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91% of customers say they'd give referrals. Only 11% of salespeople ask for referrals #SocialSelling

Perceived Value Creates Profit: A B2B Customer Retention Case Study

Business to business relationships are complex. Their success and longevity are sensitive to many influences.

This short article explores the returns …

Customer Retention

The "New" Role Of Sales In A Social-Media World

“I realized that selling was the greatest career a man could want.”
…so says Willy Loman, in Death of a Salesman.

His words describe why he decided to become a salesman: He’d realized that the job wasn’t so much about selling as it was about building relationships with customers.

Arthur Miller’s …


What's Hot In CRM Applications, 2015: Why CPQ Continues To Accelerate

Lead management and configure, price and quote (CPQ) are the hottest technologies sales are relying on in 2015.

Marketing analytics, digital marketing hubs, and marketing performance management lead the hottest marketing technologies for 2015 according to Gartner.

Customer self-service, SaaS-based …


Guide To Removing Obstacles For Account-Based Marketing

With every new system a business tries, there is a set of obstacles to overcome. Research shows that 41% of companies say they are making …


Opportunities for Success in the Sales Technique Wars

Editor’s Note: Today we welcome a new guest contributor to the blog — Sales expert and author Tibor Shanto. All Tibor’s areas of expertise contain

Who Owns Social Selling

Digital disruption has revolutionized the sales and marketing landscape--72% of buyers use social media to research before making a purchase, and 81% …


How to Open More Sales Through This Discovery Process

Many sales coaches to sales experts talk about how to “close more sales.” I understand the premise yet in sales I think the goal is to open more …

Sales Lead

Sales Lead Generation: How to Perform Research that Wins Allies | Sales Solutions Blog

It’s a bright sunny day in the city of Metroburg. All seems peaceful. An elderly lady out for a stroll whistles a happy tune. Suddenly, a hero swoops …

Sales Lead

3 Ways to Improve Your Sales Forecast

“Boss, I’m sorry, but the Acme deal isn’t going to come in this quarter. We are updating the forecast to close Acme next quarter.” Perhaps you’ve …

Seven Thought-Provoking Ways That Account Based Marketing Turns Demand Generation Upside Down (plus some big news!)

I’ve been blogging and writing about trends in B2B marketing since 2006, and in that time I’ve written hundreds of posts on topics ranging from lead …


6 Ways to Tell If You Are a Trusted Advisor (Or Not)

Earning the trust of B2B buyers has become increasingly hard for sales professionals to achieve in today’s information-rich, instant-search …

10 Habits of Highly Effective Social Sellers

Just a little over a quarter of a century ago, a little pamphlet called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People sold 25 million copies and introduced …

13 Dangers of Using Spreadsheets For Sales

When a company first starts out, the money isn't exactly rolling in. Startups devote all of their cash to their product -- and make do with the …


7 Emerging Trends in Sales That Will Disrupt Your Business


A handful of eminent thought leaders look into their crystal balls to see how sales will be changing in the next several years.

Looking into a crystal ball isn't exactly a scientific thing to do, but if you ask the right kinds of smart people you can get a pretty good idea what's likely …


What You Need To Know About Account-Based Marketing

In a world where every customer and every prospect has their own unique needs and requirements, traditional marketing content produced with broad …


The Social Selling Conundrum

In a mad rush to achieve short-term sales objectives, and with many experts proclaiming that social selling is the panacea to get there, the heart of …


Sprinklr Buys Get Satisfaction To Add Customer Feedback To Its Social Media Platform

Sprinklr, the social media management company that vaulted into the “unicorn club” last month after it raised $46m on a $1b+ valuation, is making an acquisition to expand into a new area, customer feedback. It is buying Get Satisfaction, makers of a platform that lets businesses connect with …

Social Media

Social Media Tools That Help Optimize Your Time

Do you struggle to keep up with social media tasks? Are you looking for ways to get more done? Whether you need help maintaining your social …

Social Media

Leveraging Social CRM for B2B Salespeople:10 Steps to Engagement

The way I see it, there are three major types of folks using social media. “Watchers” rarely if ever share anything and instead prefer to sit on the …

Social Media

Email in Real Life

Leverage your company's connections with TeamLink

Why is it So Hard to Sell? – by Lahat Tzvi

In the past few years, selling has become more difficult. Salespeople and entrepreneurs all over the world struggle to get meetings with buyers, …


Always Be Learning: LinkedIn to Acquire

For well over two decades, I've been interested in helping to reform the education system. It was actually one of the reasons I went into business, …


100-Plus Awesome Free Things for Salespeople and Marketers


More than 100 hundred free college courses, training videos, e-books, tools, and apps to help you market and sell more successfully.

One of Guy Kawasaki's "reality checks" for entrepreneurs is the question "What can we beg, borrow, or lease that we are buying?" However, as evidenced by …


4 Ways to Use Twitter Video for Your Business

Have you heard about Twitter’s new video feature? Do you want to know how you can use it to your advantage? Video is a great way to tell your story, …


How We Got 2,000+ Customers by Doing Things That Didn’t Scale

Some of our growth tactics will never scale. Here’s why we’re okay with that…

“I could tell you what we’re doing, but it wouldn’t help you.”

When I was …


How to Start a Pinterest Board That Succeeds

By Kelsey Libert

Are your prospects on Pinterest?

Do you want to start a Pinterest Board?

When starting on Pinterest, you’ll want to fill new …