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Our favorite photos, chosen by National Geographic editors. Check back weekdays for the latest editors’ selections. From the Daily Dozen, a selection …


Puma known as P-33 makes a safe freeway passage

A 16-month-old female mountain lion made famous in a series of remote-camera photographs left the Santa Monica Mountains early on a recent morning and somehow managed to cross the eight-lane 101 Freeway near Camarillo.

Surprised wildlife researchers said Thursday that the big cat's bold journey …

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Wildlife: Sandhill cranes migrating through Colorado

Tours and viewing opportunities abound in San Luis ValleySandhill cranes. Photo courtesy USFWS.Staff ReportOne of Colorado’s great wildlife …


Best of Montana in Spring: Nature and Wildlife

Professional and amateur cinematographers, photographers, and artists flock to family-owned Triple D Game Farm to capture spectacular wildlife shots in a controlled setting. “We love what we do and we love the animals,” says Jay Deist, who owns the animal education and preservation facility founded …

Nature Photography

Wildlife Photographer Shares His Experience of Using Camera Traps to Capture Close-Up Images of Hungry Bears

image by Drew Rush

In his post “Looking for Hungry Bears on Purpose” on the National Geographic blog, wildlife photographer Drew Rush shares his …


A Tiny California Fish Is On Brink Of Extinction And The Ramifications Are Huge

Posted on

"A Tiny California Fish Is On Brink Of Extinction And The Ramifications Are Huge"


Delta smelt, Hypomesus transpacificus.



Unbelievably Cute Mammal With Teddy Bear Face Rediscovered

More than 20 years after its discovery, the rare Ili pika was spotted in the mountains of northwestern China.

You could call it one of the world's longest games of hide and seek.

For more than 20 years, the Ili pika (Ochotona iliensis), a type of tiny, mountain-dwelling mammal with a teddy bear face, …


Welcome Bluebirds With Nestboxes

Returning bluebirds are a welcome sign of spring—but in many places, it’s up to people to give them a home. To keep populations healthy, naturalists …

Opossums: Where Lyme disease goes to die

American marsupial consumes a large percentage of ticks

They come out at night.

They have scary teeth.

They have a weird name with an extra vowel most …

Lyme Disease

Five Years After the Oil Spill, Dead Dolphins and 25,000-Pound Tar Mat Found

One day after BP released a report saying the Gulf is on the road to recovery, we took a trip to one of the most impacted areas from the BP oil …

Oil Spills

Chinstrap Penguins, Antarctica


Pitcairn Islands Become World’s Largest Single Marine Reserve

Today the U.K. government announced the creation of the world’s largest contiguous marine protected area, covering an area larger than California or the U.K. itself around the Pitcairn Islands in the remote South Pacific (get the full story from National Geographic News).

The announcement comes …

Marine Reserve

Tropical island conservation: Rat eradication for species recovery

Having just returned from Fernando de Noronha the plight of tropical islands under attack from invasive species is still at the forefront of my thoughts. Can the techniques we have developed in temperate latitudes on uninhabited islands be applied so readily to inhabited tropical islands?

This was …


Avian Cholera Suspected After 2,000 Geese Found Dead in Idaho

About 2,000 migrating snow geese were found dead in northern Idaho over the weekend, said state wildlife officials who said Monday that avian cholera was suspected.

The state Fish & Game Department said the geese appeared to have died while stopping at the Mud Lake and Market Lake Wildlife …


Florida's python problem: Snakes are decimating mammals in the Everglades

Florida has a python problem, and it may be worse than anyone thought.

In a new study, researchers found that the voracious appetite of the Burmese python can outpace even the reproductive speed of the marsh rabbit, a small brown bunny that seems to have disappeared from the Everglades National Park.


Watch A Velvet Worm Squirt Slime Everywhere [Video]

The animal world is awesome and gross

Some days you just need a reminder of how gloriously gross science can be. Remember studying mealworms in middle school? Velvet worms are so much cooler. They live in the tropics and have soft, velvety bodies with weird conical feet that look like something an …


Extinct giant lobster bigger than a human

Newly-discovered fossils of a giant, extinct sea creature provide key evidence about the early evolution of arthropods – such as scorpions, spiders, …


Can Probiotic Bacteria Save An Endangered Frog?

I saw a ghost at the Vancouver Aquarium last summer. I was walking out of a room overlooking the main shark tank when I saw something in a glass cage embedded in the wall, something small, black and yellow. I mean Black and Yellow—colours so intense that you almost expect to turn the creature over …


Zombie Shrimp? Here's What Turns Animals Into Cannibals

What turns animals into cannibals? If the animal happens to be a freshwater shrimp from Northern Ireland, a tiny parasite known as Pleistophora mulleri seems to play a role. The finding, reported in Royal Society Open Science, lends weight to the view that parasites promote cannibalistic behavior …


Snail venom mixes and matches 100 neurotoxins

When cone snails sink their harpoon-like teeth into their prey, they inject a potent mix of more than 100 different neurotoxin—known as …


Scientists Catch Up On The Sex Life Of Coral To Help Reefs Survive

"Bringing them together in the lab is a little bit like spiking the sauce, ensuring the gametes meet. And then we can put them back underwater and say, 'OK, now do your thing.' " - Kristen Marhaver, University of California, Merced

For the first time, biologists have caught a rare type of coral in …


Tiger meat and bear paws on menu for Chinese tourists in Laos, says report

A resort complex in northwest Laos targeting Chinese visitors has become a “lawless playground” for the trade in illegal wildlife ranging from tiger meat to bear paws, an advocacy group said Thursday.

Customers “can openly buy endangered species products” in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone …


Invasive toads give a boost to crimson finches

A finch species in Australia is getting help from an unexpected ally: invasive cane toads that have poisoned many of the lizards that attack the …


The Mysterious Genetics of the Four-Leaf Clover

Like every other trait on every other living thing, a clover's lucky fourth leaf sprouts from DNA. But understanding the clover genome won't …


Top predators have been removed from many a food web, throwing entire ecosystems into disarray. Conservationists want to put them back, but it's a complicated problem blending ecology, geography, and social tact.

Lions once hunted mammoths in Canada. Dire wolves stalked mastodon in Germany. And as recently as 1,300 years ago, a coyote-sized cat called the …


DNA reveals 'The Boss' is the big daddy of Banff grizzly bears

BANFF — Who’s the daddy? Grizzly bear No. 122, apparently.

Wildlife officials in Banff National Park have been testing DNA to learn more about the …


Hundreds Of Sick, Dying Sea Lion Pups Are Washing Up On California’s Shores

This undated image provided by the Pacific Marine Mammal Center shows rescued sea lion pups in Laguna Beach, Calif.CREDIT: AP Photo/Pacific Marine …

Sea Lion