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Dreaming of Cartagena: A Guide to the New Hot Caribbean Destination

ON A RECENT WARM AND WINDY NIGHT in Cartagena’s Old City, Colombia’s glitterati assembled inside the walled garden of the perversely pretty Palace of Inquisition where, in colonial days, officers of the Spanish monarchy tried, and then executed, the nonbelievers. It was the opening-night party of …

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corais em Fernando de Noronha são mapeados

Maior e mais rápida montanha russa do mundo atinge 150 quilômetros por hora

Atração inaugurada nos Estados Unidos leva passageiros a 98 metros, equivalente a um prédio de 30 andares, e desce em seguida em um ângulo de 81 …

Escala luxuosa

Let's take a walk on this Treetop Walkway. http://t.co/JSaOtQ55WT

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Why are van Gogh's paintings slowly turning white?

Something's different about Vincent van Gogh's work.

It's been puzzling art curators and experts for a long time, but scientists at the University of Antwerp discovered the reason why some of van Gogh's most prized works of art are turning white.

It's the plumbonacrite!

Also known as red lead, …

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O retorno do “The Original Cool”

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Pim de Koel segue com a missão de mostrar por que a Holanda é o lugar mais “cool” do mundo

por Amanda de Almeida

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Las Vegas: The Fantastic City That Rose In The Desert

On March 19, 1931, gambling was legalized in Nevada. And one of the state's cities was well poised to take advantage of the new opportunity to make …

5 das melhores Padarias em Paris: dicas de viagem

Conhecidas como “boulangeries”, as padarias são quase um patrimônio cultural de Paris. E diferentemente de nós brasileiros, os parisienses não tem …

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Porque Santiago no es Chile: Conoce los atractivos de los museos regionales del país

Desde su instauración como el Museo Nacional de Pinturas en 1880 y su posterior re inauguración en 1910 para conmemorar los 100 años de independencia …

New Mobile Passport Control App Available | U.S. Customs and Border Protection

WASHINGTON—U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) today announced the launch of the first authorized app to expedite a traveler’s entry process …


Madagascar - A life time adventure

The most popular surf spots in Bali

The beauty of Kuta Beach in Bali do not need to doubt. This place is very famous in the world and seems to be the icon of this must-see island. Many …

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Bratislava, Slovakia (by Damon Finlay)

'Pau de selfie' é proibido na maior pinacoteca da Inglaterra - Economia - Estadão

A National Gallery, de Londres, maior pinacoteca do Reino Unido, decidiu proibir o uso do chamado 'pau de selfie' em suas instalações.

A alegação é a …

Viajar é uma escolha!

Há os que são abastados e dentre tudo que podem consumir sem muita preocupação, estão as viagens. Não é o meu caso. Muito longe disso! Mas mesmo …

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Construction of Brasilia city, which would later become the capital of Brazil, 1960. pic.twitter.com/MCY1vpMXY5

Bordeaux, France (by eyeofthebeholder5)

The State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg – Russia

Saint Petersburg has magnificent stately palaces that used to be residences but have now been transformed into museums.

The State Russian Museum in …


Video captures ‘best night of aurora this year’

Northern Lights hunter Ronn Murray has released a short, time-lapse video that he says shows ‘one of the best nights of aurora this winter’. Taken just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska, the video shows the fluttering green, yellow and blue colours of the Northern Lights. An aurora is caused by charged …

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Glad you enjoyed your visit! RT @carolvorders I'm in love with a Beautiful Beluga... Open wide #Broughton #blueskies http://t.co/jhSBlUZBzs