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Fisher photographed in the Bronx - First ever NYC record of this squirrel and rat predator

By Roland Kays North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences & NC State University Following the paw prints of their larger carnivore cousins, coyotes, …

Obama announces plan to save honey bees -

The United States is launching an effort to save some of its busiest workers: honey bees.

President Barack Obama created a task force comprising various agencies to address the issue of rapidly diminishing honey bees and other pollinators.

2008: Why are the honeybees dying? 02:52


Honey bees …


Center for Tropical Forest Science receives grant to study diversity of tree communities

The Center for Tropical Forest Science, which manages a global network of temperate and tropical forest research plots, will utilize the funds to …

Loss of animals spells doom for diversity of rainforest trees

Soon after a dirt road through the forests of Lambir Hills National Park in Borneo was improved in 1987, local markets selling the meat of …

Can animals take a selfie?

Yes! When an animal trips a “camera trap” as a part of a project between the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and the Smithsonian.These …


Love tequila? A toast to pollinating bats!

Do you enjoy Tequila? Then you need to raise your glass to the pollinating bats that helped to make it! Here at Smithsonian Science we …

Not Just the Birds and Bees – 6 Fast Facts About Pollinating Bats

By Micaela Jemison The birds and the bees may rule the daytime, but as soon as the sun sets, it is the bats that get to work pollinating. Worldwide, …

10 invasive species

They're not monsters, but they are a problem for native flora and fauna. Here are ten of the ecological troublemakers finding their way into American landscapes and waterways.

Six lionfish, which are native to the Indian Ocean, were accidentally released into the Caribbean in 1992 when an aquarium …

Invasive Species

The Gypsy Moth and the threshold of extinction

Maggie Koerth-Baker on how protecting endangered species has taught us something about eradicating invasive ones.

In the battle against invasive species, the scientists who are responsible for fighting off and ideally, eliminating the invaders have an unlikely ally — the scientists who try to keep …


Photo Gallery: Seven Surprising Pollinators

We’re all familiar with the beleaguered honey bees and beautiful butterflies that pollinate our crops and wildflowers. But pollinating animal species …


Photos of Wildlife Across America

This week, I returned from a road trip vacation across America, driving from Boston to my home outside Yosemite, California. I visited four national …

Road Trips

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Weird tiny fish has the strongest suction powers in the animal kingdom

Jesus Diaz


The Northern Clingfish is one of the weirdest animals I've ever seen. It has a suction cup on its belly that can tightly hold onto …


Your phone can finally do something really great: help endangered animals

Around the world, species are going extinct at an unprecedented rate. They’re dying so fast and from so many different causes — habitat loss, climate change, hunting, competition with invasive species — that scientists no longer have a good sense of which need protection. A study recently published …

Royal Mail sustainable fish special stamps – in pictures

Royal Mail marks World Environment Day by launching its first ever set of special stamps on threatened fish species to promote sustainable fishing in British waters. The 10-stamp set highlights the beauty of marine fish and encourages people to eat sustainable fish

Royal Mail

Woman Knocked Out Cold By Aggressive Neighborhood Hawk

Remember that 1963 movie where Alfred Hitchcock in a cameo appearance walks out of a pet shop as Tippi Hedren walks in?

Jack Russell Terrier

Light-Colored Butterflies and Dragonflies Thrive as European Climate Warms and Changes

Climate change is impacting our world in unprecedented ways. Now, scientists have found that it may be influencing the evolution of insects across …

Mama Bear Reaches Over Concrete Median To Rescue Her Highway Stranded Cub

While passing through Kootenay National Park in British Columbia, a driver for Tornado Hunter named Ricky Forbes captured this amazing footage of a …


Humpback whale washes up in Half Moon Bay

A small dead Humpback whale washed ashore in Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay Wednesday afternoon.

After coming close to shore Wednesday near Surfer’s Beach, waves pulled the whale some 300 feet back out to sea by Thursday morning, according to researchers from the California Academy of Sciences.

Half Moon Bay

Top 10 new species of the past year – in pictures

The International Institute for Species Exploration has picked 10 of 18,000 species new to science in the past year, from a tiny skeleton shrimp at Santa Catalina Island in California to a translucent Croatian snail

Biological Species

This Is What Happens When A Giant Sea Turtle Crashes Your Wedding

Wedding crashers are often a couple's worst nightmare. But when the crasher is a giant sea turtle, the bride and groom might let it slide.

Redditor In3 posted the following picture Sunday after tying the knot in St. Croix, where a very unexpected wedding guest showed up.

But this wasn't just any old …


It’s Not All Mutant Beetles: Wildlife Around Chernobyl Is Adapting to Radiation

It’s been 28 years since an apocalyptic reactor explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant made a 1,000-square-mile section of Ukraine completely …

Why You Need Not Fear the Poor, Misunderstood Brown Recluse Spider

It’s hard to think of a critter that inspires as much hyperbolic hysteria as the brown recluse spider. They’re pretty much universally hated. If you …

Snail Consumes Worm With Incredible Efficiency

A couple weeks ago, we showed you a photo series from Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko in which he explores the secret lives of snails. …


Poachers take chunks from California redwoods

Tree poaching conjures up the lawless Amazon jungle, but America's magnificent redwood forests now face a piecemeal but steady assault by poachers too, California officials say.

Thieves are cutting massive chunks from the base of the champion trees, which are the tallest on Earth and are up to 2,000 …


Scientists propose new classification scheme for invasive species

Triage is a concept that is increasingly infiltrating the hearts and minds of conservationists and conservation researchers around the world. In a …

Mystery Solved: Minke whales behind Antarctic quack - Conservation

Since the 1960s, scientists and seafarers working in the Southern Ocean have puzzled over the rhythmic quacking sound heard everywhere from the …