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Charged with same crime, Iowa paper shows black suspects’ mug shots but whites get yearbook pics

An Iowa newspaper is accused of pro-white bias after it handled the same alleged crime between two different sets of suspects in radically different …


How Desus & Kid Mero Went From Twitter Cranks to Comedy's Hottest Duo

Bronx pair are finding their "couple homeboys chilling" vibe is connecting to a much bigger audience than ever

"Kids are fucking mean!" says the Kid Mero. The 30-year-old Bronx native, born Joel Martinez, recently translated buzz as a rambunctiously funny tweeter into multiple television-development …


Marvel Names "Southland" Producer Hodari Coker As "Luke Cage" Showrunner

Posted: 2 seconds ago


Brett White, Assistant Editor

Email …

Luke Cage

I Wasn't Prepared for the Horror Story That Is Online Dating While Black

I try to remind myself that no one ever said online dating would be a wholly pleasant experience. There is an inherent awkwardness that comes with entering the world of swipes and algorithms, and it's simply unavoidable.

I grew up and into an era during which the Internet has basically informed much …


Tidal's splashy debut comes with more style than substance

The buzzy new “artist-owned” streaming service, backed by rapper Jay Z and others, offers high-quality audio to subscribers. But it’s a crowded field.

The fanfare surrounding Jay Z’s $56 million acquisition of high-fidelity streaming music service Tidal reached its apex on Monday when the rapper, …


Sex, Lies, and Lawsuits

With their wealth and success, Buddy Fletcher and Ellen Pao’s story was a powerful American Dream narrative, a tale of obstacles overcome, brilliance, hard work, drive, and ambition rewarded. Now, they’re facing bankruptcy and fighting for their professional reputations. From Silicon Valley to Wall …

Kleiner Perkins

It's Time To Start Curving the Brim of Your Hat Again

In the '90s, curving the brim on one's baseball cap was a hallmark of angsty teen rebellion, though in recent memory uber-stiff flat brim snapbacks have become the dominant look amongst kids and headwear afficiandos alike. But now it seems that softer hats with broken-in brims are poised for a …


Jazz Pianist Robert Glasper on His Role in Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly    

Robert Glasper, shown here at the DC Jazz Festival, features on a number of tracks on Kendrick Lamar’s new album.
Photo by EVA HAMBACH/AFP/Getty …


Meerkat is dying – and it’s taking U.S. tech journalism with it

About three days after it received a lavish new funding round, Meerkat died an ugly and embarrassing death. It is hard to decide whether the Great …


BBC Orders Steve McQueen's "Epic" Drama Series on a Black Community in London, From 1968 to 2014

Over a year ago, in January 2014, Steve McQueen shared in an interview with the UK's Daily Mail, that he was working on a drama about the lives of …

Steve McQueen

Jay Z Is Relaunching His Music Streaming Site


Tidal, which the rapper recently bought for a reported $56 million, is relaunching with the support of music stars including Kanye West, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj.

Jay Z is preparing to relaunch his newly-acquired music streaming service Tidal today, with the support of …

Kanye West

TONIGHT: Stellar British Drama-Thriller 'Sixteen' Makes USA Premiere at New Voices in Black Cinema Festival, in Brooklyn, NYC

By Tambay A. Obenson | Shadow and Act March 29, 2015 at 12:36PM

From writer/director Rob Brown comes a new drama-thriller titled "Sixteen," which …

New York

Mass Appeal and Under Armour’s 35th & O Surviving SXSW Video Lookbook

Check out the recap from our adventures in Austin.


The Beach Babes of Rio de Janeiro


Chris Rock Has the Best Reaction to Trevor Noah’s Daily Show News

It hasn’t been much more than an hour since news broke that South African comedian Trevor Noah will succeed Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show some …

Chris Rock

More Whites Smoke Weed, But NYC Spent $440M Targeting Blacks and Latinos

New York City cops intentionally are targeting Black and Latino youth for marijuana possession, according to a new report from the Drug Policy …


What Jay Z's New Streaming Service Says About The Future of Music

Contrary to popular belief, Jay Z is not the most influential man in music.

With 19 Grammy Awards, 13 No. 1 albums, a spree of sold out tours, and an estimated net worth upward of $500 Million – Shawn Carter is unquestionably the most successful rapper in history. Yet, despite being consistently …


A subculture of entrepreneurship hatches in Japan

For years, Japan has been searching for a way to get its economic mojo back, and increasingly it's looking to people like 17-year-old high school dropout Yoichiro Mikami as the answer.

In a conformist culture where the socially acceptable road to success has typically meant cram school, …


‘SNL’ Scorecard: Dwayne Johnson Should Be Considered As One The Greatest ‘SNL’ Hosts Of All-Time

We really need to consider voting Dwayne Johnson into “national treasure” status. A few days ago, I was involved in a long discussion that centered around the question if Dwayne Johnson will ever be nominated for an Oscar in his lifetime. The easy answer is “no,” but here’s a guy with so much

Dwayne Johnson

How To Succeed At Working From Home


Why We Like Food That Makes Noise

What your food 'sounds' like affects how good it tastes, a new study says

The crunch of a chip, the snap of a carrot, or the fizz of a freshly opened beverage may greatly influence just how good we think those foods taste, according to new flavor research.

Flavor perception is multi-sensory. “The …


Meet The Musicians On Kendrick Lamar's New Album

The composers, producers, and session players that brought To Pimp A Butterfly to life.Read more...

Kendrick Lamar

Discrimination Suit Takes A Dramatic Twist: Black Ex-Posties Claim WaPo Purged Blacks

By The Mirror Contributor EVAN GAHR

The Washington Post is feverishly fighting a discrimination lawsuit that claims it purged dozens of older blacks …

Conservative News

Tasha Smith Will Pay $7K/Month To Ex-Husband

This has been a stressful divorce.The post Tasha Smith Will Pay $7K/Month To Ex-Husband appeared first on MadameNoire.

Multicultural TV's Success Isn't About Whites Getting Less, It's About Everyone Getting More

After the success of multicultural shows like Fox's Empire, CW's Jane the Virgin and ABC's Fresh Off the Boat, Deadline reported this week that some …


The story in charts: Diversity on television makes sense — because it makes money.

At this point, you must have read the article in Hollywood’s go-to industry blog for real-time news, Deadline, suggesting that the swing toward …


Make Way for Generation Z

I recall the exact moment the temperature changed in the workplace. It was 2005, and I was speaking to an audience of 100 young professionals. I was relating my experiences building a career as a Gen Xer (born 1964-79) in a world of traditionalists (born before 1945) and baby boomers (born 1946-63).

Generation Z

Here\'s What Los Angeles Looked Like In The 1980s


Last year Los Angeles Magazine looked back at the 1980s, the decade they declare changed L.A. They focus more on the lighter side of …

Los Angeles

Prince sued in legal battle over The Voice singer Judith Hill

Prince is being sued for allegedly working with singer Judith Hill to release her first album as a free digital download, interfering with a contract Hill had with producer Jolene Cherry and Sony.

After Hill appeared on The Voice in 2013, she signed an exclusive recording contract with Sony and …

Publicity Stunt