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So hat West-Berlins Schwulenszene ausgesehen

Jochen Hicks Dokumentarfilm gewährt uns einen Einblick in das schwule Leben in West-Berlin vom Zweiten Weltkrieg bis zum Mauerfall. Wir haben den Regisseur zum Interview getroffen.<p>Jochen Hick, der 2003 für seinen Dokumentarfilm <i>Allein unter Heteros</i> mit dem Teddy-Award der Berlinale ausgezeichnet …

'Please Keep Warm,' Today's Comic by Michael Sweater

A rabbit man named Stan tries to pawn off his hyperactive niece to his friends so he can focus on his book.


The Refugee Funding America's Psychedelic Renaissance

George Sarlo survived the Holocaust and achieved the American dream. Now he wants you to trip—or at least have the option to use drugs as medicine.<p>Deep in the Mexican jungle, in a village so remote it's only accessible by boat, 74-year-old venture capitalist George Sarlo waited to meet his …

Johnson & Johnson

Meth Didn't Make a Guy Horny for a Crocodile, and Other Fake News

This week's stupidity was extra stupid.<p><i>Welcome back to Can't Handle the Truth, our Saturday column looking at the past seven days of fake news and hoaxes that have spread thanks to the internet.</i><p>From time to time, everyone accidentally spreads a dumb hoax. It's only human to get exposed as gullible …

Fake News

'I Got Arrested and Blew a .36 on a Breathalyzer at Noon''s most memorable lines from the week of June 19, presented with zero context.<p><i>As copy editor of, it's my job to read every word that appears on our site and make sure everything is in its right place—that all the commas and semicolons are where they need to be, names and places are</i> …


'Concert Line Creeps,' Today's Comic by Pedro D'Apremont

All the drug dealers you'll meet lurking outside the downtown shows.<p><i>Check out more of Pedro D'Apremont's art on his Tumblr and Website</i>.


Can a Pride Be Proud with Unethical Corporate Sponsorship?

An increasing bevy of activists say they can't—a conflict that's redefining the battleground of LGBTQ rights.<p>The year 2002 marked the first year the Human Rights Campaign released their Corporate Equality Index, a yearly ranking of the LGBTQ-friendliness of companies based on their …


This Senator Might Control the Future of Healthcare in America

Remember the name Dean Heller.<p>On Friday, Nevada Republican senator Dean Heller announced that he was leaning against voting for the Senate healthcare bill being pushed by the GOP leadership. He wasn't the first Republican to provisionally come out against the bill, but the others were all …

Health Care

Watch the VICE Documentary That Inspired 'The Bad Batch'

Back in 2012, VICE released <i>Living Without Laws: Slab City, USA</i>, an installment in our Americana documentary series that focused on an area of the California desert known as Slab City—referred to by its residents as "the last free place in America." As it turns out, the documentary was one of many …


Three Juries in One Week Failed to Convict Cops for Killing Black Men

Raymond Tensing's mistrial marks the third time in the past seven days a police officer charged with killing a black man escaped conviction.<p>On Friday, a Cincinnati judge declared a mistrial in the murder case of former cop Raymond Tensing. It's the second time a jury found itself unable to come to …


You Need to Check Out 'The Bad Batch,' 'GLOW,' and More This Weekend

Go back to the Civil War, read about some rockers, and take in an unconventional romantic comedy, too.<p><i>Looking for some stuff to catch up on this weekend? Whether it's TV, movies, books, or anything in between—VICE has you covered. Read on for our staff recommendations on what to take in during your</i> …

Sofia Coppola

Trump's Jobs Plan Is Cynical BS and Fairy Dust

Remember 'Workplace Development Week'? No?<p>Donald Trump loves to talk about jobs. During the campaign, he promised to create 25 million jobs in the next ten years. His first big move after being elected was to convince a Carrier plant in Indiana to keep jobs in the country. And people still trust …


Dead Ass: Who Is Consuming Necro Porn?

The niche genre, it turns out, is about a lot more than having sex with a corpse.<p>Necro porn is exactly what it sounds like. In it, as in ho hum porn, actors have sex. The difference is one of them plays dead. <i>It's certainly not for everyone</i>.<p>And it's also not snuff, that quasi-mystical type of porn …

Islamic State (ISIS)

'Wholesome Cloud Person,' Today's Comic by Valentine Gallardo

Our heroine tries to see the silver lining through the depressing funk she's caught in.<p><i>Check out Valentine Gallardo on Facebook and Tumblr.</i>


A Brief History of Freud's Love Affair with Cocaine

The founder of psychoanalysis had a serious blow habit.<p>The founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, once claimed there had been three great scientific revolutions to have successively knocked humanity off its privileged and self-regarding perch at the center of the universe. First, he said, came …

15th century

People Told Us Their Darkest Secrets in Six Words

Sexual indiscretions, regrettable financial missteps, or just severe lapses in judgement—we all have at least one gnarly secret buried deep down in the depths of our souls, things we'd die of embarrassment if our loved ones found out. We asked our friends and co-workers to sum up their darkest, …


Seattle Proves a $13 Minimum Wage Doesn't Necessarily Kill Jobs

More evidence that America's minimum wage could be much higher: Seattle has one of the highest minimum wage rates in the country, and new research finds it hasn't destroyed jobs.<p>The incredibly affluent, liberal Northwestern city is pushing the minimum wage envelope, with the mandated hourly rate …

Minimum Wage

David Fincher Is Definitely Directing the 'World War Z' Sequel

Remember <i>World War Z</i>, Brad Pitt's franchise gambit that was such a nightmare <i>Vanity Fair</i> gave the production mess its own cover story? Well, the <i>World War Z</i> sequel has been running into similar trouble. Paramount pulled the movie from its 2017 release schedule back in February following the departure …


'The Big Sick' Breaks Every Rule in the Romantic Comedy Playbook

Who better to revive the romantic comedy genre than a comedian and a former therapist? Kumail Nanjiani and former therapist turned writer Emily V. Gordon's <i>The Big Sick</i> is about a casual relationship that turns serious after one of them enters a medically induced coma. It's the latest film to both …


How to Spend a Night in Los Angeles

Having fun at night in LA used to be a bit of a tricky one. Because of the city's size and not-all-that-great public transportation network, you either had to stay in one spot, refrain from alcohol, or deal with the jail time/fines/vehicular manslaughters that come as a result of drunk driving.<p>But …

Los Angeles

Check Out the First Trailer for Jessica Williams's Upcoming Netflix Film

It's been almost a full year since Jessica Williams last appeared on the <i>Daily Show</i>, and these days, the comedian is looking to make a name for herself in her own right, much like the character she plays in her upcoming Netflix film.<p>As <i>Entertainment Weekly</i> reports, she's starring in <i>The Incredible</i> …


This One Insane Day Changed the Course of US Politics Forever

While journalists around the country were reacting to what appeared to be the story of the campaign—an <i>Access Hollywood</i> recording of Donald Trump bragging he could grab women "by the pussy"—US intelligence agencies were sounding an alarm over Russian interference in the American electoral system. …

U.S. Politics

That Time Nikki Glaser's Friend Peed on the Most Popular Guy in School

On Thursday, VICELAND aired another episode of <i>PARTY LEGENDS</i>, our show that collects celebrities' wildest party memories and animates them with the help of emerging artists. We heard some pretty gnarly tales from <i>Drunk History</i>'s Derek Waters, musician Theophilus London, actor Duncan Trussell, …

A+E Networks

Fasting for Ramadan Isn't Supposed to Be Easy

On the eighth day of Ramadan, it hit me that I hadn't had coffee in over a week. There's no good time for caffeine when you have to maintain a fast for 17 hours a day. By day 15, I had grown disconcerted by the deliberate stillness of the time. Now, with Eid slowly approaching, it feels like I've …


The Scary Loophole That Lets Stalkers Have Guns

<i>This article was published in partnership with the Trace.</i><p>On June 3, Memorez Rackley, a mother of three in Utah, called police about her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy Patterson. She said he was stalking her. On one occasion, he had followed her for an hour while she was driving; on another, he showed up …


Cosby Juror Says Accuser's 'Bare Midriff' Implied Consent

On Thursday, another juror from Bill Cosby's recent sexual assault trial came forward to offer a peek into what went down during the tense, 52-hour deliberations, suggesting he doubted accuser Andrea Constand's story based on the way she dressed.<p>The anonymous juror—who wouldn't say whether he …


Joking About Killing the President Is Dumb

Hello and sorry, this is an opinion piece about Johnny Depp. The famous actor and alleged domestic abuser is in the news today because he was at the British music festival Glastonbury Thursday and made a joke about killing Donald Trump.<p>"When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? I …

Johnny Depp

Answering My Girlfriend's Questions About Losing Her Obamacare

My girlfriend gets her medical coverage through the California's Medi-Cal, our state's Medicaid program. She wouldn't have qualified for Medicaid before federal spending increased under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.<p>She's one of the millions of people who has insurance thanks to …

Health Care

I Stared at Strangers' Vaginas at a Vulva Watching Workshop

<i>This article originally appeared on VICE Germany.</i><p>I'm lying on my back, naked from the waist down, in some stranger's living room, while a woman named Jasmin is inspecting my vagina. Suddenly, I experience a rare moment of self-awareness: I'd rather show randoms my vulva than talk about my …


What Will the L Train Shutdown Mean for Brooklyn's Industrial Zones?

<i>In early 2019 the L train in New York City will shut down for 15 months to repair damage caused during Hurricane Sandy. Leading up to the closure, VICE will be providing relevant updates and proposals, as well as profiles of community members and businesses along the affected route in a series</i> …