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Ric Burns Injects Electricity in Filmed Ballet Sequences with Extreme Slow-Motion

Hee Seo and Cory Stearns in 'American Masters: American Ballet Theatre: A History.' Photo by Buddy Squires, ASC.

Nine years in the making, Ric Burns' …

Microbes on the Move - Freefall

Freefall are hosting a workshop in Falmouth for anyone, of any experience of dance and their families to be part of a film for the 'Invisible You' …

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All That Jazz. #cinema #film #1979 #BobFosse #Fosse #dance #choreography @janeadamswatts @maiafushi


Vertical Dance Explorations

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metas a las vista! jahá hesé! #labdiestro #graffiti #art #dance #film


"ONCE AGAIN" - Short Dance Film / Stefano Terrazzino & Paulina Biernat / Music: Abel Korzeniowski

New moves in film

Once upon a time, a dance movie was simply a recording of a performance, a pale shadow of the real thing. But dance film, like the documentary, has …

Pas de deux

This Oscar®-nominated short film by Norman McLaren is a cinematic study of the choreography of ballet. A bare, black set with the back-lit figures of …

'Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter': Film Review

Greg Vander Veer's documentary tells the little-known story of Martha Hill, a pioneering figure in the teaching of modern dance

A little-known …

Community Post: Bust A Move With This Toe-Tappng Supercut Of Dance In Film

Video available at:

One critical omission: the shower curtain costume from The Karate Kid (1984). Add any …

The Culture Collective Variety Show

The Garneau Theatre might only be steps away from the university’s frat houses, but twice a year, it stakes its claim as the biggest house party in …

“It's @megamedia Time...Time for Love! Check out one of the latest that I produced. Thank you again to everyone who helped and supported…”

Sydney festival's stand-out show for 2015? Hands down, it's Kiss and Cry

With Australia Day around the corner, it’s almost time to call time on Sydney festival for another year. From Zhang Huan’s giant Sydney Buddha and Kate Champion’s Nothing to Lose at Carriageworks to the more intimate joys of Wot? Not Fish!! at the Seymour Centre and Xylouris White in the …


How to film and edit dance

How to film and edit dance to convey spatial continuity

Why do dance-centric films and television vary so widely in their ability to engage viewers? …

Just (Tap) Dance - Vintage 1940's Jazz Lady Gaga Cover


Royal Opera House Live: Swan Lake

Fela Kuti’s ‘Zombie’ Meets Flex Dance

Today we’re excited to premiere Fela Flex, a film which aims to introduce a new audience to afrobeat founder Fela Kuti‘s music through the art of …


Here's A High-Tension Lion Dance Show On Tightrope & Acrobatics!

A cheeky, opportunistic young apprentice tries to play the lead position in this lion dance performance, just when he thought her senior wasn’t …


Samson - WALK SLOW - A Dance Film

Supply & Dance, Man! – Film

Why is the law of supply and demand so powerful?
A whimsical tale of love, dance and the economic concept of supply and demand. Bored in class, …

Dance Like You're in a Bollywood Film

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The Hindi language film industry, based in Mumbai, Bollywood has become known for its amazing Indian dance elements. 2014 …


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COME JOIN US! MONDAY night for @BrianPuspos short dance film private screening full of dancing and memories!


Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again (HBO Documentary Films)

“So excited for the screening of our film #FallToRise at Lincoln Center Dance on Camera Festival Feb 1st! I'm starring alongside the amazing…”


An Interview with Film Legend Gena Rowlands at SCAD

asylum-art: “ Ready To Surrender is a short dance film by filmmaker Maceo Frost and Choreographer Mari Carrasco. It is based on the stage piece by the same name. The film explores the subject of...

Photo Set

Photo Set


Ready To Surrender is a short dance film by filmmaker Maceo Frost and Choreographer Mari Carrasco. It is based on the …