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Jakub Jaworowicz WordPress & Marketing Specialist – WWW :: WordPress :: Analityka<p>article<p>pl_PL<p>Jakub Jaworowicz WordPress & Marketing …


End of May Colours - Daisy Meadow

Tips And Tricks For Testing WordPress Themes

Setting Up<p>Setting up your environment correctly can go a long way to preventing bugs and helping you to find them more easily. For me, it all starts …

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Secrets of Body Language | Cosmo's Manthropology

The Coke Ad That Could Destroy All Other Products, Especially Coke

<b>The Coke Ad That Could Destroy All Other Products, Especially Coke.</b><p>Image created by unknown person and inspired by a quote from Banksy, which was inspired by Sean Tejaratchi’s 1999 essay, “Death, Phones, Scissors.” via Betype

50 Design Problems In 50 Days: Real Empathy For Innovation (Part 1)

The adventure taught me an unbelievable amount about design’s power to solve problems and about my own capacities as a designer. Importantly, it …

UX Design

Harry Winston Opus XIII Can Perform A Magic Show for You

<b>Harry Winston Opus XIII watch</b> challenges the conventional rules of watchmaking, Opus Thirteen is the proof. It features 59 pivoting minutes hands and …


Why freelancing is always a full-time job

Freelancers like to refer to the frightening, frustrating income style we’ve insanely chosen for ourselves as “Feast or Famine”: Sometimes you’ve got …


Know Before You Go: Paris

If Paris is a croissant, crafted with immeasurable pride, kneaded by the hands of many, some visitors only get a taste of the flaky exterior. Whether you’re traveling for a long weekend or coming back for more, here’s a quick primer on getting to, from, and around this iconic city with ease.<p><b>>> When</b> …


How to Maximize Time and See the World

Seeing the world can feel like an impossible feat, as it always seems that those who have time don't have money, and those who have money don't have time. Particularly in uncertain economic times, the priority of keeping a steady job tends to supersede the savory qualities of travel. We rationalize …

Hotwire launches airfare price-drop site in race to the bottom

Online travel agencies several years ago would talk about how they were committed to enhancing the travel experience, and that it would be foolhardy …

No more selfies: Travelers snap up vacation photographers

If you think professional photographers only tail the glitterati, think again. A luxury that wouldn't have occurred to most travelers a few years ago, vacation photography is growing in popularity to capture the trip of a lifetime.<p>Paris photography instructor Sophie Pasquet has seen a sharp uptick …


Who doesn’t love an inspiring travel quote? (As if we need any more reason to hit the road.) Like what you see here? There are plenty more travel …

Kanda Festival, Japan

Ancient Tokyo is brought back to life as traditionally costumed locals parade through the city’s historic landmarks with elaborate floats and portable shrines.