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Ted Cruz: Donald Trump Shouldn’t Apologize for Comments About Mexicans

Texas Senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said on Fox and Friends Tuesday that Donald Trump didn’t have to apologize for his …

Wild Styles: Jean-Michel Basquiat & Jacob Lawrence Make History in The New York Times

The worlds of fine art and Hip-Hop have collided ever since Fab 5 Freddy served as the cultural liaison between the two in the ’80s. More recent …

Jean-Michel Basquiat

The Rise of Illionaire Records, the Independent Label Taking Korean Hip-Hop to the Next Level

When Korean artists tour the U.S., they usually go big—from circus lighting to pyrotechnics to branded glowsticks, no detail is left unconsidered. …

Hip Hop

Henry Rollins: When You Claim Racism Is Over, You Get a Dylann Roof

Suddenly, several mornings ago, there were photos of Dylann Roof, a miserable-looking South Carolina man with a bowl haircut, on almost every news …

Henry Rollins

America’s ‘Postracial’ Fantasy

On Father’s Day, my dad and I had brunch with some close friends of mine. The conversation soon turned to their two sons: their likes, their dislikes, their habit of disrupting classmates during nap time at nursery school. At one point, as I ran my hand through one of the boys’ silky brown hair, I …

Father's Day

Meet the fast disappearing community of Indians and Pakistanis of African origin

When people think of Africans in Indian history, Malik Ambar tends to be the first name to come to mind. Brought to Ahmadnagar as a warrior-slave in the 16th century, he rose to be the general of the Deccan sultanate’s army—and eventually its regent.

Yet, Ambar was only the most successful of …

South Asia

Misty Copeland becomes the first black principal dancer in American Ballet Theater's history

Misty Copeland made history this week when she was promoted to principal dancer of the American Ballet Theater, making her the first African American woman to hold the position in the company’s 75-year history.

Copeland has spoken candidly about issues of race in the ballet world before, which …

Performing Arts

Where Are They Now? The Artists That Didn’t Make The BET Bad Boy Reunion Performance

The 2015 BET Awards did not disappoint this year, and we may have P. Diddy, aka Puff Daddy, to thank for that. The highly anticipated Bad…

Aubrey O'Day

All My Heroes Are Fading: Thoughts on the Bad Boy Reunion at the BET Awards

Sunday night at the BET Awards, there was a Bad Boy Records reunion show. It was deeply fun and moving. It also ended up being deeply sad, though not for reasons I’d anticipated.

The Bad Boy era in rap was a beautiful, overwhelming thing. It started in 1994 with the release of The Notorious B.I.G.’s …

Award Shows

I Got A Marijuana Prescription And Pot In Minutes Without Leaving My Couch

I’ll begin this story with a disclaimer: I rarely smoke weed. Aside from the few times that I’ve tried it recreationally, marijuana has never really appealed to me as it does to the millions of Americans who light up for medical purposes or just for fun.

Perhaps that’s what makes my experience with …


We're Still a Long Way From Being Realistic About Drug Use at Festivals

We all know kids die at raves. It happens all the time, including most recently at EDC last weekend in Las Vegas.

Usually, the cause is drugs. But not …


The Confederate flag is just a distraction - The Washington Post

The lasting effect of Dylann Roof’s terrorist attack on nine African American women and men at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church now looks likely to be the removal of the Confederate flag from public display. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has called on the state legislature to strike the …

Confederate Flag

Why Rappers Rock the Confederate Flag: From OutKast to Kanye West’s Merchandise

Much of the cultural conversation in the wake of the Charleston hate crime tragedy is over the removal of the Confederate battle flag—a symbol that’s been reappropriated by black rappers.

The hateful killing of nine black churchgoers at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina, has left a …

Confederate Flag

So long and thanks for all the ads! Here's why Microsoft is exiting the $74 billion display advertising business

APMicrosoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Microsoft just announced a big shift in operations

that signals it is close to exiting the highly-competitive display advertising business.

To summarize, here's what's going on, according to a blog post from Microsoft:

Up to 1,200 Microsoft Advertising employees will be …


Violent US History Looms Large as Feds Investigate String of Black Church Fires

Federal investigators are looking into three fires at three separate black churches across the South this week, a string of suspicious incidents that some on both the left and right say is a pattern of violent reaction to social change that could continue in the coming years.

The FBI and Bureau of …

Black History

NASCAR’s Confederate Flag Ban and the Explosion of Athlete Activism

In August 1965, two powerful men in the state of Alabama met face-to-face for the first time. The first was George Corley Wallace, the bulldog-faced governor who had famously stood in the doorway at the University of Alabama in a vain attempt to keep the school segregated in 1963. The other one was …


Inside the Massive Megaproject That Will Transform Downtown LA's Fashion District

City Market is the enormous project set to completely transform Downtown LA's fashion district. While one small part that involves reusing old …

Los Angeles

Tomorrow You’ll Be Able to Stream Dr. Dre’s The Chronic for the First Time — Thank Apple Music

For all the noise that's been made about Apple Music securing the rights to stream Taylor Swift's 1989, there's an even more acclaimed album that'll …

Dr. Dre

The Genius Way Young People Are Making a Killing on Instagram

When the apparel brand Supreme started selling its new summer collaboration on Thursday in collaboration with the skate magazine Thrasher, stock sold …


White supremacists sign up for military to train for race war — with little pushback from Pentagon

After the horrific massacre at Charleston’s historic black church, Americans are slowly realizing the threat posed by white supremacist and neo-Nazi …

World Politics

Marvel Comics Has Turned Thor Into The Wire And It’s Awesome

Marvel’s current mega-crossover has put one of its biggest villains in charge of everything. And the law enforcement officers making sure that Doctor …