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Adorable Photos of Animals and Their Mini-Me’s

As if cats weren't popular enough on the internet, redditor SteveV91 has uploaded some of the most adorable photos of the house pets hanging out with their nearly identical kittens. Whether simply lounging around or clawing at hard-to-reach places, the kittens are literal copycats of their larger …


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The 30 Greatest Animal Photobombs Of 2013

To be a truly great animal photobomber you must first be an artist. After that, obviously, you have to be an animal of some kind. These are the animals who 'bombed the best in 2013.

Cute Animals


I want a cat to wake me up! See more “cat alarm clocks’ here.


15 Signs Your Pet Is Absolutely Smarter Than You

You've been suspecting it for a while... now it's time to find out once and for all.

The 15 Funniest Cat GIFs Of The Summer

We went through hundreds of GIFs. These are the best.<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement

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