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Not only do we love this short promo by Animade

Not only do we love this short promo by for Marion Deuchars’ book Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art, but we like the book, too. In the tradition of Ed Emberley, Deuchars inspires kids (and adults) to invent their own creatures using inky and imaginative fingertips. Enjoy a few more of their animated commercials:…

Henry Marsh’s “Do No Harm” - The New Yorker

For the schoolteacher, the changes had come slowly. First, his walking had grown unsteady; then his hearing had worsened. He had become stooped, and …

The Brain

Screen time v play time: what tech leaders won't let their own kids do

When a technology journalist suggested to Steve Jobs, in 2010, that his children must have loved the just-released iPad, he replied flatly: “They haven’t used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at home.” His former righthand man, Jonathan Ive, whose design for the iPad is so simple that …


These Two Inseparable Sisters Show Love Knows No Bounds

In this heartwarming series called Barely Different, photographer and mom Anna Larson captures her two young daughters at play to show that love has no boundaries. Anna has three children, two of whom are biological and one who was adopted from Ethiopia five years ago. Saying that she "always had a …


9 Fun and Delicious Recipes Kids Will Love

Easy and fun recipes kids (and adults) will love.

Biscuit Doughnuts

The easiest (and prettiest) doughnut recipe ever. Get the recipe.

Mini Tortillas

Homemade tortillas kick the store bought kind to the curb. Get the recipe.

Mini Chicken and Waffles

Guaranteed crowd pleaser. Get the recipe.

Mocha Milk …


DIY No-Sew Portable Travel Dinosaur Playmat with Free Printable Template

Disclosure: I was compensated by Oscar Mayer for this post and the creation of this kit. I was not swayed in any way by compensation! As always, I


Linkitz: Wearable, Code-able Toys for Girls

Linkitz is a new way for girls to explore technology and coding. It's a set of electronic components, or links, that snap together in different …

Friendship Bracelet

10 Other Mother’s Days from Around the World

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After her mother passed away in 1905, Anna Jarvis resolved to dedicate a day to her mother, and mothers everywhere. Little did she …

Anna Jarvis

My Incredible Body Lets Kids Explore Their Body Anatomy


The Scary Link Between Kids’ Sleep and Mental Health

Small children and sleep problems often seem to be synonymous—and the typical advice (and hope) it that “this too shall pass.” But serious sleep …


Flower Petal Stained Glass Door :: A Spring Flower Craft

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We have a new “stained glass” front door!

This one is made with contact paper and flower petals and may be my favorite yet plus it is …


Glue Art on Canvas with Watercolors

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We’ve been experimenting with various glue effects on canvas with watercolor art.

The first was an accident, really.

The girls and I …


30+ Adorable Photos Proving That Your Kids Need A Dog

Kids and dogs go together perfectly – they both love playing in the mud, eating things off the floor, and playing with you when you're tired. These …


Photographer Turns The Wildest Dreams Into Realities For Kids With Health Conditions

Shawn Van Daele once helped a little boy travel to outer space. A few weeks later, he swore in a young girl as the queen of Candy Land.

In his professional career, Van Daele, 37, has introduced a toddler to a giraffe, sent an adventurous child off to sea and turned more than one little girl into a …


Why your husband doesn't seem to care about your day

In the Battle of the Sexes, if memory is key then women win hands of hippocampus down. Women's brains have a larger hippocampus area than men. This …

The Brain

MARVEL AVENGERS Super Hero Breakfast Set | My Cupcake Addiction

Stand Up for Sleep-Deprived Students

It's no secret that teenagers love their sleep. A groggy high-schooler reaching for the snooze button is a morning ritual in my home, and many others across the country.

Here's what else is commonplace: Many middle and high schools across the country start the school day at 7:30 a.m. or earlier. For …


80 of the Best Kid-Friendly Recipes

Kids love macaroni and cheese, pizza, and lasagna, but the same old recipe gets boring for kids and adults. Mix things up with reinvented recipes and …


As Seen On 19 Kids and Counting: Jill Dillard’s ‘Favorite’ No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe

With her first child coming very soon, Jill Dillard must have other things on her mind than whipping up labor-intensive meals.
On Tuesday night’s 19 Kids and Counting, Dillard made one “one of her favorite cheesecakes” as part of a care package for her mother-in-law, Cathy Dillard, who was traveling …


Mix and Match Puzzles {Free Kids Printable}

6 adorable characters and 216 different combinations to make them with these mix and match puzzles!

Mix and match puzzles will keep the kids busy for …


How to Turn Tissue Paper into Personalized Photo Presents for Mom

We’ve been asking for years, and all Moms want are pictures of their favorite people to keep forever. And we don’t blame them! Who doesn’t love personalized photo gifts? Remember when we showed you how to personalize candles with printed pattern tissue? Well, we’re going to use this same printed …

What’s It Like to Be the Neighbor of a “Free-Range Kid”?

The Meitiv family of Maryland—scientists Danielle and Alexander, their 10-year-old son, and their 6-year-old daughter—became the national faces of …


The Real Benefit of Bring Your Kids to Work Day: They'll See Mom Fight


Are you the same person at work as you are at home? Of course not. But your kids don't know this.

Thursday is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, and, should this year's be like others, around 37 million parents will bring their kids to work with them.

When the Ms. Foundation …

The Problem With No-Share Parenting

A child who is 3 or 4 can be conditioned to share, to empathize, and to be generous

Don’t force your toddler to share. In fact, don’t encourage it all. It’s not even good for your child. Parents who insist that their kids “take turns” and give up their toys to other children on the playground are …


Hefty's new ads for partying moms: hilarious and literally on fleek

If you don’t speak teen or tween, you may need a dictionary—but you’ll also get to see mothers in a different role.

I’m the mother of a tween. Which means—by definition—I don’t always understand what she’s saying. (And the stuff I do understand—like, “I was LITERALLY dying,” literally makes me want …


The Struggle To Reclaim Parenting

Is it too late to get back what we’ve lost?

In spring 2011, I was arrested for allowing my son, then 4, to wait in a car with the windows open for a few minutes. Since then, I’ve become unfortunately all too well-versed in the debates around the over-policing of parenting, so a few weeks ago, when I …


37 Photos that Prove Little Kids SUCK at Hide and Seek

Yesterday, I posted the photo below of Mazzy hiding in the worst possible hiding spot during a very unchallenging game of “Hide and Seek”.

She’s five. …


New Moms Aren't Asking for Help Like They Used To; Here's Why

The majority of first-time moms feel like they can't share their problems with family and friends, and some are blaming social media.


A …