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NYC's Best for Pho

Warm up with a hot bowl of traditional Vietnamese noodle soup at one of these hopping spots.


The Essential Guide to Sharing Images Online

Published December 23, 2013 / 51 Comments







Sharing images online is getting easier and more commonplace every day. With …


The Neverending Soup Pot: An Improv Routine to Kick Your Dinner Rut to the Curb

[Above photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt; all others: Lori Hall]

The way my grandfather tells it, my great-great-grandmother always kept a pot of soup barely simmering on the back burner of the wood stove. Over time, that soup morphed and changed; she'd add trimmings of this and bits of that as the pot …

Chicken Soup

How to Develop Your Tea-Tasting Palate

A clay pot for Chinese tea-tasting. [Photographs: Max Falkowitz, unless otherwise noted]

Welcome back to Tea for Everyone, an occasional series about digging seriously into the wonderful world of tea, minus the tall tales and pretension. If you're just joining in, take a look at our introduction to


11 Awesome Independent Tea Producers

How to buy tea and from whom to buy it.

There are hundreds of tea companies in the U.S. alone. From one-man operations to mid-size organizations and …


Healthy Competition is Drastically Changing the Whiskey Scene

There's a whiskey arms race unfolding across the United States right now. New whiskey bars are popping up seemingly by the day, and to stand out from …


Emeril Lagasse Looks Back on the Restaurant That Started It All

"The Food Network is not why I have 12 restaurants," says chef Emeril Lagasse. He's reflecting on the dozen-restaurant empire that sparked 25 years …


This Is the Perfect Easter Sunday Menu - Bon Appétit

Easter brunch may conjure up images of pastel frocks, bunny costumes, and Cadbury Creme Eggs. This year we’re ditching the baked-ham-and-bonnets affair in favor of a casual lunch full of springy, vibrant food. The best part? This menu is designed to impress your family and friends while allowing …

Easter Sunday

Easter, Upgraded


Kick off the meal with something fresh and crunchy—or rich and cheesy. Better yet, do both.

Mains and Sides

The recipe for guaranteed Easter …


Salted-Caramel Six-Layer Chocolate Cake

Yes, you read that right: six decadent layers of salted caramel and chocolate. Dive in.

Prep:45 minsTotal Time:3 hours 20 minsYield:Makes one 9-inch cake

Photography: Johnny Miller


For the Cake

Unsalted butter, room temperature, for pans
• 3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for pans
• 3 cups …

Whole Chickens - Cook's Illustrated

We’ve seen some pretty staggering statistics about meat consumption in this country, but this one really takes the cake: The U.S. poultry industry, …


Pork Belly Recipes


You've been making guacamole all wrong — here's the best and simplest way

I’m ready for sun. I’m so cold. I’m freezing. It is freezing in New York. Just when you think that spring is around the corner, I walk outside and feel like my legs and fingers are going to fall off from the wind chill. I feel as though New Yorkers have post traumatic weather syndrome.

Every summer …


Thai Kitchen Essentials

Everything you need to master Thai cooking at home

Photo: Tasting Table

As the country (finally) collectively thaws after a particularly nasty winter, …


Carbone's Garlic Bread

In a breadbasket at Manhattan's Carbone, we discovered the Platonic ideal of garlic bread. With roasted garlic butter made from freshly chopped cloves that are by turns sharp and mellow, heat from red chile flakes, and a bit of funk from parmesan, each crunchy bite of baguette, scattered with …


Here Are the 2015 James Beard Awards Finalists

The full list.

The James Beard Foundation has announced the finalists for the 2015 James Beard Awards at the James Beard House in New York City (the …


Parmesan Broth Recipe


I start by sautéing a halved head of garlic and a quartered onion in some olive oil, along with a handful of thyme, a few sprigs of …


Mushroom-Barley Soup

A hearty beef stock serves as the base for a rich soup of mushrooms and barley, a more elegant (but no less satisfying) version of the New York deli staple, elevated with fresh thyme and a squeeze of lemon juice.



1 oz. dried porcini mushrooms
¼ cup olive oil
8 cloves garlic, …


Recipe Update: Check Out the Latest Versions of Our Chili Recipes

It's chili season, and we've updated all our chili recipes! [Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

I recently published an article about how to make real Texas Chile Con Carne in a pressure cooker in just about an hour. It was based largely on my original Dutch oven version of Texas Chile Con Carne, but …


Watch Exactly How Much Water It Takes to Produce Your Food

It takes over 1,000 gallons to make half a pound of chocolate.

What's the most water-intensive activity you participate in on a daily basis? As this …


Short Rib Pho French Dip Banh Mi with Thai Basil Chimichurri.

Ahh, are you confused??The post Short Rib Pho French Dip Banh Mi with Thai Basil Chimichurri. appeared first on Half Baked Harvest.


The Best Roast Lamb for Your Easter Feast

Apparently, I’m eating for 30.

Most Americans barely eat a lamb chop a year. Last year, our consumption dropped below a pound of lamb per person for the first time since such record-keeping began. Since a quick review of grocery bills and dinners out show that I ate at least 30 pounds by myself, …


5 of the Best Country Hams in America

Before prosciutto became the darling of pork aficionados, America hadcountry ham. It’s our homegrown answer to those high-priced Europeanimports–and your next artisanal food addiction.

The only similarity between southern country ham and the stuff in thedeli case is that they both come from a pig. …

The All-Italian Easter Feast


Easter Chard & Ricotta Pie (Torta Pasqualina)

Today: One of Italy's favorite Easter traditions, this layered Ligurian chard and ricotta pie is worth the extra love needed to put it all together.

While this dish is very traditional in Liguria -- next to pesto, possibly one of the most iconic dishes in the region -- there are many directions you …


Build the Best Easter Brunch, from Holiday Ham to Asparagus Quiche

Easter feels like a daytime holiday, doesn't it? Something about the egg hunts, the spring theme, and all that ham makes it the perfect occasion for …


A Master Networker Shares His Top 20 Networking Tips

At one of Jon Levy's house parties you could find yourself, as we recently did, making fajitas with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Regina Spektor and leading snake venom expert Zoltan Takacs before watching live presentations from Bill Nye the Science Guy and break-dancing pioneer Richard …


Where to Drink Cocktails in New York City Right Now

Updated by Layla Khabiri on Feb 18, 2015, 10:01a

Welcome the Cocktail Heatmap, a guide to the hottest drinking dens and restaurant bars of the moment. …


The Only 6 Rums a Tiki Enthusiast Will Ever Need

Rum expert Jeff "Beachbum" Berry of Latitude 29 in New Orleans calls out his six favorite rums.

In an age when some tiki bars pride themselves on vast …