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By Vernon Niven | Tips, tricks and knowledge for the modern sales professional.

Refreshing Thoughts on Social Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management systems are now merging with social media capabilities enabling organizations to build stronger relationship with …

Beyond LinkedIn: The Absolute Social Selling Ecosystem [Infographic]

<p>Check out the infographic below which illustrates the different elements needed for a successful Social Selling strategy.</p>

The Science of Social Selling | LinkedIn Sales Solutions

<i>Though you may believe social selling is imperative for your organization, it can be challenging to drive adoption and measure the results of a new</i> …

Time Available For Selling

Do your people have enough time available to sell?<p>Some of you are thinking, “Dave, this is crazy, that’s how my people are supposed to be spending …

2016 Social Selling App and Article Roundup #2

Every week it seems that I either run across, or I am introduced to, some great new apps and articles that pertain to social selling. While I can’t …

Social Selling Key Trends: The Year Of Massive Adoption

Discover how your peers are embracing social selling and driving results, and how you can seize this opportunity to gain an edge.

Social Selling Programs Are Doomed To Fail Without Executive Buy-In

The biggest mistake leadership makes with social selling is not creating a culture of buy-in and accountability for the way the sales team sell.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin Sales People!

I’m amazed by the number of CEO’s I speak with that don’t want to have sales people. Most of them do have sales people—begrudgingly. But because of …


The Inconvenient Truth: Why Your Cold Calls Go Unanswered

With all of the data around the Wall Street-type collapse of cold calling effectiveness, why is it that our sales industry still sings its praises?

Sales is the Last Chapter in a Book

Your sales team doesn’t only consist of business development representatives and account executives. Your designer, your customer support rep, and …



“I have to congratulate you. The report is really top-notch. Not easy to do in this crowded market. Well done!”<p>Nancy Nardin, Founder, Smart Selling …


Social Media Is Too Important to Be Left to the Marketing Department

When customers need help, they expect companies to offer it quickly and through multiple social media channels — but most companies aren’t set up to do that. Some companies increase their social media staff to offer live responses during big events like the Super Bowl or the Grammys, but then they …


3 Fast Tips From A Master Networker

The bank can take your car. They can take your house. They can take whatever other measly assets you have, but they can never take your relationships. That’s the philosophy of Jayson Gaignard, bestselling author of <i>Mastermind Dinners</i> and one of the “25 Professional Networkers to Watch” according to …

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How To Send LinkedIn InMails That Lead To Sales Opportunities

Your reps need to be using their InMails sparingly, and crafting personalized and relevant messaging if they want to be sparking conversations.

#59 Podcast: Should Sales People Be Writing and Curating Content? Why or Why Not?

By Jack Kosakowski, Global Head Of B2B Social Sales Strategy at Creation Agency (@JackKosakowski1)<p>In episode 4 of “Sales Tech Talk” Miles Austin and …


5 Artificial Intelligence Services Every Salesperson Should Try to Boost Their Sales

These AI services don't require any technical expertise, yet they can help you schedule meetings, know the best prospects to call, and even get insight on your customers.<p>Artificial Intelligence is all over the news these days with companies like Google, Facebook and Apple investing heavily, but it …


The Moment I Knew Sales+Marketing = Genius!

One of the things that I thought a lot about last year was when did I take a stand to say that “<i>Sales and Marketing not only should work together</i> …


How Social Selling Impacts 3 Major Stages In Your Sales Process

<p>Social Selling can impact every stage of your existing sales strategy from rapport to retention. But how can you leverage Social Selling to drive …

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 68 with Jon Ferrara. The More Digital We Get, The More Human We Need To Be. How To Pay Forward Relationships To Become A Trusted Advisor To Your Customers.

In this information-packed, rapid-fire episode, <b>Jon Ferrara</b>, founder and CEO of <b>Nimble</b>, and one of the early pioneers of the entire sales force …


Only 20% Of Salespeople Engage Buyers With Content [New Data]

<i></i><i>How often does your sales team share content?</i>We wanted to find out the answer to this so we decided to conduct research that tests the assumption …

How to Combine Twitter Lists with Flipboard

It is simply impossible to digest your Twitter stream when you are following hundreds, thousands of people. If you or your business want to use …


The Death Of Cold Calling: 16 Stats That Prove It [Infographic]

Check out this infographic on 16 stats on the demise of cold calling and the rise of social selling.

10 Psychological Traits That Make a Great Salesperson

Psychologists and salesmen have more in common than you think.<p>People often compare athletes to salespeople. Their competitiveness, work ethic, and drive to succeed correlate strongly, which is why you often see a sales floor comprised of a majority of athletes.<p>While it is rarely spoken about, the …


Facebook launches a bot platform for Messenger

The bot era has officially begun. In a widely expected move, Facebook today announced tools for developers to build bots inside Facebook Messenger, bringing a range of new functions to the popular communication app. Facebook believes Messenger can become a primary channel for businesses to interact …


Let's Get Real: How Anyone Can Scale Sales Processes with CRM

Interview with PipelineDeals 4/12/2016<p>Let’s Get Real.<p>In this series, we interview sales tool providers and get real about the problems they’re …


The End of Solution Sales

The hardest thing about B2B selling today is that customers don’t need you the way they used to. In recent decades sales reps have become adept at discovering customers’ needs and selling them “solutions”—generally, complex combinations of products and services. This worked because customers didn’t …


4th Annual Top Sales Tools of the Year Guide

If you’re looking for the top sales software to drive sales performance, I’ve got great news for you. You’ll find everything you need in our 4th …

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What Leading Companies Do To Succeed In Sales Enablement [New Research]

The most effective sales-enablement initiatives succeed by improving the aggregation, engagement and analysis of their content.

Defining the Perfect Selling Experience: Janice Mars

Share this post:<p>Sales organizations want to deliver a fantastic sales experience for all of their customers. But what does that mean, exactly? Being …