasn't remained stuck in the past.

Under the guidance of …


Digital Public Library of America » Blog Archive » George Washington Had a Killer “Craft” Beer Recipe

Posted by Hillary Brady on November 23, 2015 in collections, News & Blog, Staff Posts.

What better time than Fall for a new craft beer recipe? This …


Chocolate as Complex as Wine or Beer Might Be Just a Yeast Strain Away | FWx

By the time chocolate makes it to your mouth, you probably aren’t thinking about the fact that it’s actually a fermented product. But long before it’s made into bars, the raw cocoa beans undergo fermentation, and scientists are now beginning to discover that this underappreciated yeasty step might …


Beer Spa

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Gene mutation linked to impulsive behaviour with alcohol, study finds

A genetic mutation that makes people more impulsive when they consume alcohol may explain why some are more prone to drink driving, impulsive sex and random acts of violence.

The mutation disrupts a gene called HTR2B which the body uses to make serotonin receptors in parts of the brain that have a …

Life Sciences

What 'Gender Friendly' Ads Look Like to Big Beer

Bud Light blew it with #UpForWhatever, the marketing campaign that called America’s most popular brew “the perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your …


The Innovative 'Gypsy Brewers' Shaking Up the Beer World

Bernt Rostad/flickr

Pretty Things is one of the most sought-after new brands of beer on the East Coast. But it's not a brewery. There's no facility or warehouse; the entire staff consists of Dann and Martha Paquette, the owners, and Jim Barnes, the New York sales rep.

Instead, Pretty Things is part …


Guinness Is Struggling, And This Gimmicky New IPA Won't Save It

If you came of drinking age in a certain era, Guinness Draught was quite likely the first good beer you ever had. As recently as a decade ago, it was …


106-Year-Old Woman Says Beer Is The Secret To Her Longevity

A new meaning for "drink to your health."

Centenarian Sadie Snyder celebrated her 106th birthday Thursday and shared the surprising secret to her long life. Snyder told NECN News that she's been drinking beer for as long as she can remember -- since she was 6 years old.

Snyder said her father worked …


Try 3 Floyds' Dark Lord aged in a Jeppson's Malört barrel at Kaiser Tiger

Two cult favorite Midwest beverages become one this month, when Kaiser Tiger releases Dark Lord beer aged in a Jeppson's Malört barrel. But to try …


Sam Adams Utopias Is So Old It Could Drink Itself

There's beer. There's extreme beer. And then there's Sam Adams Utopias, which is something else entirely.

Sam Adams this week announced the release of …


Petition calls for brewery to abandon 'insulting' ginger beer label

Melbourne man Amit Singh says a label on an alcoholic ginger beer produced in Australia is insulting to Indians and Hindus.

Mr Singh recently launched …


Yes, The Future of Craft Beer Is In Question. Don't Panic

The beer industry in America is in flux. Not since the post-prohibition consolidation that led to an industry controlled by just a handful of …


Learn the Essentials of Beer and Food Pairing With This Illustrated Guide

We’ve shown you some of the best beer pairings before, but this handy guide explains the three foundational principles of pairing beer and food so …


Craft beer is going through an identity crisis

Craft beer is in the throes of an identity crisis: is it mainstream or underground?

It started out as the cool teenager who listens to alternative bands like Pavement and fights against the proverbial powers that be – railing against the world of the corporate beer giants.

The US brewing industry was …


Now climate change is messing with our beer

For more than 200 years, Cantillon has been brewing lambic beers in Brussels. They’ve stuck to traditional brewing methods since the very beginning, …


Drink up – it looks like beer is good for you

The amber nectar has a lot going for it and it could be good, in moderation, for us. Photo: Paul Jones

In ancient Sumeria, around 4000 years ago, they …


These Craft Beers For Christmas Hit the Shelves

8 great seasonal beers, appealing to a gamut of tastes.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

With Halloween now past, retailers are in full-on holiday mode. And craft brewers aren’t far behind. Holiday seasonal beers (not to be confused with winter seasonal beers) are beginning to rush onto …


Craft beer is going through an identity crisis

Craft beer is in the throes of an identity crisis: is it mainstream or underground?

It started out as the cool teenager who listens to alternative bands like Pavement and fights against the proverbial powers that be – railing against the world of the corporate beer giants.

The US brewing industry was …


Brew your own beer at home, it's easier than you think

Everybody who loves beer has at one point considered trying to make their own. And while getting into homebrewing can seem like a daunting and difficult prospect, making your own beer at home is not hard to do, and you can get started with an initial investment of well under $100.

Homebrewing has …


Top Brewery Road Trip, Routed Algorithmically

There are a lot of great craft breweries in the United States, but there is only so much time. This is the computed best way to get to the top rated …

Road Trips

MiniBrew : Compact Beer Brewing Machine for Everyone

Brew your beer the way you want it with MiniBrew. It’s a device especially designed to simplify the complexity of brewing process so that anyone can …


Southern Tier Choklat in 12oz. Four Packs

Lakewood, NY – Southern Tier Brewing Co. announced today that Choklat, the RateBeer “100” rated imperial stout will soon be available in 12oz. …


Fall-Flavored Beer Cocktails That'll Turn Up Thanksgiving

Finally, something you can do with all those pumpkin beers. 🎃

We're smack dab in the middle of fall, which means two things. 1. The hurricane of holiday parties is swirling right around the corner and 2. Your local beer aisle has reached peak levels of seasonal beer mayhem.

So how about getting …


Will Guinness taste the same now it has gone vegan?

Name: Guinness.

Age: 256.

Taste: Disgusting.

No, come on. Guinness is delicious. You’re wrong. Guinness was delicious. It was thick and meaty and rich, and drinking it made you feel powerful.

But not any more? No. Now Guinness is watery and insipid, and drinking it makes you feel like a pretty little …

Vegan Recipes

Seasonal craft beers you must try this fall

With the hop harvest finished, the freshest ‘wet hop’ beers of 2015 begin to hit the shelf.

If you’re looking for an especially fresh IPA, now’s the time to grab one.

Starting in late August, the 2015 hop harvest kicked off for growers around the country. And while it was a brutally hot summer, early …


Guys Who Drink Beer Before Sex Are Better In Bed

If you had to go home with a guy from the bar, you would think you would want to walk out the door with the guy drinking a scotch, neat. A scotch is …