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How To Set Up Your Wacom Pen For Better Use In Photoshop, Capture One, & Lightroom

Since we first wrote some Wacom Pen Tablet reviews there has been a massive interest in new versions of the hardware, how different they are, and …

Anything can spark your creative mind! See how @Rossdraws transforms a turkey into Disney´s Moana :D. #madewithwacom https://t.co/kNmHeJgGOv

Wacom for Designers

Being a Graphic Designer requires many plug-ins, tools, and applications to get things done—and fast. Many of us have discovered Wacom tablets. …

UNBOX: Wacom Intuos Pro (Large) Paper Edition

#spiderman wip on the #cintiq using @SketchBookPro @wacom https://t.co/Km1S0wgZy2

War Of The Worlds Wacom Photoshop LiveStream

Character Modeling Contest @ Pinshape

Bring the characters of your imagination to life with our Character Design Contest! Create a 3D model of an original character, human or non-human, …

Gaming Industry

Carli Davidson on Shooting Shake

Where does inspiration come from? For photographer Carli Davidson, the seed was planted while she was wiping down her kitchen wall – again – because …

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro Review + Unboxing + SKETCH!

Announcement | New Series: Let´s Talk Art | Wacom eStore - official Onlinestore

New Series: Let´s Talk Art<p><b>We're excited to announce our brand new artist interview series, focusing on creatives who use Wacom to enhance their</b> …


13 Creative Ways to Actually Do Something With Your Doodles

Confession: I, Maddie, am a doodle hoarder. I have a huge manila folder brimming with sketches, swirls, tracings and diagrams dating back to my middle school days. Long after my math class notes have waned in importance, the doodles filling the margins have been carefully preserved, *just in case.* …

5 Life Lessons I Learned in College

When you are reading this post, it’s about time when I’m preparing or taking finals at college which is also known as my “crazy busy time with no …

Review: Intuos Pro Medium Paper Edition

What is Ink Analyzer ? - Cure for Motor Diseases

Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 Review

We're at the Wacom Experience Center celebrating the heritage of the our pen tablet heritage, culminating with the new Intuos Pro. https://t.co/KLuRukhy5y

NEW: Wacom Intuos Pro PAPER EDITION! Gimmick or Godsend? (Unboxing & Review)

Roz Draws starts with paper, ends with dynamite drawings - Smart Notebooks for Digital Writing & Drawing | Wacom - Making Ideas

Robin Casey, aka Roz Draws, is a graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. #TeamBamboo recently spent time in her studio to learn about her process …

Digital Art

Interview | Let's Talk Art with Doaly | Wacom eStore - official Onlinestore

Let's Talk Art with Doaly<p><i>Welcome to the first Let's Talk Art, a brand new artist interview series. Written by</i> Jack Woodhams.<p>Back in 2014 I set up …

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro- Unboxing and Review!

Posted 02.10.2017 at 12:00AM |<p>A little over a year ago, I went out and got the <b>Wacom Cintiq Companion 2</b> for drawing remotely.<p>I did a blog post about …

Sculpting Demo with ZBrush Core & the Wacom Intuos 3D // Part 1/2

Thinking of the good old anime days. #SailorMoon process video by @skadivore https://t.co/oYNtnieiGf

We're thrilled to share the story of how Dissident, by The @PanderBros came to be w/this mini-documentary about the acclaimed illustrators. https://t.co/Qk8lcOY8Me

Interview | Let´s Talk Art with John Keaveney | Wacom eStore - official Onlinestore

Let´s Talk Art with John Keaveney<p><i>Welcome to the second interview in the #LetsTalkArt series. The aim of this series is to explore what it means to be</i> …

Digital Art

This One-Minute Video Shows You How to Make an Animated GIF in Photoshop

GIFs are fun, and if you’re an artist, it’s easy enough to turn your art into a short animation in Photoshop. This quick tutorial from Adobe shows …


Character designer @snarkies (Miranda Yeo) created a 5 part tutorial series specially for you! Here´s part 1: creating rough sketches. https://t.co/IR9gcPZqSm

How to Draw Female Faces Step-by-Step

<i>If you want to learn how to draw a woman, perhaps the best place to start is to learn how to sketch a face. Beautiful portraits of women are easy to</i> …

We have an exiting new tutorial series to share with you! Created by character Designer Miranda Yeo @snarkies. Part 1: Sketches. #Cintiq https://t.co/l7pPgI0IPX