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Eat This Protein at Breakfast And You'll Be Fuller Longer

You’ve probably heard that protein is the key to a satisfying meal. And when you think of the nutrient, your go-to is probably some type of meat. But …

8 Foods That Prove You Can Eat Healthy On a Budget

These are the cheapest, healthiest foods (a little) money can buy<p>Whether you’re grocery shopping for one or trying to feed a large family, the bills can really add up—especially if you’re trying to make healthy choices. Wild salmon and organic produce aren’t cheap!<p>But there are plenty of …

Healthy Eating

17 Grooming Products You Should Steal From Your Wife

Don’t avoid her side of the medicine cabinet<p>During the ’70s and ’80s, there was a popular TV commercial that featured a guy trying to use his girlfriend’s deodorant, and she was like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. That’s made for a <i>woman</i>.<i>”</i><p>These days, however, we <i>encourage</i> you to borrow products from her side of …

Skin Care

The Most Badass Arms Workout Ever Created By Men’s Health

You won’t be able to stop admiring your new guns when you finish this six-week specialization program<p><i>This is the fourth edition in our series of specialization programs. To see the others, check out The Best Workout For Your Back, The Best Workout For Your Quads, and The Best Workout For Your Chest.</i><p>…


These 8 Apps Can Help Your Kids Be Better With Money

Image source: Getty Images.<p>Every parent is concerned with their kids' financial well being. However, once they're on their own, young adults struggle with money habits. Only 34% of four-year college students create a budget, and 50% don't check their account balance, according to a report. Even …

How to Add an Inch Of Muscle To Your Arms

This is your call to arms<p>You don’t need to do complicated routines to maximize your gains.<p>Here’s a simple but effective training template that will add an inch of muscle to your arms.<p>Minute 1: Do 8 to 12 reps of a biceps exerciseMinute 2: Do 8 to 12 reps of a triceps exerciseMinute 3: Rest<p>That’s 1 …


8 Grooming Products For People Who Are Always Sweaty

Say goodbye to pit stains, clammy hands, and muggy feet

Skin Care

The 12-Round Belly-Fat Knockout

Follow along to this bodyweight core workout led by the Men’s Health Fitness Director<p>Bring belly fat down for the count with this abs-centric bodyweight workout.<p>You’ll do 12 rounds of two-minute work bouts, with 30-second breaks between rounds. The rounds will vary between three different timing …


The Workout That Burns 346 Calories In 13 Minutes

This is one of the fastest fat-burning routines we’ve ever seen<p>Over the years, <i>Men’s Health</i> has sifted through dozens of studies about how many calories you’ll burn with various workouts. But the routine detailed in new research from North Dakota State University is one of the most efficient calorie …

North Dakota

3 Fat-Destroying Finishers That You Can Do At the End Of Every Workout

Pick one of these options as your workout’s grand finale<p>No one ever tells you to end your workout on a “low” note. That’s because you want to leave the gym feeling better than when you walked in. You want a finale that floods your brain with endorphins and makes you crave more.<p>So we asked Bruce …


The 6 Best Supplements For Men

Don’t walk down the vitamin aisle without this guide<p>The vitamin aisle can be overwhelming.<p>With so many supplements available, it can be tough to separate the muscle-building, brain-boosting, highly beneficial brands from the ineffective—and even harmful—ones.<p>That’s where we come in. Here are the …


The Hardest Bodyweight Workout You’ll Ever Do

This routine’s 2:1 work-to-rest ratio optimizes both your workout and post-workout calorie burn, says the Men’s Health Fitness Director<p>Last week, <i>Men’s Health</i> published a story called “The Workout That Burns 346 Calories In 13 Minutes.”<p>The article was based on new research from North Dakota State …


Drastic Weight Loss: Testosterone May Help You Drop Fat, Maintain Muscle

Lose Fat, Build MuscleTestosterone may hold the key to the weight loss sweet spot.Whether you're trying to lose those last few pounds hanging around …

The "Work the Angles" Program to Build Bigger, Stronger Arms

Eric and Ryan JohnsonWork the AnglesBuild bigger arms in four weeks with this varied routine.If you think of building muscle as basically just sets …

The Absolute Best Bowls for Fat Loss

Toby AmidorBy Toby Amidor, MS, RDChocolate PB BowlGet the recipe, plus 9 more "bowl" ideas for fat loss.

The 8 Best Chest Exercises That Don't Require a Bench

Ryan Rodal for Muscle & FitnessBeyond BenchHammer your pecs with these 8 moves.

Your Abs Will Be ON FIRE After This 2-Move Workout

A kettlebell is your secret weapon for a stronger, shredded core<p>You can try the two-move workout shown above with a dumbbell, but we don’t recommend it.<p>That’s because the design of the kettlebell makes it the best tool for certain exercises, like the overhead press and the swing.<p>Unlike the …


The Top Protein-Packed Snacks

Christina Simonetti and Men's Fitness EditorsPower SnacksMuscle-building food you can make in minutes.