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A Step-by-Step Guide To Tempo Runs

There's one workout that every endurance runner should be running. This "bread and butter" workout is the almighty tempo run. Tempo runs are …


Make These Healthy Homemade Sports Drinks

These DIY beverage recipes will energize your runs while saving you hard-earned cash.<p>Somewhere in the past few decades, maybe after we put a man on the moon, it seemed we started to believe that the more engineered something was, the better. Sports drinks got so techy they were barely recognizable …

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So Can Running Technique Be Taught?

I love running. Interval running, hill running, even those long distance marathon-style runs that take every ounce of energy to complete. However, it appears that running doesn't love me back. As soon as I start to pound the pavement, old injuries flair up and I'm plagued with pesky pains. Shin …

How I Turned A Side Gig Into A Startup (Then Did It All Over Again)

Working on a side project while you have a full-time job involves high calculation, low risk, and room to experiment.<p>As a college student, I started a website development company based on what I was learning in my classes and internships. Later, while working for a Fortune 200 company, I used part …

8 Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Keep in Bookmarks

We all come across thousands of websites while looking for something we need, or following a trail of links, or simply surfing aimlessly – and once …

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6 Healthy Yogurt Indulgences

Savory or sweet mix-ins punch up the nutritional profile of Greek yogurt.<p>Black Forest<p>The antioxidant payload from dark chocolate and cherries in this dessert bowl may help lessen oxidative damage caused by high-intensity exercise.<p><b>Ingredients</b><br>¾ cup plain Greek yogurt, preferably lowfat<br>1 ounce melted …

Healthy Eating

5 Exercises To Do Before Every Run

1. Glute Bridge<p>Muscles Activated: Erector Spinae, Hamstrings, Gluteus Maximus.<p>Lie on your back with your knees up, feet firmly planted on the floor …

Training advice - The Running Bug

Train - The Running Bug

You Know You're A Runner When _____.

We posed this question to our followers and fans and got some hilariously clever responses.<p>There's no question that runners are of a different breed than non-runners (aka the "Muggles," a <i>Harry Potter</i>-inspired name used by my college team to describe those that don't enjoy running for miles on end). …

5 Refreshing and Delicious Iced Tea Recipes

The 13 Greatest Iced Coffee Recipes for Summer

Cool down and caffeine up with these delicious iced coffee drinks that you can make at home!<p>Cool down and caffeine up with these delicious iced coffee drinks that you can make at home! Via


The 25 Worst Questions to Ask a Runner


5 Core Workouts for Stronger Running

A strong core will help you hold proper running form longer.<p><i>Zach asks: I don't know that I'm what you'd call a beginner, but I think I am. I was just wondering if you could recommend some strength and core training for me? I've always neglected this part of fitness because I hate going to the gym,</i> …


Training advice - The Running Bug

Training advice - The Running Bug

The Ultimate All-Butter Pie Crust

Photo: Gentl & Hyers/Courtesy of Food52.<p><i>Food52 helps people become better, smarter, happier cooks. Food52 was named 2012 Publication of the Year by</i> …


Flex Benefits

This simple hip-flexor routine can help you fend off injury and run faster.<p>Suffering from pain in your Achilles, hamstring, knee, or IT band (along the side of your leg)? Your hip flexors may be to blame. Weakness in the hip flexors—a group of muscles in the pelvic region and upper thighs that help …

American College of Sports Medicine

The Big 7 Body Breakdowns

How to avoid (and recover from) the most common running injuries.<p>In an ideal runner's world, every step of every mile would be 100 percent pain-free. No aches, no twinges, no lingering soreness from yesterday's workout. The reality is that many runners constantly deal with a slight (or not so …

How to Prevent Common Running Injuries

Proper form, strength training, and the right shoes can prevent injury.<p>It's an all too common scenario: Runner begins training program. A month or so later, a twinge settles on a knee. Runner stretches, pops ibuprofen, keeps running. A few—or maybe 100—runs later, runner is on the couch, ice pack …

10-minute Hamstring Stretch Routine

Sage Rountree shows you six moves that ease tension throughout your hamstrings.

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On the Street….Rue de Rivoli, Paris

All in the Hips

Strengthening this joint could cure your injuries.<p>Runners who are looking for the cause of their foot, ankle, or knee pain may need to look higher. Weak hips are often the culprit behind patellofemoral syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, and iliotibial-band syndrome, according to Reed Ferber, Ph. D., …

Yoga for Runners

What research shows about the aerobic intensity of yoga.<p>"Runner's World Yoga for Runners" helps build strength and aids runners in their recovery.<p>A simple yoga routine loosens tight spots, strengthens weak spots, and makes you a better, less injury-prone runner.<p>This sequence focuses on your fitness …


Wrong Turn Leads to Marathon Win

The unexpected triumph also became Meredith Fitzmaurice’s first marathon.<p>From the sometimes-the-best-laid-plans department comes a happy tale of a race gone awry.<p>Meredith Fitzmaurice of Belle River, Ontario was cruising to what she thought would be a sub-1:28 half marathon at last Sunday’s Run for …


The Body Shop: Roll Work

Use a foam roller to strengthen your arms, core, and legs while improving balance.<p>Use a foam roller for postrun recovery? Smart move: This simple tool acts as a deep-tissue massager, working out kinks in overused muscles. But its benefits don't end there—it can also build strength and …

Lung Power

Need more air? Deep breathing can help you run longer with less effort.<p>Just before you crest a hill or reach the end of a speed interval, your lungs go into overdrive. Your breath becomes shallow and rapid. You think if only you could pull in more air, you could surge up that hill or maintain your …


Glute Strength

An exercise routine to build those important muscles that power your runs - and help you get a coveted "runner's butt."

Why Black Men Tend To Be Fashion Kings

For many, style is much deeper than articles of clothing; it's a statement of identity. Black men have a unique relationship with fashion, one that can be traced all the way back to the 17th and 18th centuries.<p>Monica L. Miller, the author of <i>Slaves to Fashion: Black Dandyism and the Styling of Black</i> …