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TTB Proposes New Grape Variety Names

Kevin and Kyle Peterson of WineHaven winery (above) in Chisago City, Minn., patented the grape name Chisago in 2009. Now they would like the grape …

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LA's Wine Scene Is Turning Orange | MUNCHIES

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Momma, Don't Let You're Babies Grow Up To Be Wine Reps

C’mon, we’ve all seen them out there on the street—the ladies and gentlemen with their roller bags and printouts of their portfolios culled from …


Wine's brave new(ish) world

<i>This article has been syndicated.</i><p>The more I taste seriously mature wines from California and Australia, wines made in the mid twentieth century, the …


2015 north Rhône reds - best in 55 years?

<i>A version of this article is published by the</i> Financial Times. <i>See this guide to our coverage of 2015 Rhône which includes almost 800 tasting notes.</i> …


Climate Change Uncorks British Wine Production

Higher temperatures could turn areas from England’s Essex to Scotland’s Edinburgh into ideal wine-producing regions, study says<p>LONDON—This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this...bountiful terroir?<p>Britain’s changing climate could help turn the country into a “major wine producer” by the turn …

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The woman who decides what wine French presidents drink

It came as a shock. But Virginie Routis learned very early that one of the obstacles she was going to have to overcome to become a top wine waiter …

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Could Premier Cru sale help wine counterfeiters?

Some of the hundreds of empty wine bottles that are due to be auctioned Saturday at the Berkeley headquarters of Premier Cru on University Avenue. …

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Beyond the vineyard: How Trump’s deportation plan threatens America’s food and wine supply

These aren’t the jobs Trump promised, nor are they the jobs Americans want<p><i>This article was originally published on The Conversation.</i><p>Mass deportations of up to three million undocumented immigrants are expected to begin in January, when President-elect Donald Trump takes the oath of office and …


10 countries with the most expensive wine on the planet

Africa Studios/Shuttesrtock<p>Consumer goods like beer and wine could become more expensive in the UK after Brexit, but it's important to remember there are pricier parts of the world.<p>Expat moving company MoveHub recently analysed the average cost of a bottle of wine around the world, ranking the 10 …

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Tim James: On the significance of fashion in wine

December 5, 2016<br>by Tim James<br>in Opinion & Analysis<br>with 0 Comments<p>Fashion in wine is a slippery concept. I realised this as I tried to grasp it, or at …

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What Cava tastes like, and why it matters

The taste of <b>Cava</b> is important. It matters, indeed, even to those who never drink sparkling wine. If this sounds bizarre, bear with me.<p>Champagne – no …

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An international wine is fine, but I’d rather taste the place in Virginia

It took an Armenian wine to help me focus on what I like about Virginia wine.<p>The wine was a red blend from Karas, which bills itself as Armenia’s largest winery and which began exporting to the United States this year. It was delicious, polished and elegant, and a terrific bargain at $16. …

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PUNCH | So Long, Seahaven: Wine's New Mainstream

During a particularly pivotal moment in “The Truman Show,” Jim Carrey’s character sits in the driveway of his home in Seahaven and describes to his …

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Winemaker of the Year: Michael Cruse

If there’s one wine that articulates Michael Cruse, it’s Valdiguié.<p>The Valdiguié grape is a crucial part of Napa’s past. For most of the twentieth …

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Climate Change Sends Wine Growing North

The United Kingdom could become one of the world's most important grape-growing countries, due to climate change.

Tension Flares Between Wineries and Residents

Sonoma County deals with friction between the needs of wine producers and local residents.


The thinned red wine

Imagine if I could tell grapegrowers a way to produce more wine from the same vineyard that is also actually better. Happy Thanksgiving winegrowers, …


Harvest Wars

Wine grape growers and marijuana farmers need labor at the same time of year, according to vineyard managers in Northern California.<p><i>Boonville, …


Wine in Poland

Mikołaj Tyc, owner of Srebrna Góra Winery<p>The story of winemaking in Poland is extremely rich and goes all the way back to the 9th century. At the …


The Hemp Winery: Jacques Herviou of Château Maris

"That's the best Carignan I've ever tasted." Monty Waldin, James Beard Award Winning Wine Writer on Château Maris' Minervois-La Livinière Les Anciens.<p>…

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High Altitude Chianti: Federica Mascheroni Stianti of Castello di Volpaia

<b>Castello di Volpaia produces Chianti Classico of great elegance.</b> This is due in part to the extremely high elevation of the vineyards as well as the …


Wine in Idaho? Come along for some surprises

After I judged at the Idaho Wine Competition earlier this fall, then wandered through wineries and vineyards around Boise for a couple of days, …


The Name Game: Porto, Napa Diplomacy and the Fortified Wine Dilemma

The Association of Port Wine Companies roadshow passed through Seattle recently and Sue and I were fortunate to be invited to attend the Porto and …

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Steve and Jill Klein Matthiasson: Their unique viticulture/wine dream fulfilled in Napa

Harry Cline, Farm Press Editor EmeritusHe is Canadian-born, son of two anthropology professors, and spent part of his childhood in Arizona before …


The Immigrants Who Help Make Your Wine Are Afraid of Trump

@bridgethuber Never Miss A Story:<p>4 minute Read<p>Ignacio Trujillo Lopez<p>On election night in Napa Valley, Enrique Ayón was glued to the TV. Ayón, a …

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The Vine Curtain

PURCARI, Moldova—When you imagine one of the poorest nations in Europe, you might picture a dystopia: widespread chaos, grinding poverty, pervasive …


Smoke Left Unwanted Mark in Carmel

The U.S. Forest Service conducts restoration work in the aftermath of the Soberanes Fire in Monterey County, Calif. The fire burnt more than 130,000 …

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