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70% of Rich Families Lose Their Wealth by the Second Generation

A little honesty might help preserve the family fortune.

When Stephen Lovell used to visit his grandparents as a kid, it was like entering the world of Cole Porter or The Great Gatsby.

People dressed in tuxedos and sipped cocktails. They owned boats, airplanes, a hobby farm. Not to mention a lavish …


10 Expert Tips You Didn't Know About Getting Your Teenager To Open Up

“The days are long but the years are short.”

Whoever said it first deserves a high five because -- yep -- that sums parenting up in a nutshell.

And the days are particularly long in the beginning; while the years are particularly short once your “child” approaches adulthood -- otherwise known as the …


'Play This Video Game And Call Me In The Morning'

I'm driving through a frozen world, where the roads are paved in ice. As I swerve left to avoid a miniature iceberg, a red fish flashes at the top of my screen. I'm supposed to tap all the red fish that pop up, but not the green fish or the blue. And I have to do this without crashing the car.

An …

Public Broadcasters

16 of the Coolest Playgrounds in the World

The modern playground is, to be honest, sort of boring. The bright-colored, safety-engineered plastic of cookie-cutter prefabricated jungle gyms …


Adobe Photoshop for Kids!

Kirk Nelson17 days ago29 Jun 2015367 shares

Teach kids how to use Adobe Photoshop layers and masks in this fun tutorial aimed at a younger …

Adobe Photoshop

Web Design for Kids - Tuts+ Web Design Tutorials

Joni Trythall22 days ago27 May 2015284 shares

Welcome to Tuts+ Town, where everybody loves web design! In this series we will learn all about …

This Mombods Comic Shows What Pregnancy And Birth Is Really Like

Who needs dadbods when mombods can literally create people?

When artist Rebecca Roher’s friend became pregnant, Roher learned a lot of new things about the female body. “We’re very close so she told me all the gory details she wouldn’t necessarily tell other people,” Roher told BuzzFeed News.

“When …


13 Ideas for a Kid Party Adults Will Want to Attend Too

Planning a kid’s party can be challenging. They’re past the baby stage and suddenly have an opinion about everything from the invitations to the activities and even the party favors. But don’t let that discourage you. Instead, put those opinions to good use by inspiring your little maker to help …

24 Beautifully Personalized Homework Stations For Kids Infusing Creativity

April 26, 2015 • by Codreanu Andreea • DIY Projects, Ideas • No Comments

A highly organized home can help you transcend this healthy attitude to your …


Life-Saving Invention Could Keep Babies Safe From Hot Car Tragedies

Each year, an average of 38 children die from heat-related causes after being left alone in cars, according to research from child safety organization Kids And Cars.

This sad statistic was a motivating force behind a Rice University project that could help prevent hot car tragedies in the future. A …


Build an automata caterpillar + more paper engineering projects with templates from robives:

Build an automata caterpillar + more paper engineering projects with templates from robives:

Simple Rainbow Smoothie Recipe

Last week, we finally had a stretch of mild days bathed in spring sunshine. The kids were happy — their cheeks sporting the rosy glow that comes from …


1 in 5 ‘catfish’ parents have made a fake social media account to spy on their kids

(Picture: Alamy)One in five UK parents have made a fake social media account to spy on their kids, a new survey has revealed.The research by …

Social Media

Parents can be 'too nice' to their children, neurologist warns

Psychosomatic conditions like chronic pain, seizures or even paralysis are not only triggered by trauma but also can too much love and attention

Parents should not be overly indulgent with their children when they are ill as it sets up a pattern which can lead to psychosomatic conditions in later …


This Dad Is Calling Out Every Parent Who Humiliates Their Kid Online As Punishment

“Good parenting starts before he even gets to the point of being out of control.”

A dad from Florida is blowing up on Facebook after making a video calling out parents who post videos publicly humiliating their children online.

The video posted Wednesday by Wayman Gresham had 16 million views as of …


All Screens Are Not Created Equal

Recently, Taiwanese lawmakers approved the “Child and Youth Welfare and Protection Act,” making it illegal for children under the age of 18 to use electronic devices for excessive periods of time.

In the United States, we don’t have legislation restricting screen time, but organizations like the …


This Is What You Should Be Asking About Stampy's Minecraft Videos

StampyLongHead is currently the 32nd most viewed YouTuber of all time. With 3.5 billion views and 5.8 million subscribers, Stampy—along with a handful of other celebrity Minecrafters—is molding the minds of Generation Blockhead. If you have children, you’ve likely heard Stampy’s voice in the …


Here’s a Theory About Why South Asian Americans Totally Rule the Spelling Bee

Anthropology professor Shalini Shankar shares her ideas with TIME

South Asian-Americans, whose forebears immigrated from countries like India or Pakistan, have now won the Scripps National Spelling Bee eight years in a row. At one point in the 2015 final, six of the remaining seven spellers were of …


11-Year-Old Tanishq Abraham Graduates From California College

An 11-year-old California boy donned a cap and gown on Wednesday — to receive a college degree.

Tanishq Abraham is the youngest person to graduate from American River College in Sacramento, California, this year, according to NBC affiliate KCRA. And he may be the youngest person to graduate from the …

College & University

Not only do we love this short promo by Animade

Not only do we love this short promo by for Marion Deuchars’ book Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art, but we like the book, too. In the tradition of Ed Emberley, Deuchars inspires kids (and adults) to invent their own creatures using inky and imaginative fingertips. Enjoy a few more of their animated commercials:…

Screen time v play time: what tech leaders won't let their own kids do

When a technology journalist suggested to Steve Jobs, in 2010, that his children must have loved the just-released iPad, he replied flatly: “They haven’t used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at home.” His former righthand man, Jonathan Ive, whose design for the iPad is so simple that …


These Two Inseparable Sisters Show Love Knows No Bounds

In this heartwarming series called Barely Different, photographer and mom Anna Larson captures her two young daughters at play to show that love has no boundaries. Anna has three children, two of whom are biological and one who was adopted from Ethiopia five years ago. Saying that she "always had a …

9 Fun and Delicious Recipes Kids Will Love

Easy and fun recipes kids (and adults) will love.

Biscuit Doughnuts

The easiest (and prettiest) doughnut recipe ever. Get the recipe.

Mini Tortillas

Homemade tortillas kick the store bought kind to the curb. Get the recipe.

Mini Chicken and Waffles

Guaranteed crowd pleaser. Get the recipe.

Mocha Milk …


DIY No-Sew Portable Travel Dinosaur Playmat with Free Printable Template

Disclosure: I was compensated by Oscar Mayer for this post and the creation of this kit. I was not swayed in any way by compensation! As always, I


Linkitz: Wearable, Code-able Toys for Girls by Lyssa Neel, Ph.D.

Linkitz empowers girls to explore technology and build endless amazing creations.

10 Other Mother’s Days from Around the World

After her mother passed away in 1905, Anna Jarvis resolved to dedicate a day to her mother, and mothers everywhere. Little did she know, and …

My Incredible Body Lets Kids Explore Their Body Anatomy

The Scary Link Between Kids’ Sleep and Mental Health

Small children and sleep problems often seem to be synonymous—and the typical advice (and hope) it that “this too shall pass.” But serious sleep …