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Behind the Scenes at Connecticut’s Biggest Baby Bird Nursery

Eat, poop. Eat, poop. Eat, poop.<p>That’s the life of a baby bird. It’s a simple routine, but one that keeps the volunteers at the makeshift wildlife …


This Year’s Monumental Victories in Protecting Bird Habitat

Over the past eight months, President Obama has created more public lands than any other commander in chief in U.S. history. Since February, he’s …


Those Ancient Stone Tools — Did Humans Make Them, Or Was It Really Monkeys?

A stone tool found in the sand has always been considered the handiwork of early humans and their ancestors. But a remarkable discovery in a Brazilian forest suggests that might not be so.<p>Scientists saw a group of capuchin monkeys making stone flakes, an important type of early tool. It's not clear …


That's the spot! Koala enjoys some belly rubs

Rare brown panda is funny, cute and looking for a mate


Oryx calf born in Chad for the first time in 3 decades

First Time

Ancient 'Frankenstein' bug stumps scientists

​How a caustic lake in Tanzania became a flamingo paradise


Tasmanian devil milk may hold key to killing superbugs

Predator-proof fence saves seabirds in Hawaii

By keeping out invasive cats, rats and other predators, a new fence on the island of Kauai is helping a threatened bird bounce back.


The story of modern orangutans in 6 arresting photographs

Hybrid of extinct aurochs and ice age bison discovered in cave paintings


Mice sing in secret ultrasonic frequencies to their mates


Spiders can hear you from across a room

Jumping spiders are known for their eyesight, but a new study finds they — and other spiders — also have surprisingly good hearing.


The week in wildlife – in pictures


8 demystifying facts about the snow leopard

Snow Leopard

First birds may have quacked, but dinosaurs definitely didn't sing


How to attract bats to your yard

What Happens to Smuggled Animals After They’re Seized?

Johannesburg, South Africa<p>The world’s wildlife trade policy body wants better treatment and tracking of illegally traded animals confiscated by authorities.<p>We’ve heard a lot recently about illegal trading of elephant ivory and rhino horn, but it’s not only animal parts that smugglers attempt to …


5 Times Evolution Ran in ‘Reverse’

Hagfish, penguins, and aphids are just some of the creatures that have been shaped by what’s known as regressive evolution.<p>Gaze into the face of a hagfish—a slimy, eel-shaped marine animal—and the hagfish won’t gaze back. The creatures are almost blind, finding their way around the seafloor …


Reported Sighting of Extinct River Dolphin is Unlikely

Amateur conservationists say they may have seen a Yangtze river dolphin in China. Here's why you should be skeptical.<p>Ten years after it was declared functionally extinct, amateur conservationists believe they have spotted a Yangtze river dolphin, or baiji, in a stretch of the Yangtze in eastern …


TripAdvisor Halts Ticket Sales to Cruel Wildlife Attractions

The travel website, which came under pressure earlier this year for promoting and profiting from inhumane tourism activities, also plans to educate users on animal welfare.<p>TripAdvisor, the popular travel review website, and its ticket sales company, Viator, said Tuesday they no longer will sell …


Great White Fight: Scientists Feud Over Shark Tagging

A battle between state and nonprofit researchers is raging off Cape Cod, highlighting sensitivities in animal studies.<p>It's a shark-eat-shark world, and not just in the ocean. <i>Scientific American</i> reports that state and private researchers are feuding over access to great whites off Cape Cod, with …


Conservation photographer wants his emotional photos to propel you into action


Silkworms fed carbon nanotubes produce super-silk that conducts electricity


Flesh-eating screwworms return to Florida

This devastating worm, once eradicated from the Sunshine State, has reappeared in a state wildlife refuge.

American South

'Planet Earth II' trailer promises unprecedented ultra-high definition access to animal kingdom

Animal Kingdom

China's 'extinct' dolphin may have returned to Yangtze river, say conservationists

Chinese conservationists believe they may have caught a rare glimpse of a freshwater dolphin that was declared functionally extinct a decade ago having graced the Yangtze river for 20 million years.<p>Scientists and environmentalists had appeared to abandon hope that China’s baiji, or white dolphin, …


A Frog Dies in Atlanta, and a World Vanishes With It

Atlanta — Two weeks ago, the last known Rabbs’ fringe-limbed tree frog died in a biosecure safehouse at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Its distinctive, barklike call was last heard in the wild, as far as we know, in a Panamanian forest in 2007.<p>I was among a group of biologists who discovered this …