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Kesha Helps Couple Get Engaged at Disney World

Count on Kesha!<p>Over the weekend, the singer helped another same-sex couple get one step closer to their dream of getting married when she assisted in …

Game of Thrones Actress Says the Show Rescued Her From Prostitution

Josephine Gillan opens up about her life before the show.<p><i>The Daily Mail</i> sat down with Josephine Gillan, an actress who made her debut on the second season of <i>Game of Thrones</i> playing newbie courtesan Marei being taught how to fake an orgasm.<p>Now, the 27-year-old has a bustling acting career on a hit …

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Mark Eliyahu - Journey

风筝 鲁迅 - 终点书栈

北京的冬季,地上还有积雪,灰黑色的秃树枝丫叉于晴朗的天空中,而远处有一二风筝浮动,在我是一种惊异和悲哀。<p>故乡的风筝时节,是春二月,倘听到沙沙的风轮声,仰头便能看见一个淡墨色的蟹风筝或嫩蓝色的蜈蚣风筝。还有寂寞的瓦片风筝,没有风轮,又放得很低,伶仃地显出憔悴可怜的模样。但此时地上的杨柳已经发芽,早的山 …


Something*s telling me it might be you<br>某事告诉我它可能是你<p>It*s telling me it might be you<br>它告诉我它可能是你<p><b>19、How Am I Supposed To Live Without you- MichaelBolton</b><p>Tell me …





文/南宫即墨,本文已获作者授权发布<p>这两天,热门上的两篇文章《农村的孩子不应该读太多书》、《农村的孩子应该多读书》引起了大家对农村孩子读书问题的讨论,坦白讲,我都只是粗略看了一遍,不想发表任何言论,但是因为长期和读书少的农村孩子打交道的缘故,我想聊聊他们的现状。<p>我是农村孩子,在我老家,有很多没怎么上过 …


Mikko Lagerstedt镜头下的星夜故事

最爱那碗羊肉泡馍 – 深夜谈吃

常去的书店附近有家陕西饭馆,门脸不大,共两层。师傅伙计服务员有十余人,全是老陕。无论到不到饭点,一楼总是人满为患,需斜着身子小心穿行。声嘶力竭是陕西饭馆的一大特色,从中可以看到老陕的憨态,但有时候也显得生意很好,人气很旺。<p>小炒比泡馍好吃,是综合了现代人的口味演变过来的,做法大致相同,仅仅加了几味素菜 …



清晨做好10件事 长命百岁不用愁


World's most colorful landscapes[1]

Four locations in China, the Danxia Landform in Gansu, the rice terraces in Yunnan, the Luoping basin canola flowers blanket, the Red Beach in Panjin …

Johann Sebastian Bach: English Suite No. 1 in A major, BWV 806 - II. Allemande


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Will Indonesia Be Ready for the Next Tsunami?

Ten years after catastrophic waves lashed Sumatra, Indonesia has rebuilt. But the risk of another devastating tsunami is high.<p>Ten years ago, one of the deadliest natural disasters in history killed 227,898 people in 14 countries around the Indian Ocean—nearly 170,000 of them in Indonesia.<p>It began …

【微信转抄前请联系本人】<p>不只衬衣,外装也是如此。我们先来看这对曾经的夫妻,离婚了所以第二张图就没在一起了:<p>衬衣来自西方,所以听他们的更靠谱(摘选&意译自Quora和Yahoo Answer):<b>总的来说,男人们扣子在右侧是为了动武,女人们扣子在左侧是为了养儿。另,今天仍然这样,是因为惯例一成,不易改。</b>(In general, we gleaned that European men tended to take their plumage cues from the military, while women's clothing arose out of domestic concerns. …

‘Tango Lovers’ tour creates sensation in US

Buenos Aires has long been regarded as the place that gave birth to the intimate dance the Tango. But Argentina’s neighbor Uruguay has a history of …

Scenes from Nepal

Nepal, the "Roof of the World", is home to 27 million people, eight of the world's ten tallest mountains, and a distinct and rich culture. Gathered here are scenes from around Nepal, of its landscape, its residents, and multiple Hindu festivals and traditions, gathered over the past few years.