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#ShareYourselfHappy Spreads the Love of Sharing

by Tolani Moibi, Community Manager at Compare and Share

Car Sharing

Enjoyment motivates people to participate in the sharing economy

Aug. 23, 2015 — Despite having only about 5 percent of the world's population, the United States was the attack site for a disproportionate 31 …


How Does Sharing Economy Disrupt the Travel Industry?

Sharing Economy

Bye, Bye Capitalism. We’re Entering the Age of Abundance.

The old model of unwieldy behemoths is giving way to a new one of collaboration. Welcome to the world of Peers.

Compare the phone you had as a kid to …


Lessons from Seoul’s Two Sharing Economies

As a Fulbright grantee, I spent part of the last year researching the sharing economy in Seoul. One of my main findings? Korea actually has two.

The first is small-scale, hyper local and socialist in flavor. This first “sharing Seoul” is largely supported by the Seoul Metropolitan government, and …


9 Gig Economy Startups Offer an Alternative to a Side Job

When the bills are piling up, many people feel like they need to take second and even third jobs to make ends meet. This is no way to live your life. …


Is 2016 the year of the "Uber Election"?

We’re on the cusp of the 2016 election and the media has already given a name to the fray: The Uber Election.

OK, a car service isn’t exactly the …


Rocket Hub and Ovation Team Up to Bring Crowdfunding to TV

There are hundreds of online crowdfunding platforms, but this fall, crowdfunding gets a new platform: television.

Crowdfunding platform RocketHub, which was recently acquired by entrepreneur network EFactor for $15 million, has partnered with independent network Ovation TV to launch a TV special …


Made with Creative Commons: A Book on Open Business Models

by Paul Stacey, Associate Director of Global Learning, Creative CommonsBusiness has always benefited from the Commons. Air, water, forests, pastures, …

Creative Commons

As "sharing economy" fades, these 2 phrases are likely to replace it

“Sharing economy” is a popular but inaccurate way to describe services like Uber and Airbnb. The chart below suggests what will replace it.

Not everyone is a fan of the “sharing economy” – the expression that is. While many in the tech industry and the media still use it to refer to platforms like …


Uber’s problems could send shockwaves through the on-demand economy

Uber’s battles with regulation and disregard for local laws governing the running of its service are not new.

Whether that’s casually disregarding the threat of fines (or worse) in France or working closely with authorities in places like India to get the service back up and running following the …

UK Economy

A New Class Of Worker Could Fix The On-Demand Economy

The rise of the on–demand economy has presented difficult questions for both employers and employees. It’s not uncommon to see stories about the series of legal and regulatory challenges Uber is facing. Through all of these legal and moral difficulties, the debate remains the same: Should …


Republicans and Democrats Face 2016 Challenge With On-Demand Economy

Uber is God! Uber is the Devil! Uber is … a transportation network provider! Political sloganeering continues today – the art of transforming complex policy issues to four words or less has hardly been lost in the Twitter age – but it will have immense influence this year in tech circles as …


The Gig Economy Goes Mainstream

As Freelancers Union Founder and Executive Director, Sara Horowitz is an innovator for tomorrow's workforce. You can catch up with her on Twitter at


Clinton’s Big Speech Leaves Uber and Airbnb’s Future in Limbo

Hillary Clinton just laid out her economic agenda and her ambiguous statements about companies like Uber and Airbnb leaves the entire sharing economy …


The Rise Of The Gig Worker In The Sharing Economy

I’ve ridden in the backseat of many Uber drivers’ cars. Sometimes we exchange lively banter, other times we sit silently as I check email on my phone. There is not one driver that stands out, but rather a composite driver that I feel I’ve met a hundred times.

When in the midst of friendly banter, …

Sharing Economy

The WE-economy: Value Creation in the Age of Networks

Underlying the collaborative economy are a handful of very strong and general trends that are challenging the conventional business models in just …

Value Propositions

A City View Of The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is growing and impacting cities. Collaborative consumption feeds into, and off of, desires for immediate gratification. With “on-demand everything” the way of the present and future, the need for comprehensive and accurate data is paramount.

Service efficiency and on-demand …


Why Mindsharing is the Superpower of the Crowd Economy

A Shared Future, A Global Economy Of Haves And Servants

Editor’s note: Max Wolff is an economist and investment strategist who is the managing partner and chief economist at Manhattan Venture Partners. Previously, he has served as the chief economist at a leading financial technology and investment firm.

Many high-flying companies are pushing logistics, …


Be A Winning Entrepreneur In The New Sharing Economy

The pervasive ability and need to communicate constantly and globally through the Internet and smartphones is incenting everyone to get more out of …


New Report Highlights Disruptive Potential of Sharing Movement

An April 2015 publication from PricewaterhouseCoopers investigates the potential market impacts of the for-profit sharing economy. (New York Post)

Sharing Economy

Spain's CIC Tries to Build a New Economy from the Ground Up

Top image: Enric Duran. Article and image cross-posted from and

Spanish Economy

Seats2meet Global Conference Explores the Future of Coworking

Top image: Seats2Meet Utrecht.

Seats2Meet, a fast-growing Dutch free coworking company, held their global conference March 23 - 24 in Utrecht, …

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Hoffice Turns Your Apartment Into A Free—And Incredibly Productive—Coworking Space

Tired of not seeing another face all day when you work at home? Then invite some company.

Working at home has obvious perks, but typing in bed in your pajamas isn't necessarily quite as productive as sitting in an office. A new Swedish project aims to help freelancers find it easier to get things …

Why These Coworking Spaces In Train Stations Let You Pay In "Social Capital"

Is the free coworking space that's giving 80,000 people desks in vacant areas of schools, hospitals, and train stations the future of work?

[Photo: Flickr user Sebastiaan ter Burg]

Steps from the Utrecht Centraal Railway Station in the Netherlands, through a dizzying mall of winding pathways dense …

This Startup's Mission: A 3-D Printer in Every Home

Steve Schell balances a pair of purple 3-D-printed statuettes of his daughter, Chloe, in his open palms, just about the only parts of his athletic forearms that aren’t elaborately tattooed.

Each hard plastic bust of Chloe reflects a hard-won forward leap in the year-long evolution of Schell’s …


The Sharing Economy Is On The Brink Of Disrupting Business Travel

Editor’s note: Dan Ruch is the founder and CEO of Rocketrip.

The foundations of the business-travel ecosystem are under more strain than ever before. U.S. companies are projected to spend $310 billion on business travel in 2015 (up 6.2 percent from last year), but how they spend that money has become …

Sharing Economy

What’s the Impact of the Alternative Economy? Researchers Find Out

Top image: The shared cheese cellar at Jasper Hill Farm. Article and image cross-posted from Yes! Magazine. Authored by Eban Goodstein and Robin