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When Hip-Hop Plugged Into 'Unplugged'

MTV Unplugged was designed primarily for rock fans who wanted to hear what their favorite artists sounded like when their instruments weren’t plugged …

Hip Hop

Def Jam Executive No I.D. Is Behind Probably Half Your Favorite Rap Tracks

[An L.A. native, L.A. Weekly columnist Jeff Weiss edits Passion of the Weiss and hosts the Shots Fired podcast. Find him online at,

Rap Music

Prince Is a Fan of Princess, Maya Rudolph's Prince Cover Band

Between rehearsals for an upcoming show at Largo, actor/comedian Maya Rudolph’s bandmate Gretchen Lieberum admits that the night she saw Prince’s …

Maya Rudolph

Video of ignorant white student explaining US crime shows perfectly how cable news keeps racism alive

Video posted earlier this month of a Minnesota high school student blaming minorities for violent crime in the United States gives some insight into …


Ghostface Killah On Action Bronson's Voice

Posted 21 hours ago by zo 0 comments

And the debate rages on! A recent interview of Ghostface Killah found the Shaolin assassin addressing the long …

Ghostface Killah

Missing Clark Atlanta student found in Illinois


Man Hires Hookers & His Own Daughters Show Up At Hotel - #BTNOMB

What's New


If the old disposable grill isn’t doing the trick though, you might fancy checking out this new lava-cue. You read that right; these …


Jerry Saltz: How and Why We Started Taking Kim Kardashian Seriously (and What She Teaches Us About the State of Criticism)

A conversation between senior art critic Jerry Saltz and editor David Wallace-Wells about just what to make of Kim Kardashian, her sort of brilliant

Jack White Defends TIDAL: “Vinyl in the Bedroom, Baby”

Internet Exploring

Jack White has come under scrutiny lately for his involvement with TIDAL, Jay Z’s Spotify-killing, paid media streaming service. Many have been apprehensive about the idea of supporting a service that, from its ads anyway, appears to only be promotional and beneficial to the …

Jack White

Alex Sturrock's Incredible Street Photos Show the London You Rarely See

If you don't already follow Alex Sturrock on Instagram, you probably should. In his professional life as a photographer he shoots some exceptional portraiture and reportage, and has been working with VICE UK pretty much since we started over a decade ago. There are too many of those stories to link …


Michael Kandel (Tranquility Bass) Has Died

Michael Kandel, who recorded ambient and trip hop music as Tranquility Bass, has died, 5 Magazine reports. He was 47 years old. A cause of death was not shared.

Kandel grew up in Chicago. In the early 90s, he and Tom Chasteen formed Exist Dance, an electronic music label, and began recording as …


In Their Own Words: Indie Directors Share Essential Filmmaking Tips

By Indiewire | Indiewire May 21, 2015 at 11:17AM

From shooting a sex scene to creating DIY special effects, these indie filmmakers tell how they did …


We Pity The Fools Who Don’t Know These Mr. T Facts

Mr. T has been sporting the mohawk, wearing gold chains, and pitying fools longer than anyone. For over three decades the man born Laurence Tureaud has commanded attention from jibber jabberin’ suckas, first with the A-Team and later branching off into everything from feature films, to a stint with …

Cool Stuff

Hey College Grads: If You Can't Pull $85K, L.A. Is Out of Your League

You have your cap and gown and, if you attended USC, you already have your degree in-hand.

Now it's time to find a job. If you want to stay in Los …

Los Angeles

This Creepy Family Portrait is of a Virginia Politician Who Served Time For Molesting His Underage Secretary (Pictured) Who Is Now Baby Momma #4

Myra Pringle and Joe Morrissey


Politicians never cease to amaze me and the most recent scandal out of Virginia proves that some of them are out …

Family Portrait

The Sad Story Of An Innocent Man Jailed Over 2 Years Because Of LAPD Lies

Michael Walker (Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department)

The story of a man who was kept in jail 27 months—while LAPD detectives concealed evidence …

Did a Vice Documentary Land a Rapper In Prison?

Last month, two members of the rap group Migos were arrested after a performance at Georgia Southern University. Combined, they were charged with …


America's Oldest Park Ranger, 93, Is A Fierce Advocate For Young Women Of Color Everywhere

For America’s most seasoned ranger, sharing nine decades of history is, truly, a walk in the park.

Betty Reid Soskin, 93, is thought to be the nation’s oldest active park ranger, according to the U.S. Department of the Interior. She has worked at Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical …

Women's News

Jocelyn Cooper

Partner, Afropunk

For maximizing a movement.

A 25-year music-industry veteran, Jocelyn Cooper is responsible for discovering neo-soul pioneer D’Angelo (she signed him to her publishing company in ’93), and empowering Cash Money to take Southern rap music mainstream (as head of Universal A&R). In …


Why You Might Throw a Brick Through a Store Window

When you saw "The Hunger Games," who did you root for? Katniss and her beleaguered community? Or people in the Capitol wearing pink eyelashes and …


The lyrics of recent No. 1 singles average at a third grade reading level

No one would ever dare to compare the writing prowess of artists like Macklemore, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry to Chaucer and Ginsberg, but a new …


The Stories Behind the Most Insane Stunts in 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

For those who had the privledge of seeing Mad Max: Fury Road, the usage of practical effects and stunts in the Namibian desert instead of relying on …

Mad Max

Arrest Warrant Issued for Girls Gone Wild Founder Joe Francis

A federal judge issued an arrest warrant Tuesday for embattled Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis.

Judge Fernando M. Olguin is calling for Francis' …

Arrest Warrant

Mick Jagger Names Jay Z & Vybz Kartel As Favorite Hip-Hop Artists | Power 105.1 FM

.@S_C_ & @iamthekartel RT @realtable Who are your favourite rappers! #AskTheStones @mickjagger

— The Rolling Stones …

Hip Hop

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have become synonymous with recording excellence

Promo photo by Greg Helgeson

Over the past three decades, James “Jimmy Jam” Harris III and Terry Lewis have become synonymous with recording …

Audio Quality

Watch Robert Glasper Cover Jhené Aiko’s “The Worst”

Next month, jazz pianist Robert Glasper—whose playing permeates Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly—will release a compilation of covers recorded at …

Robert Glasper

Cuban rum is coming to America as trade embargo lifts

French drinks giant Pernod Ricard is poised to sell its Cuban-made rum in the United States once a 53-year-old trade embargo is lifted, going head-to-head with Cuban-founded Bacardi which dominates the world's biggest market.

Pernod's Havana Club will have to change its name to "Havanista" for U.S. …


Snoop Dogg Says He Feels Sorry For Suge Knight

Snoop Dogg reveals that he approached Nipsey Hussle about playing him in the N.W.A film, “Straight Outta Compton.”

During an appearance on DJ Whoo …

Snoop Dogg