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Are Humans Getting More Intelligent? New Study Confirms Rising Global IQs

Is human intelligence declining, or are IQs on the rise? A new study conducted by psychologists at King's College London suggests that we're getting smarter, but just how much smarter depends on what part of the world you're talking about.

To conduct the study, published in the March-April 2015 …


Em primeiro discurso no Senado, Serra critica atuação do PT na economia - 04/03/2015 - Poder - Folha de S.Paulo


O senador José Serra (PSDB-SP) focou seu primeiro discurso no Senado em uma avaliação crítica da atual situação econômica do país em …

Dos librerías cerraron cada día en 2014

El informe del gremio de Libreros apunta a que la crisis sigue implantada en el sector, que pasó de facturar 870 a 707 millones

La venta de libros en …

Brazilian waxing and waning

IN THE past few years Brazil’s economy has disappointed. It grew by just 1.2% a year, on average, during President Dilma Rousseff’s first term in …


Ninguém enxergava a cor azul até os tempos modernos

Essa não é mais uma história sobre o vestido azul e preto ou branco e dourado. É sobre a maneira que os seres humanos vêem o mundo e sobre como …

U.S. running out of room to store oil; price collapse next?

The U.S. has so much crude that it is running out of places to put it, and that could drive oil and gasoline prices even lower in the coming months.

For the past seven weeks, the United States has been producing and importing an average of 1 million more barrels of oil every day than it is …


Pesquisa liga café diário a artérias mais limpas

Segundo pesquisadores sul-coreanos, consumo moderado de café está relacionado a menor possibilidade de doença cardíaca.

7 dicas para criar cidades para os pedestres

A Associação de Pesquisa e Planejamento Urbano de San Francisco (SPUR), é uma ONG que se dedica a elaborar estratégia...

O PT no poder em 3 atos. #SOSBrasil http://t.co/bEI4V9rxlp

The World’s First Train Traveling From China To Spain Has Completed Its Trip

The freight train’s path is the longest railway track in the world.

A freight train has completed the first round-trip journey from China to Spain – the longest railway line in the world.

The train began its journey four months ago, on Nov. 18, setting out on a 16,000-mile journey from Yiwu in …


Bê Guarani

Jean Galvão cc @Conteudo_Livre @SilMarq e todo o mundo twitter. pic.twitter.com/kJYK57aSu8

Google boss warns of 'forgotten century' with email and photos at risk

Piles of digitised material – from blogs, tweets, pictures and videos, to official documents such as court rulings and emails – may be lost forever because the programs needed to view them will become defunct, Google’s vice-president has warned.

Humanity’s first steps into the digital world could be …


Animated map of what Earth would look like if all the ice melted

We learned last year that many of the effects of climate change are irreversible. Sea levels have been rising at a greater rate year after year, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates they could rise by another meter or more by the end of this century.

As National Geographic …


France will pay citizens $11,000 to upgrade to electric vehicles

Getting a green vehicle in France could bank you some greenbacks, provided you have an old gas guzzler to exchange. France is implementing a new …


Is This the World's Oldest Secret Code?

From The Siberian Times: Scientists are close to precise dating of the Shigir Idol, thought to be twice as ancient as the Egyptian Pyramids.

The Idol …

Ancient History

North Korea successfully launched new 'ultra-precision anti-ship' missiles

North Korea successfully launched five missiles that have the potential to significantly increase the threat against US, South Korean, and Japanese ships operating around the Korean peninsula.

On Feb. 8, the North Korean military fired five missiles from the country's eastern coast into the Sea of …

North Korea

Can we measure the benefits of government spending? - Agenda - The World Economic Forum

G20 leaders have put growth and employment at the centre of the global agenda.

To spur collective growth by more than 2% over five years, member …


Como agir no caso de uma catástrofe

Às 19h de 27 de setembro de 1994, a balsa MS Estonia deixou a capital estoniana, Tallinn, rumo a Estocolmo, na Suécia, com 989 pessoas a bordo. Seis horas depois, em meio a uma forte tempestade, sua porta traseira se quebrou e seu compartimento de veículos se encheu de água. Uma hora mais tarde, a

In pictures: The 14th Annual No Pants Subway Ride

One map that shows just how poor North Korea is

When you look at a country's electricity use at night, you get a pretty good picture of how wealth it is. And the comparison between North and South …


Historic thaw in U.S., Cuba standoff

A political standoff that spanned five decades and 10 presidents began to crumble Wednesday with President Barack Obama's move to normalize relations with Cuba.

The announcement was the product of a year of clandestine back-channelling between the U.S. and Cuba, facilitated by the Canadians and the …

United States

Marc Andreessen on Twitter

Best observation on financial markets that anyone has ever made or will ever make: pic.twitter.com/fvCHP4dI6x

“Best observation on financial markets …

I Asked 20 Coworkers To Draw The United States. Most Couldn't.

Gianni Jaccoma

Learning the 50 states was a part of every American student's grade school curriculum; whether or not you thought Alaska and Hawaii were located somewhere just off the California coast, well, that's another matter. But how much of that geographic knowledge stays with people into …

United States

The Apollo 17 crew took this photo on the surface of the Moon #OTD in 1972 http://t.co/DEgCRdH3TW

$170 Million USD Floating Island Planned for Hudson River

New render images have been released of the planned floating island park, called Pier 55, to be built in New York's Hudson River. Measuring at 2.4 acres, the island will be constructed from 300 concrete pylons sitting 15 to 70 feet above the water to give the illusion of natural slopes, and will …

The Money Of The Future Will Look More Like Bitcoin Than The Paper We Carry Around Today

Bitcoin is a topic of discussion almost everywhere I go. My introduction to Bitcoin came when I was speaking at a gold conference in Palm Springs and three bright-eyed, bushy-tailed college students approached me with a video camera and asked for my thoughts on Bitcoin. Noting my confusion, they …


Cycling Is Creating More Jobs in Europe Than Automakers Are in the U.S.

Want to lower greenhouse gas emissions, get fit, and create new jobs? Ride a bike.

That’s the finding of the first comprehensive study on Europe’s …


NASA Planning Human Mission to Mars With Orion Test Flight

In the ongoing effort to explore this solar system's Red Planet, Nasa will launch its first flight test of Orion, the spacecraft that may one day …

James Watson selling Nobel prize 'because no-one wants to admit I exist'

World-famous biologist James Watson said he is selling the Nobel Prize medal he won in 1962 for discovering the structure of DNA because he has been ostracised and needs the money

James Watson, the world-famous biologist who was shunned by the scientific community after linking intelligence to race, …