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“This Puerto Rican crested toad is the only native toad of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. (Photo: Carlos Pacheco,USFWS) #wildlife…”

Cleaner Bluefish Suggest Coal Rules Work

A large drop in fish mercury levels suggests that U.S. efforts to clean up coal are working


11 mind-blowing nature documentaries you can watch on Netflix

There are only so many times you can re-watch Bob’s Burgers before you feel your brain start to ooze out your ears.

Thankfully, Netflix has an …

This Elephant Calf Chasing Birds Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

Things have been unfortunately grim in the animal kingdom lately, so we could all use a pick-me-up. Luckily, the Kruger National Park in South Africa has a YouTube channel called Kruger Sightings that documents all the happenings inside the park. Earlier today, they posted a video of a baby …


Golden jackal: A new wolf species hiding in plain view

The Canid family -- wolves, coyotes, jackals, foxes, domestic dogs and others -- are so familiar to us, and have been so intensively studied for so long that you might think that we know almost everything there is to know about them. But a paper published today in Current Biology belies that …

Life Sciences

Scientists took these award-winning photos of nature, and they're absolutely stunning

Most of us never get the chance to travel the world and take in all that nature has to offer.

Luckily for those of us chained to a desk, there are talented photographers who do have that privilege — and also happen to be scientists.

Each year the scientific journal BMC Ecology hosts a photography …


2 dolphin species form an alliance, even babysit

A new study examines the complex relationship between Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins in the Bahamas.


Birds Are Taking Over the World, One GoPro at a Time

Here’s a tip for filmmakers looking for a new perspective: Lend your camera out to a bird. This incredible video was shot by a gull in Spain’s …


Delaware Gets A Rare Out-Of-State Visitor: A 7-Foot Manatee

A manatee was seen swimming in a northern canal that joins the Chesapeake Bay with the smaller and shallower Delaware Bay just days after the marine mammal was spotted in an estuary of the Potomac River.

The docile "sea cow," is normally found in the warm waters of Florida and is a rare sight so far …


Co's Digital Flora

On 15 November 2010, botanist Leonardo L Co was shot and killed by the Philippine army while doing fieldwork on the island of Leyte.

Co was an outstanding and internationally acclaimed plant scientist and conservationist, with an enormous heart for the plants and people of the Philippines. His death …

Citizen Science

Carnivorous Glowworms Turn Caves Into Stunning Starscapes

Deep in the heart of caves in New Zealand, a tiny, slimy worm puts on a fantastic show.The post Carnivorous Glowworms Turn Caves Into Stunning …

New Zealand

Rare Blanding's turtle could go on federal endangered list

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The federal government is considering adding the Blanding's turtle to the endangered species list, as the yellow-throated reptile that once thrived throughout the Upper Midwest can now only be found in large numbers in parts of Minnesota and Nebraska.

The sand dunes, marshes and …

Endangered Species

A Deadly Fungus is Eating the Scales off Snakes in the Eastern U.S.

While some may not appreciate the sinuous curves of snakes, they should still be concerned about a strange disease that’s killing the reptiles in at …


Florida Man Arrested for Riding Sea Turtle, Spearing Shark

Florida officials say that one man earned a night in jail and a court date after trying to mount a turtle and illegally spearing a shark.

A …


Twelve Native Milkweeds for Monarchs

The monarch butterfly population in North America has plummeted by over 90% in just the last 20 years. Destruction of America’s grasslands …


Drought-related sturgeon deaths prompt Columbia River fishing ban

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has banned sturgeon fishing on a long stretch of the Columbia River in response to a spate of deaths among …


A Visual Journey Through the Monarch Life Cycle


Monarch butterflies have been in the news quite a bit recently, due to their rapid decline. In order to find ways to help, it’s essential to first …


Nesting Birds Caught in the Act - National Wildlife Federation

From courtship to nesting to rearing young, photographs from our members capture magic moments in the lives of breeding birds

06-01-2015 // Mark Wexler


Patrick Stewart Backs Drones That Collect Whale Snot

Drones that collect whale snot could help marine biologists do research — and Sir Patrick Stewart wants you to fund the technology.

The drone is called Snotbot. It works by flying above a whale breaching the surface of the water and collecting the mucus that is expelled from the animal's …

Patrick Stewart

Nano-Sized Synthetic Coral Could Suck Up Ocean's Pollutants

Absorbing more heavy metal than Scandinavia

Corals are great at absorbing toxic heavy metals, which is one of the many reasons they are dying off. Now researchers have created synthetic corals that use these same properties to soak up the pollutants instead.

Industrial and manufacturing processes …

Heavy Metal

Not by Suffocation: Study Unveils the Real Way Boa Constrictors Kill

Boa constrictors are notorious for their deadly grip, squeezing their next meal until it expires. But scientists have long wondered whether this fatal hug kills prey by suffocation or by obstructing blood flow in the snake's victims.

Now, a new study finds that rats attacked by boas don't die from a …

Scientific Research

Honeybees Show Evidence of Insecticide

More than 70 percent of pollen and honey samples collected from foraging bees in Massachusetts contained neonicotinoids, a type of insecticide that has been linked to colony collapse disorder, researchers are reporting. The disorder causes adult bees to abandon their hives in winter.

In the new …


“Nature photographer Rick Kimble photographed this trio of lounging coyote pups at the San Joaquin River NWR near Modesto, California. Rick…”

Four-legged snake fossil stuns scientists—and ignites controversy

Ancient fossil appears to be an early snake, but scientific debate about its relations—and the relic itself—are stewing


Photographing Birds: Tips and Tricks from a Pro

All images by Roland Albanese. Used with permission.

Photographer Roland Albanese has has had a long history of loving the great outdoors. Born in …


Squirrel gets ‘drunk’, causes hundreds of dollars in damage - The Washington Post

We've all been there, buddy.

According to an account given to the BBC, the Honeybourne Railway Club was totally trashed by a squirrel who may have been totally trashed himself.

The secretary of the club reported finding the place covered in tipped over glasses, then seeing a squirrel -- one who he …


'Bark Rangers' could save endangered birds nesting along Sleeping Bear Dunes

Volunteers and their dogs could help save the nests of the endangered piping plover, who nest on the Sleeping Bear Dunes lakeshore.


Stunning Skeleton Flower Becomes Translucent When It Rains

Imagine if you turned transparent the moment water touched your skin, wouldn’t that be a cool superpower? The Skeleton Flower is fully equipped with …


The Decline in Bees Will Cause a Decline in Healthy Food

It’s the near future, and the world’s bees, butterflies, bats, birds, and other species of animals that help pollinate more than a third of food …

Healthy Eating