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The Sharing Economy Is On The Brink Of Disrupting Business Travel

Editor’s note: Dan Ruch is the founder and CEO of Rocketrip.

The foundations of the business-travel ecosystem are under more strain than ever before. U.S. companies are projected to spend $310 million on business travel in 2015 (up 6.2 percent from last year), but how they spend that money has become …

Sharing Economy

What’s the Impact of the Alternative Economy? Researchers Find Out

Top image: The shared cheese cellar at Jasper Hill Farm. Article and image cross-posted from Yes! Magazine. Authored by Eban Goodstein and Robin


Millennials Insist The Future Will Be Shared

Editor’s note: Mike Montgomery is the executive director of CALinnovates.

What happens when 80-year-old laws meet 21st-century millennial? We’re about to find out. In California, the state Department of Motor Vehicles threatened the future of ride sharing by dusting off a 1930s law that requires …


Sharing Is Everything But Caring In The Sharing Economy

Editor’s Note: Christopher O. Hernæs is Vice President of Strategy, Innovation and Analysis of SpareBank 1 Group, Norway’s second largest financialinstitution. He was previously a partner at Core Group, where he worked with strategy development and innovation for Technology, Media, Telecom and

Sharing Economy

Barcelona, the travel startup boom & the rise of peer-to-peer

Photo credit:

Guest post written by Natalie Batlle, Steven Douglas and Emily Elwes, Trip4Real

Barcelona: A sharing city on the rise, …

Europe Travel

Crowdfunding in Singapore: One Step Closer to People Powered Investments

A famous ancient poet Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the

Airbnb Opens Doors to a Wealth of New Startups

Airbnb Opens Doors to a Wealth of New StartupsHow does Airbnb use data to drive growth of not only their company, but a wealth of new companies …


Bitcoin, Burning Man And The Gifting Economy

Bitcoin was a terrible investment this year, but that hasn’t stopped non-profits from asking for them anyway. Wikipedia, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Khan Academy and now even Burning Man will take those bitcoins off your hands in the form of a tax-deductible donation.

While this won’t get you a …

Burning Man

Owning is the New Sharing

Image from's post, "Don't Build a Better Mousetrap. Change the Business …


Collaborative Economy: A Transformative Lens, Not a Start-Up Trend

“What do you think are the myths around the collaborative economy?” is a question I rarely get asked. My hunch is that because my work is dedicated …


New Documentary Celebrates Amsterdam as a Sharing City

Around the world, sharing cities are being created. Sparked, in part, by Shareable’s Sharing Cities Network, the sharing cities movement, with its …


Coworking in Riga - Latvia

Latvia is a Northern European country that keeps welcoming you, no matter what you are after – culture, nature or business. It is also a place where …


The Sharing Economy, Explained [Infographic]

While the sharing economy has its roots in peer-to-peer platforms Craigslist and eBay, the industry really took off in the aftermath of the 2008 …

Sharing Economy

I ate crickets because they're the future of food

The morning after I visited Next Millennium Farms, my digestive system expelled its first cricket exoskeleton. There it was, floating on the water’s edge of my hotel room toilet: a translucent thoracic shell with three legs still attached. Presumably, the others got lost in the gastrointestinal …


New Report Explores Unifying the New Economy Movement

The new economy has several different names including the sharing economy, the solidarity economy, community resilience, transition, the oppositional …

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How Makers are Transforming the Economy [Infographic]

The maker movement is in full swing. It offers people the means, inspiration and community to make rather than buy goods. Due to the growing …


New Wiki Will Help You Grow a Better Garden

Top image: Rory Aronson at TEDx UCLA. Article cross-posted from


Why Copenhagen Can Become Europe’s Crowd Capital

The city of Copenhagen is making a public call to citizens, companies and government to make the transition to the new, connected and inclusive …


Trendy Open Office Coworking Is Blocking Productivity

This coworking series is sponsored by .CO. We thank them for their support!

In the last few years, we’ve seen a surge of coworking spaces everywhere, …


Growing the Open Food Revolution

The open food movement has been developing at a pace in recent months through projects like the Australian-based Open Food Network, a free and open …

United Kingdom

The Future Of Work In The Sharing Economy With Esther Dyson, Ron Conway and John Hennessy

We share our cars, homes, even our genetics these days but what does this all mean for workers and micro-entrepreneurs?

Bloomberg’s The Next Big Thing Conference kicked off at Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, Calif., this morning with Ron Conway, Esther Dyson and John Hennessy discussing just that …

Ron Conway

From Social Media to the Sharing Economy: The Three Drivers of Business Disruption

First we went wild about social media disrupting the world of business communications and media. Then the Sharing Economy sprang up and we talked …

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'Sharing' Is Not An Economy - But Renting Is - The Disruptive Power Of A True Sharing Network

The article "The Case Against Sharing" by Susie Cagle is a good vehicle for her cartoons and a soft critique of the "sharing economy" based on the …

Sharing Economy

FLOOW2 goes “business park sharing”

There are numerous peer-to-peer collaborative economy services. However, there are also opportunities arising for companies and Floow2 is doing just …


New Documentary Explores the Rise of Urban Ag in the U.S.

When long-time friends Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette returned home to Omaha, Nebraska, after college, they realized that their city -- despite …


John Collison: Sharing Economy Growing Pains Make Way for Bigger Opportunities - The Accelerators - WSJ

It seems you can’t say the words “sharing economy” anymore without finding yourself in a debate on the industry’s long-term viability, fractious disputes and ongoing regulatory obstacles.

There’s a mismatch between the bricks-and-mortar world and interconnected, Internet-first services cropping up. …


Ryan Smith: Sharing Economy Fuels Spirit of Disruption - The Accelerators - WSJ

Ever since I was a kid the “sharing economy” has intrigued me. I was always fascinated with pawnshops and ticket scalping. I’d even dumpster dive as a teenager outside student apartments for textbooks that could be sold back to the university for cash.

So you see, collaborative consumption isn’t a …


Infographic: Bike Sharing Sweeps the U.S.

Top image credit: drpavloff / Foter / CC BY-NC 2.0. Infographic from PeopleForBikes.

Bike Lanes

Noah Ready-Campbell: The Sharing Economy’s Dirty Little Secret - The Accelerators - WSJ

Want some real talk? The sharing economy isn’t actually about sharing. The buyer doesn’t care if they’re sharing, renting, bartering or buying — so long as they get what they want at a good price. And the seller just wants to make some cash, preferably without working too hard.

A Few Case …