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Photo @pedromcbride / On a misty dawn, a male #lion defends his meal - a kudu kill on the #Okavango Delta in Botswana, Africa. Of the estimated 30,000 lions that live in the wild, 1500 live in Botswana - the only country with over 1000 individuals. Due to human encroachment, hunting and habitat loss, lion populations have shrunk dramatically in recent years. #wild #nature #cycleoflife #simba #king #journeysunforgettable @thephotosociety

I so love the enormity of the northern Arizona sky during monsoon season.

Summer storms make for some amazing photos from America’s public lands. Clouds moved moved fast over the Flathead River @GlacierNPS last night. Photo: National Park Service

Great swim hole

Look Kids #BigBen #Parliament !! I can't get to the left I can't Get to the left!!!

Thanks for a lovely week, Seattle and Vancouver. I'm headed east from here. Next up: Alberta! P.S. Thanks to @maurice @catisaperson @badtzxo @kimathomas and @erickimberlin for letting me 😴💤 on their couches while I was in town.

@paulnicklen just returned from the Arctic in Svalbard, Norway on a climate change expedition with a private donor for @sea_legacy There was no sea ice to be found around Spitsbergen and I have never seen the Nordaustlandet ice cap gush such high volumes of water. I have borne witness to a changing Arctic for the past twenty years. The Arctic could be completely free of sea ice during the summer months in the next 10 to 20 years. What will be the effects on all wildlife populations that require sea ice in order to survive? #nature #picoftheday @natgeo @photosociety @cristinamittermeier #sealegacy #climatechange #polarobsession

Silent wave

A bee hanging out on our wild flowers this morning collecting pollen for the hive. #bee #flowers #wildflowers #pollen #blue #purple #nature #honeybee