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California Oil Spill Cleanup

Santa Barbara

11 Cute Chicks On The Beach

Shorebirds sure are cool. As we all lug our coolers and lawn chairs to the beach this summer, it’s easy to overlook these amazing birds that often travel as far (or way way farther) than us to enjoy what the beach has to offer. In many cases, this means a place to gather food or raise young. We’ve …

National Wildlife Refuge

Hurricanes sent Florida lionfish swimming for the Bahamas - Conservation

The venomous Indo-Pacific lionfish is a beauty, but the fearsome predators are turning the marine ecosystems off the Florida coast and in the …

Water Sports

A new form of chytrid fungus threatens US salamanders - Conservation

Nearly a third of our planet’s amphibians are in decline, but most of the attention thus far has been focused on frogs. The usual causes for wildlife …


Data Suggests Legs and Toes in Ancestor of Living Snakes

From the robust boa constrictor to the venomous rattlesnake, all of the more than 3,400 snake species that slither today may have descended from the same prehistoric forest prowler, whose sinuous body had two small hind legs with toes and ankles, researchers reported on Tuesday.

After analyzing data …


White House has a plan to save bees and other crop pollinators

The federal government will boost research and preserve 7 million acres of habitat for bees, monarch butterflies and other insects as part of a wide-ranging strategy to bolster the population of pollinators that are vital to the nation's food crops.

The long-anticipated national strategy from a …

White House

Giant pandas cannot properly digest bamboo, scientists find

Giant pandas are forced to eat so much bamboo because they lack the enzymes to properly digest the plant

The mystery of why giant pandas are forced to spend 14 hours a day eating foods has finally been solved - they can only digest around 17 per cent of the bamboo they swallow.

Researchers found …


Baby Spiders Reportedly Rain Down on Australian Town

Baby spiders are falling from the sky in a town in Australia, according to a local media report.

Millions of spiders seemingly dropped from above …


When Birds Squawk, Other Species Seem to Listen

MISSOULA, Mont. — In the backyard of a woodsy home outside this college town, small birds — black-capped chickadees, mountain chickadees, red-breasted nuthatches — flitted to and from the yard’s feeder. They were oblivious to a curious stand nearby, topped by a curtain that was painted to resemble …


Watch: Ants Use Giant Jaws to Catapult Out of Death Trap

Trap-jaw ants can escape predators' sand pits by using their powerful jaws to fling themselves away from danger, a new study finds.

The trap-jaw ant is famous for its super-strong mandibles, which can crush prey, handle eggs, defend nests from intruders, and even fling the insect into the air.

Now, …


Why Would A Fish Make Its Own Sunscreen?

Creatures that venture out into the daylight can be damaged by the sun's ultraviolet rays. Humans produce melanin, a dark pigment, to help protect our skin. And now many of us slather on sunscreen, too.

Bacteria, algae and fungi make their own chemicals that sop up UV rays. And there's one called …

Public Broadcasters

Watch: Ants Use Giant Jaws to Catapult Out of Death Trap

Trap-jaw ants can escape predators' sand pits by using their powerful jaws to fling themselves away from danger, a new study finds.

The trap-jaw ant is famous for its super-strong mandibles, which can crush prey, handle eggs, defend nests from intruders, and even fling the insect into the air.

Now, …


Pretty critters beat science to biophotonic crystals

For years, optical engineers have been struggling to create precisely organized biophotonic crystals that could be used to improve solar cells, …

Life Sciences

Do snails have eyes? A 17thC ‘mythbuster’ investigates

Sir Thomas Browne was born in 1605, in London, and although his mother and step-father ‘wasted & consumed’ much of the estate he and his four siblings should have inherited, enough money was saved to send him to Winchester College. From there he went to Oxford University, and then studied medicine …


8 Photos of Spring Awakening on the Great Plains

(Photo and Captions by Elaine Kennedy)

Elaine Kennedy is a crew member for the Landmark project, where she volunteers for my organization Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation on the American Prairie Reserve. She just finished a two-month term living on and trekking through the prairie, …

Great Plains

Is Exotic Diet Giving Giant Tortoises a Boost in Galapagos?

Some of the rare reptiles are chowing down on plants brought accidentally to the islands—and may be healthier as a result, a new study says.

Some Galápagos giant tortoises are developing a taste for exotic cuisine—invasive plants that people have unwittingly brought to the volcanic islands off …

Food Science

Fruit Flies Are Shown to Enter a Fearlike State

Whether fruit flies feel anything resembling emotion is hard to determine, but new research suggests they can experience a fearlike state.

“When a fly responds to a visual threat, it isn’t just a robotic reflex; there is some sort of internal state that develops,” said David J. Anderson, a biologist …


Dying honeybees, and the uncertain future of honey - The Washington Post

Not long ago, chances were that any given honey jar sitting on a table or tucked away in a pantry here in the United States was locally produced. Now, after what has been a decidedly disastrous decade for the bee industry, that couldn't be any less true. "We've lost a lot of bees here in the U.S.," …


Scientists have discovered the first fully warm-blooded fish - The Washington Post

This story has been updated.

It’s one of the most basic biology facts we’re taught in school growing up: Birds and mammals are warm-blooded, while reptiles, amphibians and fish are cold-blooded. But new research is turning this well-known knowledge on its head with the discovery of the world’s first …


Trio of humpback whales spotted in San Francisco Bay

Marine mammal aficionados got a treat Wednesday morning when a trio of Humpback whales ventured inside the Golden Gate to take in some sights and do some spring feeding.

“We get a lot of gray whales around this time of year,” said Mary Jane Schramm, a spokeswoman for the Gulf of the Farallones …

Northern California

Spiders sprayed with carbon nanotubes spin superstrong webs

Imagine how strong Spider-Man might have been if he had been bit by one of these super-spiders. Italian scientists have found that spiders sprayed …


Northern birds invade the south thanks to a shifting climate - Conservation

“Facultative migrants” are animals whose annual travels aren’t locked in. Their migration pathways are uncertain, as is whether they migrate at all …


Herons, Egrets, Bitterns

Cattle Egret

Green Heron

American Bittern

Western Reef-heron

Black-crowned Night-Heron

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

Least Bittern

Great Blue Heron

Great …


One Redpoll to Rule Them All

Common Redpoll or Hoary Redpoll: It’s a familiar riddle for even the most experienced birders. “Every time there is a big redpoll flight,” Audubon …


Animals That Grow Gardens


This National Wildlife Photo Contest entry was taken by Anne Zeneski, who built this pond in her backyard in North Carolina. The pond attracts frogs …


Wild animals in drought-stricken Western states are dying for a drink - The Washington Post


Drought’s domino effect on Western wildlife big and small

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Dying of thirst and hunger, critters search for sustenance.


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For the giant kangaroo rat, death by nature is normally swift and dramatic: a hopeless dash for safety followed by a blood-curdling squeak …

Animal Behavior


Help us monitor the British bee population by downloading the FREE app.

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Help us monitor the British bee …

United Kingdom

Dolphins are hunted for their teeth in the South Pacific - Conservation

You’ve heard of The Cove and the long history of the dolphin “drive hunts” in the Japanese coastal town of Taiji. Boats, nets, and loud noises herd …


New bird species discovered in a bush in China

A new bird species has been discovered in central China by an international team of scientists. This shy brown bird, named the Sichuan bush warbler, Locustella chengi, breeds in the mountainous region of the Sichuan Basin at 1000-2300 m elevation. Its winter home is currently unknown. This bird was …