Most Famous Desserts Starring Limoncello

Are you ready to ecperience the best lemon flavour in a dessert? If so, you got to try making some of these incredibly delicious Limoncello recipes. Limoncello or Limoncino is a delicious lemon liqueur native to Southern Italy. You can store bought it or make it at home...and if you are a fan - then these Limoncello desserts are ideal for you! From creamy cakes to mousse and panna cotta...check out the tastiest lemon desserts!

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Most Famous Desserts Starring Limoncello
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    Italian Limoncello Cupcakes

    Italian Limoncello Cupcakes

    These lemony cupcakes are so refreshing and delicious. They get some added zest thanks to Limoncello.This liqueur always reminds me of my Christmas …

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