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6 Apps To Save Time While Doing Stuff Around The House

Getting things done around the house — you have your ideal goals set for getting everything done, but the reality is that not everything gets done. …


I really love my daughter, but I'm not supposed to talk about that

When my daughter was 5 months old, we went to visit my husband’s family. A cousin shifted my daughter into her arms, and we gazed down at my baby’s sea storm eyes, her chick’s fluff of hair. “She’s beautiful,” the cousin said. “Don’t you just want to throw her out the window sometimes?”

In fact, I …


A self-published book that knocked our socks off.

We see a lot of self-published books at the store. All are by people passionate about their creations and hopeful they will find a broad audience. …


Kurio Smart Windows Tablet For Kids Unveiled By KD Interactive (video)

A new tablet called the Kurio Smart, has been unveiled that offers a Windows 2-in-1 system that has been specifically designed for children and …


New Mom Touched By Stranger's Act Of Kindness On Flight

It was a small gesture with a big impact.

While on her way to see her husband, Rebekka Garvison became stressed while traveling on a plane with her baby. Then, a kind stranger surprised her.

The new mom from Kalamazoo, Michigan planned a trip to Fort Rucker, Alabama to surprise her husband, who is in …


16 Parenting Hacks For Hassle-Free Parenting

9. Sneak Alarm.

via Pinterest: Frankie Johnson

Whether it be for a teenager wanting to sneak out to that party or for a child wanting to sneak in a few …


What are you reading with your child this month? September

Become a Guardian children’s books family reviewer and review the best picture books you are reading with your child right now.

Why not take a photo of the cover – or even a child’s drawing inspired by the book – and click the blue button to upload it to this assignment, along with a short(ish) …


10 Ways Teens Are Hiding Their Online Behavior from Parents

According to security company McAfee, most parents don’t actually know the real online behavior of their teens.


Remember the slogan from those old …

Parenting Teens

Why this super-honest photo of a new mom and her baby is going viral

Being pregnant is a whirlwind. Your body goes through so many changes, and you’re so excited to have life growing inside of you, but simultaneously …


IKEA Hack - Kura Bed with slide and secret room

A 6 year old girl give her mom a wake up calls a lesson of life after her parents been divorced

The Heartbreak of Digitally-Preoccupied Parenting

As a child psychologist, I often meet with children who confess that they feel empty inside because their parents ignore them in favor of their smartphones. Thankfully, these kids typically give me permission to speak with their parents about their feelings. When I do talk with these parents, most …


25 Parents Share The Parenting Hacks They Can’t Live Without

It takes a village — and some genius hacks — to raise a child.

We asked followers of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the parenting hack they could not live without:

1. Raise the triangles on the sides of a juice box to make it easier for little kids to lift.

“No more spilling juice everywhere …


70% of Rich Families Lose Their Wealth by the Second Generation

A little honesty might help preserve the family fortune.

When Stephen Lovell used to visit his grandparents as a kid, it was like entering the world of Cole Porter or The Great Gatsby.

People dressed in tuxedos and sipped cocktails. They owned boats, airplanes, a hobby farm. Not to mention a lavish …


10 Expert Tips You Didn't Know About Getting Your Teenager To Open Up

“The days are long but the years are short.”

Whoever said it first deserves a high five because -- yep -- that sums parenting up in a nutshell.

And the days are particularly long in the beginning; while the years are particularly short once your “child” approaches adulthood -- otherwise known as the …


'Play This Video Game And Call Me In The Morning'

I'm driving through a frozen world, where the roads are paved in ice. As I swerve left to avoid a miniature iceberg, a red fish flashes at the top of my screen. I'm supposed to tap all the red fish that pop up, but not the green fish or the blue. And I have to do this without crashing the car.

An …

Public Broadcasters

16 of the Coolest Playgrounds in the World

The modern playground is, to be honest, sort of boring. The bright-colored, safety-engineered plastic of cookie-cutter prefabricated jungle gyms …

Adobe Photoshop for Kids!

Kirk Nelson17 days ago29 Jun 2015367 shares

Teach kids how to use Adobe Photoshop layers and masks in this fun tutorial aimed at a younger …

Web Design for Kids - Tuts+ Web Design Tutorials

Joni Trythall27 May 201527 May 2015361 shares

Welcome to Tuts+ Town, where everybody loves web design! In this series we will learn all about …

Web Design

This Mombods Comic Shows What Pregnancy And Birth Is Really Like

Who needs dadbods when mombods can literally create people?

When artist Rebecca Roher’s friend became pregnant, Roher learned a lot of new things about the female body. “We’re very close so she told me all the gory details she wouldn’t necessarily tell other people,” Roher told BuzzFeed News.

“When …


13 Ideas for a Kid Party Adults Will Want to Attend Too

Planning a kid’s party can be challenging. They’re past the baby stage and suddenly have an opinion about everything from the invitations to the activities and even the party favors. But don’t let that discourage you. Instead, put those opinions to good use by inspiring your little maker to help …

24 Beautifully Personalized Homework Stations For Kids Infusing Creativity

April 26, 2015 • by Codreanu Andreea • DIY Projects, Ideas • No Comments

A highly organized home can help you transcend this healthy attitude to your …

Life-Saving Invention Could Keep Babies Safe From Hot Car Tragedies

Each year, an average of 38 children die from heat-related causes after being left alone in cars, according to research from child safety organization Kids And Cars.

This sad statistic was a motivating force behind a Rice University project that could help prevent hot car tragedies in the future. A …


Build an automata caterpillar + more paper engineering projects with templates from robives:

Build an automata caterpillar + more paper engineering projects with templates from robives:

Simple Rainbow Smoothie Recipe

Last week, we finally had a stretch of mild days bathed in spring sunshine. The kids were happy — their cheeks sporting the rosy glow that comes from …


1 in 5 'catfish' parents have made a fake social media account to spy on their kids

One in five UK parents have made a fake social media account to spy on their kids, a new survey has revealed.

The research by …

Social Media

Parents can be 'too nice' to their children, neurologist warns

Psychosomatic conditions like chronic pain, seizures or even paralysis are not only triggered by trauma but also can too much love and attention

Parents should not be overly indulgent with their children when they are ill as it sets up a pattern which can lead to psychosomatic conditions in later …

This Dad Is Calling Out Every Parent Who Humiliates Their Kid Online As Punishment

“Good parenting starts before he even gets to the point of being out of control.”

A dad from Florida is blowing up on Facebook after making a video calling out parents who post videos publicly humiliating their children online.

The video posted Wednesday by Wayman Gresham had 16 million views as of …


All Screens Are Not Created Equal

Recently, Taiwanese lawmakers approved the “Child and Youth Welfare and Protection Act,” making it illegal for children under the age of 18 to use electronic devices for excessive periods of time.

In the United States, we don’t have legislation restricting screen time, but organizations like the …