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One nation under lager

There’s always been the American lager style (your ubiquitous Bud, Miller, PBR). Those are actually a subcategory of lagers, which include all beers …


The one item every beer enthusiast should own

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In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a growler is an airtight vessel that’s used for transporting beer from one place to another …


5 Classic Craft Beers That Should Not Be Forgotten | FWx

By most accounts, the number of breweries in the United States will cross the 4,000 threshold in 2015, most of them craft. With that many new breweries, it’s easy to forget there was a time back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s where simply being a craft brewery was extremely unique.

Thankfully, …


Do the can-can: 10 great canned craft beers to try

Tinned beers don't have to be bland. Here are 10 amazing British craft beers to pack in your picnic and sip in the park this summer

Canned beer? We're used to thinking it as either a highly carbonated lager that tastes of dishwater or an ale which foams out of the can with the velocity of a fire …

Aluminum Cans

Hopworks Urban Brewery Collaborates with New Belgium Brewing for a 2nd B-Side Project

Portland, Oregon, July 24, 2015 – Hopworks Urban Brewery and New Belgium Brewing are getting the band back together to create their second …


The Right Way to Remove a Bottle Label

Wine connoisseurs know that removing the label off a bottle of fine wine is a valuable skill to have. But removing a label for keeps is a meticulous process that isn't always necessary.

Wine connoisseurs know that removing the label off a bottle of fine wine is a valuable skill to have. What better …


The newest hub for craft beer (Hint: Not Asheville)

The first craft brewery opened in this Southeastern city six years ago. Now it has 17 more — with 20 others in the works.

It’s not easy to live in the shadow of one of the craft beer capitals of America.

Asheville, N.C. is widely recognized as one of the hotspots of craft – arguably the hotspot in the …


The 'World's Biggest Beer Garden' Opens in Raleigh

Head to North Carolina to sample some of the 366 beers on tap at this world-record-making beer garden.

Craft beer is exploding in North Carolina and …


Cellaring and aging craft beer is the industry's new frontier

Stefan Levinson, 24, grabs a selection of craft beers from his storage unit inside the ice-cold locker room at Corkscrews. (Callaghan O'Hare, The


Aspiring Chinese architect built his office out of 8,500 recycled beer bottles

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” This quote erroneously credited to Benjamin Franklin is nonetheless apt and resonant with …


Craft Breweries Adding Booze To Root Beer Because Why Not?

Either way you look at it — adding booze to root beer or adding root beer to booze — it’s a combination that makes sense: Root beer is delicious, …

PBR Won’t Give Up Its Hipster-Beer Crown Without a Fight

Time was, you were one of the cool kids, you drank PBR, maybe as an ironic nod to America's working-class history, maybe just because it's pretty …


23 Illinois Beers to Drink Before You Die


Thinking about one's own mortality is heavy stuff. Man, that sentence was a downer. Who needs a beer? Specifically, these 23 Illinois beers to …


Pabst Is Reopening Its Milwaukee Brewery


There's an old saying, "You can't go home again." But Pabst Brewing Co. must not know this old saying, as the working-man's beer maker is …


Bar staff didn't have the heart to throw out this beer - so it's staying

A Military Woman came into my work today for Lunch, she ordered a Blue Moon and a Corona, I told her she could only do...

Posted by on Thursday, 9 …


Man Found Naked, Drinking Beer with Pigs in Pennsylvania Barn

MILLERSVILLE, Pa. — Police have charged a man with trespassing, public drunkenness and indecent exposure after he was caught on a neighbor’s …


8 lager-only American breweries you need to know

Courtesy of Metropolitan BrewingMaking lagers well can be like designing minimalist architecture; flaws show when there’s no ornamentation to hide …

New Belgium Brewing’s Long Table Farmhouse Ale, Adds a New World Spin to this Old World Style

As a brewer of Belgian-style beers, New Belgium Brewing has always had an affinity for Farmhouse Ales and now it’s brewing its own – Long Table …


The Ultimate Cure for Your Next Hangover

All you need is some vermouth, whiskey, and lime juice.

Would you believe one spirit's fall from grace is responsible for our current fixation with cocktails? In Vermouth: The Revival of the Spirit that Created America's Cocktail Culture (The Countryman Press), out now, Adam Ford explores vermouth's …


Long-Awaited Kiosk Selling Craft Beer, Spirits, Wine Opens at DIA

Beer tourism is a booming industry in Colorado, but until recently, unless visitors to this state packed an extra suitcase for their canned and …


The Simpsons' Famed Duff Beer Is Coming to Stores!

It's always time for Duff! Homer Simpson's ale of choice, Duff Beer, is finally hopping off the small screen and into stores.

According to the Wall …


Man Walks In A Bar And Sees A Sign "Free Beer If You Can Pass Our Test."


Cerveza artesanal: a hop head's guide to craft beer in Argentina

Think of Argentina and, along with tango, beef and Boca Junior football club, a glass of Malbec might well come to mind. But it's not all tannins and terroir in Argentina: nowadays cool kids in town are brewing beer, too. Across the country a grassroots craft beer revolution is taking place, …


Is happy hour coming back? Brewery owner hates the idea

Bill Jacobs is all for happiness and he loves beer.

What he hates is that the discount drinking tradition coyly known as "happy hour" may soon be coming to a bar near you.

Will the return of happy hour to Illinois be a boost for bars? A boon to tourism? Financial aid for the penny-pinched …


New Zealand Just Figured Out How to Run Your Car on Beer

New Zealand just took one step closer to becoming a complete utopia, where smiles function as money and drinking beer counts as environmental activism. Starting today, drivers can fill their cars with DB Export Brewtroleum, a biofuel made with the yeast leftover from brewing beer.

Simon Smith, a …


Two Ways to Sky-Rocket Your Bench Press

Have you been bench pressing the same weight for the past 3, 6, 12 months or more? It's time to get on that because there's nothing more discouraging …



Earlier this year, the Brewer’s Association (a trade group that monitors the craft beer industry) released their annual stats regarding the growth of …


Sam Adams is about to be kicked out of the ‘craft beer’ category

It required an act of Congress to tell us what a craft beer brewer actually is.

For years, the Brewers Association craft beer industry group offered its definition of a craft brewer, using metrics like barrels of production, percentage of a brewery owned by a non-craft brewer and more “traditional” …


Can Craft Beer Survive AB InBev?

After 19 years of running Elysian Brewing, a craft beer maker in Seattle, Chief Executive Officer Joe Bisacca was ready for a change. He was tired of …