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Entenda por que o Mac mini usado mantém seu valor por tantos anos - BR

O Mac mini é como a Tardis: bem maior por dentro, em capacidade, do que o seu tamanho externo deixa perceber. E um provedor dos EUA especializado …

‘Memory Sticks’ are Classic Gadgets with New Functionality

Playing with our new telescope and iPhoneography http://t.co/tr7CJFtxpu

VCP 152 - Estamos mesmo no ano do wearables?

Early Looks Inside Apple Watch's S1 Chip Confirm 512 MB RAM, Unexpected Suppliers

Since the Apple Watch's initial unveiling last September, Apple has touted the S1 chip that serves as the brains of the device, with the company noting is has essentially packed an entire computer onto a single ultra-compact chip that is encapsulated in resin to help protect it from the …

Apple Watch

Your Windows 10 phone is a tiny desktop computer with Continuum

Microsoft just demoed its 2-in-1 Continuum feature on a Windows 10 phone giving the mobile device the ability to become a really tiny desktop computer. Continuum adjusts the UI of Windows 10 on a device from desktop to tablet mode based on what's plugged into it. If you plug a keyboard and mouse …

Microsoft Windows

Tech : We Are Apple (Leading The Way)

WhatsApp vira instrumento de trabalho para advogados em São Paulo

A partir de agora, os advogados, procuradores e até mesmo testemunhas envolvidos em processos em São Paulo podem usar o WhatsApp para enviar …

Floppy Disk Planter

Floppy disk planters are a great way to use old floppy disks that you may have lying around. They are made simply from floppies glued together to …


Apple says it removed apps with Pebble compatibility by mistake

The Apple Watch is just now reaching the hands of customers, and already raising questions about how Apple will compete against its new rivals. At least a couple developers are reporting in the Pebble forums that Apple is rejecting app updates for mentioning a competing platform — Pebble. A …

Semantic Technology

VCP 151 - Entenda o que é Bitcoin

Entidades enviam carta à Dilma para criticar acordo com Facebook - IDG Now!

A Associação Brasileira de Defesa do Consumidor, Proteste, e outras 19 entidades civis enviaram na última semana uma carta à presidente Dilma …

Apple Watch Waterproof Test

Facebook video is on course to steal YouTube’s video sharing crown

Facebook video is big and it’s getting bigger. For the first time, YouTube really needs to worry about losing its position as the king of online video.

Facebook video, which is relatively young in comparison to YouTube which launched in 2005, is now delivering 4 billion daily viewers. That’s up from …


Flipboard para o Apple Watch

Inside Flipboard Brasil / abril 23, 2015

O Apple Watch está dando o que falar. Apesar das diversas opiniões, o Apple Watch é um lindo exemplar da tecnologia moderna. E o Flipboard para o Apple Watch já está pronto, e estará disponível tão logo o relógio seja colocado à venda amanhã. Veja alguns …

Hands on: Phorm takes the awkwardness out of thumb-typing on an iPad mini

The Phorm case, from Tactus, adds a tactile layer to the software keyboard when you’re holding your iPad mini in portrait mode and engage the switch …

iPad Mini

A lei feita para evitar que você fique sem sinal de celular foi enfim aprovada - Gizmodo Brasil

Talvez você não seja fã da sua operadora de telefonia celular, seja por problemas em ligações ou por cortarem seu acesso à internet. Uma nova lei …

Apple Computer...

Facebook altera algoritmo da timeline depois de pesquisa com usuários

As definições do que aparece no seu feed de notícias do Facebook foram atualizadas novamente. Nesta terça-feira, a equipe da rede social explicou em …

Um vídeo honesto com uma GoPro

Sempre que a gente encontra alguma coisa na internet da GoPro, é um vídeo insano em uma paisagem maravilhosa, com a pessoa da câmera fazendo coisas …

How to use a dial telephone c. 1951 http://t.co/hTBXYXBSt4

Rede social sem publicidade levanta US$ 5 milhões

Este é o segundo aporte recebido pela startup. No ano passado, ela recebeu um outro investimento de US$5 milhões (Foto: Divulgação)A rede social …

Norway will lead the effort to switch off FM radio

Some countries are already stepping up their transition to digital radio, but Norway thinks it can one up them all. The nation's Ministry of Culture has revealed plans to switch off FM radio across the country in 2017, making it the first country to scrap conventional broadcasts. The staged shutoff …


Olá São Paulo and parabéns to our team at the new Apple Store Morumbi! http://t.co/9HS86MlZTH

VCP 150 - Tome notas em reuniões

Former iOS Chief Scott Forstall Serving as Snapchat Advisor

After being forced out of Apple in 2012 following a major Maps debacle and clashes with other execs, former Apple Senior Vice President of iOS Software Scott
Forstall has kept a low profile, largely staying out of the public eye.

He hasn't taken on a major role at any company, but in late 2013, news …

Scott Forstall

Livro Desvendando o Flipboard diposnível na Apple para iBooks, na Amazon para Kindle, na Google Play para Android e também em formato Kobo

Livro Desvendando o Flipboard diposnível na Apple para iBooks, na Amazon para Kindle, na Google Play para Android e também em formato Kobo. Reencontre o prazer de ler, ouvir e assistir aquilo que realmente de interessa.

Yahoo wants to take on Meerkat, Skype and Snapchat all at once

Yahoo may have a way to restore some of its former glory in the messaging world. Tipsters for The Information claim that the company is building a mobile app that includes text messaging, Snapchat-style recorded video and elements of live video apps like Meerkat and Skype -- think of it as a hedge …


If the Apple Watch came out in the 1980s, it would look exactly like this

With all of the Apple Watch reviews now out in the wild, it appears that Apple may very well have another hit on its hands. Though not every reviewer …

Apple Watch