Mind-blowing Space Megastructures We Could Build in the Future

Constructing a massive ring complete with its own gravity encircling the Sun that could house trillions of people is not only a cool space-age idea, we’d get to go shopping in the Kuiper Belt for building materials. Or, we might be able to piece together a living, breathing planet with billions of asteroids courtesy of the Oort Cloud. This star-gazing storyboard will open your horizons to futuristic engineering triumphs where you have to go not just big, but mega for things to work out.

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Mind-blowing Space Megastructures We Could Build in the Future


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    What If We Could Build an Alderson Disk?

    What would happend if could build this massif construction?

    What If We Built an Artificial Planet?

    What if, someday, we decided that the usefulness of our planet had run its course, and humans needed to scour space to find somewhere new to live? But instead of finding a potentially habitable Earth-like exoplanet light years away, we'd build our own artificial world right in the Solar System.

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