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The Social Selling Summit

Learn from the experts in Social Selling.

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72% of salespeople say they use social to close more deals. Are you one of …


10 Tips to Develop New Leads

1. Your best leads are your existing customers. Look for ways to help them even more. New leads are great, but don’t forget more business from an …


4 Things Your Sales Proposal Would Tell You If It Could Talk

Issue Date: 2015-08-31Author: Jesse Kurth, Director of Client Success, TinderBoxTeaser: The sales proposal is one of the most underappreciated assets …

Why it takes so long to achieve social media success

If you’re impatient, social media is probably the wrong marketing channel for you. Here’s a chart that illustrates why.This is data from the recent …


LinkedIn acquires predictive marketing firm Fliptop to boost its Sales Solutions offering

LinkedIn has acquired the predictive sales and marketing firm Fliptop in an effort to boost development of its own Sales Solutions offering. The professional social networking company says that the integration of the teams and technology will take several months. Financial terms have not been …


4 Critical Paths to Gaining Trust

Trust-building for your customers is important, but how do you cultivate trust?

Before our connected, “always on” society, where typing a few words into a search engine can retrieve just about anything that’s ever been published, it was easy for breaks in trust to be forgotten. A salesman could say …

Value Propositions

How to win new clients – every time.

Companies can’t give you job security, but client relationships can. Take care of your existing customers and be open to new ones. The rest will take care of itself.

I have learned that no project or opportunity is too small if it provides access to a great client. I once found myself in search of a …


Can You Calculate Social Media ROI?

I’ve been a bootstrappy, DIY, organic lead gen, jargon-slinging social media pro since way back.What I mean by that is, my social media and content …


4 Unconscious “Tells” Your B2B Buyers Are Giving You | Sales Solutions Blog

A professional poker player misses nothing. Posture, clothing choices, speech patterns, and muscle tension all give clues to an opposing player’s …


A Recipe for Better Prospect Outreach on LinkedIn | Sales Solutions Blog

Let’s start off with a cold, hard truth: You can’t sell your stuff on LinkedIn. That may seem like a strange thing for a LinkedIn sales trainer to …


11 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for More Exposure

Are you getting the most out of your LinkedIn personal profile? Interested in ways to drive traffic to your website? LinkedIn offers many overlooked …


Gaining The Attention Of Buyers In A Hyper-Connected World

As we have all experienced, our hyper-connected world is becoming more chaotic with more mediums vying for our attention. Advanced digital …

Attention Economy

Best Times To Post On Social Media (What 10 Studies Say)

The best times to post on social media are when the people you want to see the content are on the network.

That’s the easy answer.

And not a useful …

Social Media

7 Essentials for an Elevator Pitch That Gets People to Listen

There is never any predicting what interaction, whether it’s in a grocery store or at a networking function, will present a new business opportunity. That's why it's important to always be prepared to seize the day.

The key that unlocks these opportunities is an elevator pitch that grabs people’s …

Elevator Pitches

7 Ways Introverts Can Master Networking Skills

All you need is a solid strategy and a little practice

We’re all familiar with the concept of networking, and there are some myths about this social practice that I’d like to clear up. First of all, there’s an assumption that you have to be “good” at networking or it won’t get you anywhere. We’re …


How I learned to stop worrying and love GIFs

GIFs, emoji, stickers… they’re taking over the internet. It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that it’s okay if we use fewer words, but now I’m a flag-flying enthusiast.

When they first started to become a mainstream part of internet communication, I really didn’t like GIFs, emoji and …

GIF Animations

How To Engage With Your Target Audience

Many businesses attempt to create interesting marketing strategies to build their audience only to have very little return on investment. There are …


Facebook Finally Gives in and Allows Animated GIFs in Posts and Ads

Facebook has decided to get with the rest of the Internet program and allow animated GIFs in ads and Page posts.


5 Content Categories To Help You Increase Sales

Does Your Content Marketing Improve Business Results?

Since the average person receives 5,000 messages daily, you need content marketing organized by …


How to Vet Social Media Groups for Prospects

Are you looking for ways to engage directly with your customers? Have you thought about joining social groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and beyond? …

Social Media

What’s Your Social Selling Index?

Do you use LinkedIn as a means of building your business? If so, LinkedIn’s new Social Selling Index (SSI) may be of special interest to you.

You …


7 Ways to Change Your Sales Focus and Drive New Revenue

Salespeople tend to be focused, driven, and almost single-minded when it comes to closing a sale. While this attitude can bring about great results, …


Tools for developing terrific infographics

How can you create beautiful infographics without using Photoshop?I'm not a Photoshop expert, so it takes me days to create a basic infographic. I'm a …


Are Buyers Always Rational?

Regardless of what you sell and the process with which you sell it, there will always be buyers who will not base their buying decision on rational …


How To Master The Fine Art Of Making Useful Referrals

Connecting people can either be a welcome help or totally backfire in your face. Here's how to make referrals that make everyone happy.

Referrals are a powerful way to connect people within your network. But under the wrong circumstances, even a polite, well-intentioned referral can go awry. Just …


7 Reasons Why LinkedIn Should Become Your New CRM

Many companies invest in using a customer relationship management tool, or CRM, such as Salesforce. But there’s a free tool at your fingertips that …


Study: Content Marketing Inefficiencies Cost BtoB Companies Nearly $1 Billion

How Efficient is Your Content Marketing? That’s the question Sharon Goldman asks in the August issue of BMA Buzz that Robert Rose and I did our best …


Why Sales Teams Should Reexamine Territory Design

Companies are using more analytics to enable better sales force decisions, yet one area that is still too frequently undervalued is sales territory design, or the way in which the responsibility for accounts is assigned to salespeople or sales teams.

The distribution of customer workload and …