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Buyers tied to Russia, former Soviet republics paid $109 million cash for Trump properties

The Trump Organization, the collective name for about 500 Trump businesses owned by the president and now run by his adult sons, did not respond to a …

Real Estate

The World Cup Is Fun. Except for the Russians Being Tortured.

MOSCOW — Have you enjoyed the first week of the 2018 World Cup? Good. Some of the games have certainly been very exciting!<p>Now read the words of Dmitry Pchelintsev as they appeared in MediaZona, a small independent online publication focused on police brutality and the prison system in Russia: “The …


Black teeth & dilated pupils: beauty standards of XVII Century Russia


The secret Soviet recordings - BBC Newsnight - YouTube

Soviet Union

Perspectives | Russia’s grassroots environmentalists form civil society’s vanguard

Protests, especially about environmental issues, are on the rise in Russia

Rights & Freedoms

This is how Putin buys influence in the West - The Washington Post

In the old days, these things were done differently. There were KGB couriers, bags of cash, “Moscow gold,” secret subsidies for far-left printing presses: The Soviet Communist Party was seeking to undermine Western democracy, covertly. But it was all pretty small-scale. The U.S.S.R. was not rolling …


How safe is the World Cup in Russia for LGBT fans? | DW English


Top 10 places in Moscow

Top 10

Russia's dirty secret - BBC News


How Russia Won The Bid For The 2018 World Cup | The Russia Desk | NowThis


Russia Uses the World Cup to Score Publicity Points | The Daily Show

The Daily Show

Russia: Huge vuvuzela appears in Moscow park one day before WC


1 million Russians are HIV-positive, but only 1/3rd get treatment


Will the Russia World Cup be marred by hooliganism, racism and homophobia?


Russia's World Cup: New Stadiums, Big Spending, Murky Future


Volgograd: Russia's volunteer body hunters - BBC News


"I watched news of my death at the morgue"


The killing of Arkadiy Babchenko (appeal to the West) SotnikTV excerpt


What Happens When a Journalist Comes Back From the Dead

There is a word, beloved by the Kremlin and all its representatives, that has yet to cross into an American lexicon that longs for such Russian transplants: provokatsiya. Literally: a provocation. Figuratively: a false-flag operation.<p>The poisoning of the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his …


The many questions about Arkady Babchenko's staged murder in Ukraine

Minutes after news broke that prominent Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko had been murdered in Ukraine, social media exploded with messages …


'Thank you for being alive! But...' Was the Babchenko murder ruse necessary?


Why Arkady Babchenko's strange resurrection is a PR gift for the Kremlin

Arkady Babchenko has no doubt walked into a number of press conferences in his journalism career, but few would have been like this. He was being …


Russian journalist 'back from the dead' - BBC News


The top story in today's Russian papers is the extraordinary fake assassination of Arkady Babchenko in Kiev. One paper says the dissident Russian journalist "couldn't have handed a bigger gift to the Kremlin."

Colleagues of 'murdered' Russian journalist react upon seeing he is alive


'Murdered' journalist Arkady Babchenko turns up alive after death staged to 'expose Russian plot'

By Wednesday afternoon, most of Arkady Babchenko's friends and colleagues had gone through the familiar cycle of grief and confusion that follows the killing of a Russian dissident journalist.<p>Obituaries had been written, travel arrangements were in train for the funeral, and Western politicians …


The Babchenko stunt may end up feeding the Kremlin spin machine

While Kiev may have prevented a killing, the next time a Kremlin critic is murdered the first question will be: are they really dead?<p>As dramatic plot-twists go, it was top drawer: gasps all round at a press conference about a murder investigation, as the star guest turns out to be the victim …


Arkady Babchenko: Ukraine condemned for faking journalist's murder

<b>The authorities in Ukraine have been sharply criticised for faking the murder of a Russian dissident journalist in Kiev.</b><p>An official from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) said Ukraine was spreading "false information".<p>Reporters Without Borders said it was "part of an …