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Better Than Chipotle's Beef Barbacoa

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These 4 Mexican Braises Will Jump-Start Your Fall The Food Lab: How To Make Beef Barbacoa Better Than Chipotle's

This crazy tender barbacoa with oxtails and a blend of fruity chilies puts the fast food version to shame.

Note: Look for dried chilies in a large supermarket or …

Mexican Food

Tamales With Green Chili and Pork

A green chili made of roasted poblanos, tomatillos, and cilantro provides a bright and fruity base for the rich pork carnitas in these light and tender tamales.

Why It Works

Rich, meaty pork tamales with bright green chili Read the Whole Story

Roasted poblanos give the sauce a fruity green-pepper …


Amazon Unleashes One-Hour Delivery for Booze

The same-day delivery revolution just got a little boozier.

Today Amazon announced that Prime Now, its app for Amazon Prime members, arrived in Seattle. More notably, Prime Now delivers booze in under an hour, along with whatever else you might want, like more booze.

No word yet on whether the …


Jamaican hot pepper shrimp

If you’re a fan of Caribbean cooking and hot food then look no further because you’re in for a treat with this dish. Jamaican hot pepper shrimp is …


Jamaican Jerk Chicken Marinade


5 scallions (green onions)
• 5 sprigs of fresh thyme (about 1 tablespoon chopped)
• 2 teaspoons salt
• 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
• 4-5 tablespoon …


Petit Trois's French Onion Soup

Does the staff make vats of veal stock on the regular? Mais, oui. Does that mean you have to? Of course not. Sub low-sodium beef broth instead.

Veal Stock

Preheat oven to 425°. Place a wire rack inside a rimmed baking sheet and place bones on top. Roast bones (undisturbed) until deep golden brown, …


The Better Way to Truss a Chicken

You've been doing it wrong.

Roast chicken is one of the simplest and best dishes to make at home. But the key to perfectly cooked meat and a maximally …


An Absurdly Complete Guide to Understanding Whiskey

What really makes whiskey taste like whiskey? If flavor truly just came down to a simple formula of distilling ratios of grains plus time spent in a …


Alfredo Pasta with Cajun Spiced Chicken - Table for Two

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Alfredo Pasta with Cajun Spiced Chicken a wonderful creamy pasta and chicken dish with a spicy kick. Quick


How to Make Valerie Bertinelli's Homemade Lasagna

Now a seasoned chef, Valerie Bertinelli first fell in love with cooking when she learned how to make lasagna. "I begged my mom to teach me her recipe," the Hot in Cleveland star tells InStyle. "It was her go-to for basically every occasion." What makes it extra special, she says, is that she …


Try a homemade version of Chick-fil-A's chicken sandwich, popular on Pinterest

Alejandra Ramos, a food and lifestyle expert who is a Pinterest "Top Pinner," shares one of the most popular restaurant-inspired recipes on Pinterest — an irresistible homemade version of Chick-fil-A's chicken sandwich. Below is the recipe, adapted from blogger Cincy Shopper.



2 boneless, …

Chicken Recipes

How to make pancakes at home from scratch

Who doesn't love waking up to the sweet smell of homemade pancakes, especially when you can eat them in your pajamas? Making pancakes is really easy. Try this basic foolproof recipe and feel free to jazz it up with flavorful add-ins like fruit, cinnamon or chocolate.

The best pancake recipes: 11 …


Chicken Curry

5 stars based on 36 votes

In this family-friendly Indian dish, thinly sliced chicken breasts are sautéed with curry powder and simmered in an …

Curry Powder

Rick Stein's seafood linguine recipe

An easy seafood linguine packed with prawns, squid and mussels


60ml olive oil
• 10g/2 cloves garlic, crushed, no need to peel
• 12 medium raw prawns, peeled, shells and heads reserved
• 2 tbsp tomato paste
• 300ml water
• 350g linguine
• Salt
• 60g squid rings and tentacles
• 16 mussels, in the shell, scrubbed
• ¼ …


Garlic Shrimp Recipe ...easy and delicious

Try this super-quick and delicious garlic shrimp recipe. Lots of olive oil and garlic add great flavor, especially when served with fresh sliced …


Chipotle Chicken Kabobs with Cilantro Lime Dipping Sauce

I’ve told you quite a few times that the orange ATK cookbook has become one of my favorites in the last year or so. It’s full of recipes that aren’t …

Chicken Recipes

Chicken-Fried Steak

This hot-weather version of a comfort food classic is paired with a fresh, no-cook salsa. Looks like gravy, tastes like summer.


Pound steaks between 2 sheets of plastic to ¼" thick; season with salt and pepper.

Whisk 1½ cups flour, 1½ cups cornstarch, 1½ Tbsp. paprika, and 1½ tsp. salt in …


Real Meatballs and Spaghetti : Ina Garten


Place the ground meats, both bread crumbs, parsley, Parmesan, salt, pepper, nutmeg, egg, and 3/4 cup warm water in a bowl. Combine very …

Celebrity Chefs

The Ultimate Bolognese Sauce

This makes enough sauce for three 12-oz. portions of pasta, but leftover sauce is a good thing. Freeze it for next time. Learn more here.


Toast bay leaves, cloves, fennel seeds, red pepper flakes, and whole peppercorns in a dry small skillet over medium heat, tossing often, until fragrant, …


Sicilian Arancini Recipe | Homemade Italian Rice Balls Recipe

Italian Rice Ball – Arancini Recipe

This recipe is absolutely amazing and easy to make. This is a filling dish that is truly delicious and will soon …


Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken

The key to moist and flavorful fried chicken is to soak the chicken in a salt solution, or brine, for a few hours before frying. Here, the brine also includes tangy buttermilk, herbs, garlic and cayenne pepper for extra flavor and juiciness. Serve with hot pepper sauce on the side, if desired. Spicy

Fried Chicken

Fancy Dinner Recipe: Creamy Three Mushroom Chicken Casserole

Let’s start by saying that this is not your average run-of-the-mill dinner recipe. While delicious, Morel mushrooms do not come cheap, so this could …


14 Homemade BBQ sauce recipes that might make you throw out the bottles

1. Homemade barbecue sauce from Kansas CityImage: Gimme Some OvenThick and sweet, this classic homemade molasses and honey-based barbecue sauce from …


How To Make Fresh Tomato Sauce (Italian Secret Recipe!)

Do you make your own pasta sauce or use the store-bought canned variety?
Homemade tomato sauce offers you good economic value as well as good …


Beef Jerky Recipes From "Jerky Everything" by Pamela Braun

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Chile, Lime, and Lager Jerky

Chile and lime has been a popular flavor combination for years; …


So much better than takeout, this slow cooker Chinese classic will blow you away!!

100x Better Than Chinese Takeout - We Were Blown Away By This Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken!!

Chinese takeout is one of those things that’s become a …

Chinese Food

Alex Guarnaschelli Blogs: My Favorite Meat Sauce – Get the Recipe!

Alex Guarnaschelli is an Iron Chef, a Food Network celebrity chef, the author of Old-School Comfort Food and the executive chef at New York City’s Butter restaurants. Read her blog every Tuesday to get her professional cooking tips, family-favorite recipes and personal stories of working


The Food Lab: Four Secrets to Improving Any Fried Chicken Recipe

Really great Southern fried chicken needs two things: juicy, flavorful meat and an ultra-crisp and crunchy crust. Here are four quick and easy ways to achieve both. The best part? These tricks will work for any Southern fried chicken recipe you've got, whether it's the old family standard, a fried …

Chicken Recipes

Sauteed Chicken in Mustard-Cream Sauce

Under 30 Minutes

This classic French combination of ingredients also makes an excellent sauce for fish, such as seared salmon and trout.

Prep:20 minsTotal Time:20 mins

Source: Everyday Food, May/June 2003


4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, (6 ounces each)
• 1/4 teaspoon salt
• 1/4 teaspoon …