Sharing Economy: Collaborative Consumption

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Yesterday’s “plastics” are today’s crypto tokens

If the Braddocks were throwing a pool party today, their son Ben wouldn’t be contemplating a career in plastics; he’d know the future is in crypto tokens.<p><b>Mr. McGuire:</b> I want to say one word to you. Just one word.<b>Ben:</b> Yes, sir.<b>Mr. McGuire:</b> Are you listening?<b>Ben:</b> Yes, I am.<b>Mr. McGuire:</b> Plastics.<b>Ben:</b> …


The Embassy Network's Successful and Multi-Faceted Approach to Shared Living

Communal housing is not just for students anymore. The Embassy Network, a collective of shared houses across North America, Latin America, and …

Decentralized energy is the future – and it’s closer than you think (part two)

<b>In my last post I looked at some of the technologies that are ushering in the decentralized energy revolution, such as cheap solar power, home</b> …

Social Good Summit 2016 saw its biggest global audience yet

“We set out to start a conversation, and with the power of your voices, we've started a movement."<p>These words from Mashable founder and CEO Pete Cashmore not only helped kick off the seventh-annual Social Good Summit on Sept. 18, but they remained a common thread throughout the summit's two days, …

Sustainable Development Goals

Toward Post-Capitalist Cities? Reporting Back From The Global Social Economy Forum 2016

<i>Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon addresses the GSEF Plenary. Photo credit: Arnau Cunties Photographe. Article and images cross-posted from New Economy</i> …


WeWork is bringing its ‘WeLive’ communal living concept to Seattle

WeWork will take the entirety of a planned office and residential tower being developed by Martin Selig Real Estate to bring its new WeLive co-living …

Barcelona en Comú's Guide to Urban Revolution Stresses Shared Priorities over Party Politics

<i>Mortgage activist and Barcelona en Comú spokeswoman Ada Colau won the city's 2015 mayoral election. (Barcelona en Comú / Flickr)</i>


Bigger than Starbucks? Forecasting the Future of Coworking

Coworking started as a small, fringe movement of people who wanted to work independently, but within a community. A decade later, that movement has …


10 Ways to Accelerate the Peer-to-Peer and Commons Economy

<i>Photo credit: spDuchamp via / CC BY.</i>Let’s engage in a way to produce goods and create value that is free, fair, and sustainable! What is …


Most Americans Don’t Know About Ride-Sharing and the ‘Gig Economy’

A new Pew report finds only 15% of adults have used ride-hailing services and only 6% have had their groceries delivered<p>If you think ride-sharing and the gig economy are taking over the world, you might be living in a bubble. New research from the Pew Research Center shows that ride-hailing and …

Gig Economy

Look Out, Coworking. Here Comes Big Money

When a small group of coworking enthusiasts gathered in Austin, Texas in 2008, they knew they were on to something special. They couldn’t have known, …

Los Angeles

New Book Gives Rare Insider View of Sharing City Seoul

A new ebook from Creative Commons Korea (CC Korea) provides an insider’s view into Sharing City, Seoul, a pioneering, city-wide sharing initiative.

Creative Commons

Platform Cooperativism: A Global Movement on the Rise

Last November, the Platform Cooperativism conference -- a coming out party for the cooperative Internet -- took place in New York City, initiated by …

New York City

Embracing the sharing economy for growth in China

China‘s track record for economic growth has been impressive in the last several decades, with China accounting for up to one-third of global growth in recent years.<p>However, China is slowly transitioning from a manufacturing-reliant economy to one focused more on services, with the service sector …

Sharing Economy

New Report: Platform Cooperativism as an Alternative to the For-profit Sharing Economy

<i>Commuting by Uber in San Francisco. (Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures / Flickr)</i>


The gig economy as a driver of innovation

If you are reading this article, chances are you have taken an Uber, are familiar with Upwork and maybe even sold something on Etsy. Business models that fall under the “gig economy” umbrella have been proven for business-to-consumer and peer-to-peer markets because they make it possible to …


Life hacks of the freelance economy

The stakes are high for freelancers in America—no job security or benefits. Yet many 1099 workers have chosen the risk (pdf) for its freedom and flexibility.<p>It’s estimated that 53 million Americans are part of the independent workforce, and this number is growing.<p>“Entrepreneurship is a constant …

Sharing Economy

The Cheating Economy

Could the rise of Uber-style disruption pose a risk to education?Continue reading on Medium »


The Sharing Age

Imagine the possibilities of a world in which we are able to make trusted connections between a near-infinite number of people. A world in which transaction costs, time and distance are reduced to almost nil. A world that is instantly available from a smartphone, anywhere, anytime.<p>This global …


Citizen Science Projects Could Challenge Authority of Orthodox Science

<i>Photo: Guoyunhebrave. Cross-posted from the London School of Economics.</i>

London School of Economics

Uber for welfare

A bold proposal to use the “gig economy” to reboot the safety net.<p>In this presidential cycle, the “gig economy” has been under attack, notably from Democrats like Hillary Clinton, who said that it is “raising hard questions about workplace protections and what a good job will look like in the …

Sharing Economy

Can Fractional Car Ownership Work?

A couple of weeks ago, Ford Motor Company somewhat quietly announced that next month, it’s beginning a leasing pilot program in Austin that will enable three to six people to lease a Ford Vehicle together.<p>It’s not alone in thinking about fractional car ownership. Audi is similarly trying out a …


The Freelancer Generation: Why Startups And Enterprises Need To Pay Attention

Gone are the days of the 40-hour work week that kept us at work eight hours a day (I find that most startup founders or business owners in Silicon Valley work 50-60 hours a week).<p>Freelancing is becoming the accepted norm of the startup world. As more startups are starting to use the millions of …

Small Business

Study Finds that Coworking Offers Big Benefits to Entrepreneurs

What are the benefits of coworking aside from free coffee, fast wifi, and a desk? Those of us who cowork sense that there are immense benefits to …


The On-Demand, Sharing And Gig Economies Never Existed, So Stop Pretending They Did

Words are impactful. They may not break your bones, as the saying goes, but they do guide the way we all think, debate, decide and act.<p>When it comes to the words we use to define our industry — the one commonly referred to as the “on-demand,” “sharing” or “gig” economy — we must choose more …

Sharing Economy

How a Network of Platform Co-op Accelerators Could Support Sharing Cities

<i>Top image: Arenas Barcelona. Photo credit: Don McCullough / / CC BY-NC.</i>


We Must Protect the On-Demand Economy to Protect the Future of Work

Author: Oisin Hanrahan. Oisin Hanrahan Business<p>Date of Publication: 11.09.15.<p>Time of Publication: 12:53 pm. 12:53 pm<p>When people talk about …

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