Mastering Lightroom for Nature Photography

Lightroom is quite robust with the capability to import/save, view, organize, keyword, tag, edit, geotag, as well as share/export images. Visual Wilderness team share their favorite techniques and lessons learned using Lightroom’s Develop Module to edit their landscape images. From local to global adjustments, color correction, and filters, our articles provide simple, straight-forward, sage advice to empower creativity in the digital darkroom.

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Mastering Lightroom for Nature Photography


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    Lightroom TIPS and TECHNIQUES

    The articles below show how to analyze images and decide the best tools and techniques to create compelling landscape photography.

    3 Invaluable Lightroom Tips for Nature Photography

    3 Invaluable Lightroom Tips for Nature Photography

    Establishing a solid Lightroom workflow for nature photography can enormously reduce the amount of time you spend sorting and processing your photos. …

    Nature Photography Tutorials

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