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Scrolling Path Paint Roller

Erik bij de Vaate on Twitter: "Can't get this smile off my face! #goodlife"


BLOG - Photography

Stories to tell<p>It has been a very long time since my last update, and I have alot of stories to telll. Meanwhile I shot a roll of Color Negative Film …


BLOG - Vector Cappuccino

Vector Cappuccino<p>As most of you know, I have this awesome cat named Cappuccino and I made a vector tribute of my naughty little rascal! He has been …



BLOG - Monsta Digga

Monsta Digga<p>Recently got some nice shots from a custom toy I did back in 2000-something. This monsta has seen more ends of the world than I have been …


BLOG - Wrecker

Wrecker<p>Another post, a custom dunny named Wrecker. He served as a spy cambot in the army, and got battlescarred in the last war. Now everybody can …


BLOG - Toadstool Dunny

Toadstool Dunny<p>Here is one of my other customs, a old dunny tree with some yucky toadstools on him. We kick this post off with a WIP shot!<p>The …


BLOG - Webfonts heatmap

Webfonts heatmap<p>Today we merge up the letters of the alphabet and we do this with the main websafe fonts. There are basically two types of fonts: …


BLOG - Octopus with a tablet

Octopus with a tablet<p>Yes that's right, this smart octopus found himself a tablet and won't let it go!<p>Sometimes I feel somewhat like a design octopus …


BLOG - Pixel art series

Pixel art series<p>Here is a series of 5 pixel artworks, these pixels are 25 times bigger than the ones on your screen with 2 pixel spacing between …

Vincent Van Gogh

BLOG - Skateboard Vectors

Skateboard Vectors<p>I'm not a good skateboarder, but some of my friends really know how to throw some wild tricks! So I decided to convert some good …


WKMF . Interaction Design

x<p>Welcome to WKMF!<p>I am Erik bij de Vaate and this is my personal website!<p>I am busy redesigning and upgrading here, but you can still visit the …

Interaction Design

BLOG - Pixelated Vader

Pixelated Vader<p>Hello there, and <b>SORRY</b> for the lack of posts and updates, it's been busy times ... To make it up to you, I made this lovely pixelated …

Darth Vader