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My little 😇 angel loving on grandpa. https://t.co/JJSqgIbB8j

Take time to see the goodness that surrounds you. https://t.co/3mflz4IHth

Congratulations!! May you truly be blessed with a long, happy marriage. https://t.co/sXVzdLRoMo

Rhythmic ocean waves bringing miracles to my eyes. https://t.co/bdujL2HHSg

Brave Combo bringing the house down in Denton.

Build a Better Vlog: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

...and miles to go before I sleep

#FinishThisFight Go Cowboys!! https://t.co/z7TJihd70V

Meet the artists who paint alien landscapes - CNN Style

Written by Dave Gilbert, CNNLondon<p>Watch CNN Inspirations: Out of This World on Friday October 7, 19.15 GMT; Saturday October 8, 20.15 GMT; Sunday October 9, 14:15 GMT.<p>"It's a small world but I wouldn't want to have to paint it," American comic Steven Wright often quipped. Some though have turned …

I'm in Lima! Any local photographers want to hang out? Also - anyone with a studio I can rent/beg/borrow early next week or this weekend? I'm in Miraflores. I'll be here for a bit, doing some work and getting the bike fixed up (someone hit it in a parking lot while I was sleeping - very minor damage).

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