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The barge haulers: Why did Russians drag ships upstream? - Russia Beyond

You’ve probably seen the famous 19th century painting, <i>Barge Haulers on the Volga</i>, by Russian artist, Ilya Repin. Why do you think they’re doing this? Why do these exhausted men work like slaves pulling a ship upstream? Why don’t these poor lads just use paddles or sails? Let's find out.<p><b>Who were the</b> …


Keeping Boris Nemtsov's memory alive

Meet the men and women keeping a 24-hour vigil on the spot where Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was killed.<b>Moscow, Russia</b><b>-</b> On a cold, rainy October morning, Moscow's Red Square was almost deserted. As I was making my way towards the Moscow River along the Kremlin's eastern wall, the light …


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Society and Rulers - The American Interest

<b>Andrew Wood</b> is an associate fellow of Chatham House and a former British Ambassador to Belgrade, and subsequently to Moscow (mid 1995–early 2000).

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Russia without Putin? We should try to at least imagine the prospect

Former TV star Ksenia Sobchak has thrown her hat into next year’s presidential election. But even those who dislike Putin must concede he is a known quantity<p>A frisson of excitement touched the early skirmishing for next year’s Russian election with this week’s announcement by Ksenia Sobchak that …


Inside the Russian 'troll factory' that reached millions of US voters with inflammatory ads

In 2015, Marat Burkhardt decided to try out for a better-paid position, writing in English rather than Russian, at the St Petersburg-based internet company where he worked.<p>The topic he was given for his 30-minute English writing test hinted at what kind of work his employer's “American department” …


What’s Behind Ksenia Sobchak’s 'Against All' Bid for the Presidency?

Since Ksenia Sobchak announced her candidacy for president on Wednesday, deciphering her motivations has become a national obsession.<p>Is she just the …


This Russian general fought the mob. Why does he own $38 million of Florida real estate?

There is life after being one of Russia’s top crime fighters — and it can be very good.<p>Anatoly Petukhov gave up Moscow’s icy winters for the warm …


Putin rival Ksenia Sobchak insists she is not part of Kremlin plot

Critics say potential candidate is standing only to inject a veneer of competition and legitimacy into Russia’s presidential election next March<p>“I have no political weight, and I haven’t earned the right to launch some kind of political programme or stand as a candidate,” said Ksenia Sobchak, in …


The Godfather of Post-Truth Politics

<b>Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play Music</b><p>In The New York Times Book Review, Josef Joffe reviews Victor Sebestyen’s “Lenin: The Man, the Dictator, and the Master of Terror.” Joffe writes:<p>Can first-rate history read like a thriller? With “Lenin: The Man, the Dictator, and the Master of Terror,” the …


The Roots of Revolution

<b>ARC OF UTOPIA</b> <b><br>The Beautiful Story of the Russian Revolution</b><br>By Lesley Chamberlain<br>220 pp. Reaktion Books. $29.95.<p>As we mark the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s triumph, Chamberlain’s book broadens our understanding of the roots of the Bolshevik Revolution, describing how German Idealism, which first …


One Woman’s Liberation, Set Against the Russian Revolution

<b>THE REVOLUTION OF MARINA M.</b><br>By Janet Fitch<br>816 pp. Little, Brown & Company. $30.<p>“I was in love with the Future, in love with the idea of Fate. There’s nothing more romantic to the young — until its dogs sink their teeth into your calf and pull you to the ground”: So says the young Marina Makarova …

Canada Adopts Version of Magnitsky Law, Shuns Global Outlaws

It took six years of work, tireless public advocacy, and overcoming powerful interest groups—both within and without—but a crucial milestone was …


Alexei Navalny tells Russians they have a choice

“HELLO, Khabarovsk!” Alexei Navalny, Russia’s opposition leader and would-be presidential candidate, booms his greeting from a makeshift podium on …


10 Russian words impossible to translate: #7 Bespredel


Russia gets new candidate for president: The daughter of Putin’s political mentor

MOSCOW — Ksenia Sobchak — the socialite, journalist, former opposition figure and daughter of Vladimir Putin’s political mentor — announced her candidacy for president Wednesday, courting a protest vote in a presidential bid that appeared to get official approval from the Kremlin.<p>In a campaign …


Russian TV presenter to challenge Putin for presidency

Ksenia Sobchak, a Russian television presenter and socialite, said she will run for president next year in an ostensible challenge to Vladimir Putin …


Welcome to the World of “Soviet” Feelings

This is how it was back in the late Soviet Union: parents, at least in intelligentsia families, would never discuss the country’s rulers with their children. It was understood by default that the country was ruled by bad people, presumably in the service of some crazy ideology that no one but the …

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A taste of childhood: 5 legendary Soviet candies - Russia Beyond

Those who grew up in the USSR still remember Soviet candies with particular fondness. Children would save the money their parents gave them to pay for school meals or a tram journey in order to buy 100 grams of lollies or toffees. But chocolate candies were expensive and scarce, and they were …

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Polls: Putin’s rival Sobchak does not enjoy popular support

Despite the fact she’s known nationwide (95 percent of people asked knew of her), Russians generally view her (in the recent years she was sporadically involved in politics as an oppositional activist) in an unfavorable light - according to polls by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center …


A Portrait of Stalin in All His Murderous Contradictions

<b>STALIN</b> <b><br>Waiting for Hitler, 1929-1941</b><br>By Stephen Kotkin<br>Illustrated. 1,154 pp. Penguin Press. $40.<p>Dictators lend themselves to caricature. We label them sociopaths, paranoiacs or just victims of bad childhoods. We flatten them in order to explain our own times. Saddam Hussein is Hitler; Vladimir Putin …

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MSNBC: Exiled Putin Rival Ties Kushner Meeting to Kremlin Bankers

Exiled Russian Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky saw how a ruthless Putin operated from the inside. He speaks exclusively with Ari Melber on his clash …

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Meet Russia's newest presidential hopeful


Ksenia Sobchak Enters Russian Presidential Race


Who is Ksenia Sobchak? ‘Russian Paris Hilton’ announces presidential bid

Paris Hilton

Who Will Be Russia's Next President?


Putin's rival in the March presidential election is a WOMAN! - Russia Beyond

Xenia Sobchak became a TV star in 2004 with her reality show, Dom-2 (House-2), where young people build a house and forge romantic relationships.<p>After 13 years the show is still on the air, but associated with bad taste and the most vulgar things on Russian TV. Xenia Sobchak, however, has become a …


'Russia's Paris Hilton' announces run for president amid criticism

A liberal television host once described as “Russia's Paris Hilton” has announced her candidacy for president amid reports that the Kremlin want her to serve as a harmless foil for Vladimir Putin.<p>In an article and video on Wednesday night, Ms Sobchak said declared she would run in the March 2018 …