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An Open Letter to Daughters Whose Dad Failed Them

To the daughters whose dad failed them,

It’s not your fault.

You are worthy of love. Real love, I’m going to be here no matter what you do or where …


Artists Bring Kids' Imaginary Friends to Life (and it's Only a Little Creepy)

The beauty of an imaginary friend is that they can be anything you want them to be. In the minds of creative tykes, a living, breathing, eight-foot …


President Obama Launches Initiative To Bring Computer Science To All Students

The Computer Science for All Initiative would provide funding for states and school districts to bring computer science to the classroom.

In his final State Of The Union address earlier this month, President Obama called for providing hands-on computer science classes for all students to make them …

Computer Science

Sago Mini Babies

• By: Sago Sago

Introducing the Sago Mini babies. Boys and girls love caring for these adorable characters. Feed Robin her favorite mush, play dress-up …

Barbie, Now in More Shapes

When it comes to Barbie’s body, it won’t be one size fits all.

On Thursday, Mattel unveiled curvy, petite and tall versions of its fashion doll, whose unrealistically thin shape has attracted criticism for decades. The three body types will also come in an assortment of skin tones, eye color and …


Gawker CEO Nick Denton on Facebook Instant Articles: It's better than 'the ad tech mess'

Gawker Media owner Nick Denton appears to have performed a complete u-turn on his view toward Facebook Instant Articles.

Facebook Instant Articles allow publishers to select certain articles to appear in their entirety on the Facebook mobile app in return for a "10 times" faster load time, and for …


What 'New School' Bullying Looks Like, and What We Can Do About it

Recently at the park my kids were the target of an older boy hurling sticks and calling them profanities.

On the way home in the car, my adolescent son explains how, while they tried their best to "deal with it," they were ducking some fairly large sticks, one of which almost clocked him in the …

Internet Safety

Report: ‘Star Wars’ toymakers were ‘specifically directed’ to exclude Rey

According to an industry insider, the dearth of Rey merchandise for The Force Awakens was no accident — it was an intentional decision.The inside …

Science Fiction

10 Things All Moms Should Do Every Day

I don't know about you, but my days are nuts. I am everything from CEO to short-order cook. Too often, I get caught up in the details of the day and lose sight of the things that make each day worthwhile. I suspect you do too, as the plight of the over-committed mom remains an epidemic.

So, as I …


17 DIY Projects That Will Make You Say "Why Didn't I Think of That?"


Make a Secret Bookshelf Stash for Hiding Valuables With Some Old Binders

Hiding your valuables is a great way to protect them. Even if someone breaks into your home, they may not get away with the goods. This clever hiding …

Cool Stuff

The Most Fabulous Vacation Villa in Tobago: Villa Being

Misleading headline alert: I do indeed deem Villa Being the most fabulous villa on the Caribbean island of Tobago. But in fact the uber-chic property actually feels not like one villa but many—a collection of marvelous mini-homes that seem to have miraculously sprouted in the hills of a lush …

Trinidad and Tobago



13 Good Luck Recipes to Help You Start the New Year Off Right

The New Year is a time for fresh starts and big-time planning. No matter how motivated you are to tackle your totally achievable food #goals, you could always use a little extra luck on your side in 2016. That’s where these 13 recipes come into play. Each one is considered lucky in some way — from …

How to Use a Fog Machine to Deter Burglars

A burglar breaks into your house. Even though the alarm has sounded and alerted police, he reasons that he has two minutes to grab your valuables and …

Cool Stuff

Jennifer Niven's top 10 teen books to save your life

What I love most about books is they remind us we’re not alone. When I was an only child transplanted to landlocked Indiana from the shores of southern Maryland in the United States – a torture akin to, say, moving to Mars – I discovered Judy Blume. In Maryland, I had danced and painted and written …

Five learning apps that make homework fun

Here are five learning apps recommended by teachers to help parents help their child to keep up (or even get ahead).

Education Technology

Popsicle Stick Dolls - that Ice-Skate!

Popsicle Stick Dolls – that Ice-Skate!

Do you have extra craft sticks lying around and wondering what to do with them? Remember the mollymoo popsicle


The Rise of Urban Public Boarding Schools

They’re designed to provide extra attention to students who suffer from trauma. But are they worth all the extra taxpayer dollars?

WASHINGTON—The founding Monument Academy teachers and staff knew that running a 24-hour school for children who’ve survived trauma and violence would be difficult.

They …


'Sharenting': The long-awaited arrival of equal parenting

The other day I got up at 6am, kissed my husband Tom and five-year-old son Max goodbye, before heading off to Paris with a friend. I was free as a bird for 24 hours. It was a Friday so Max had school, needed a packed lunch and had an after-school play date before the usual bath and bedtime …


How to draw... a whopper

Children: Classic Fiction Genre - Page #1

Charles Lamb, an English essayist was best known for his essays of Elia and children's book Tales from Shakespeare, shares with us the legendary …

Best Free Reading Apps for Kids

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Image courtesy of Aperturismo / CC

Six apps for new reader fun

These free reading apps for kids make it a joy to get your children …

20 Ways to Decorate Your Entire Home With Twinkle Lights


Khan Academy


Hour of Drawing with Code

Learn how to program drawings using JavaScript by designing your very own snowman. Try it on your own or with your …

Hopscotch: Hour of Code Edition. Make games! Learn to code. Coding made easy!

• By: Hopscotch Technologies

Doing Hour of Code? You've come to the right place!
This award-winning app lets you make your own games and publish them …

The Foos Coding 5+ | Make games! Kids learn programming logic. Free

• By: codeSpark

Welcome to The Foos, the #1 global platform for making your own games and learning to code. Join millions of players from 153 …

MOM HACKS | Arts & Crafts (ep. 2)

10 DIY Holiday Ornaments Kids Can Help You Make

Looking for a great way to unplug and enjoy some quality time with your kids this holiday season? Pull out your craft supplies and get inspired by …

The 2015 Christmas List of Best STEM Toys for your little nerds and nerdettes

My 8 year old (recently 7, they grow so fast) asked recently, "are we nerds yet?" Being a nerd doesn't have the negative stigma it once did. A nerd …