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O Japão é notoriamente conhecido por sua taxa de natalidade negativa, uma informação que já é contada em tom de anedota pelos pesquisadores e outros …

Hirokazu Kore-eda's Father Figures


Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum (2010) Tarougawa, Japan. Kengo Kuma

<b>Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum</b> (2010) Tarougawa, Japan. Kengo Kuma.

Japanese Autumn Harvest Moon Festival Food and Traditions

What Is Tsukimi or O-tsukimi?<p>The Japanese custom of moon viewing is held in mid-autumn and is called Tsukimi or O-tsukimi (the honorific term). It is …

5 Adventure Activities in Okinawa (That Aren’t Snorkeling or Diving)

The tropical paradise of Okinawa is well known for its snorkeling and diving spots surrounding its southern isles, but the prefecture has plenty more …

Relax in 7 Legendary Hot...

Bem-vindo ao Japão

É tempo de renovação! A revista Japanologia está de volta! Criei a Japanologia para compartilhar minhas impressões sobre o Japão, além de trazer …

11 Japanese-Style Desserts You Should Know About


Ice Cream

Hayao Miyazaki Picks His 50 Favorite Children’s Books

Once upon a time, books served as the de facto refuge of the “physically weak” child. For animation legend, Hayao Miyazaki, above, they offered an …


An Illustrated Guide to Our Top Japanese Ekiben (Train Bento Boxes)

How to make your Japan train journeys even better? Before you head out, pick up one of these beautifully presented ekiben (train bento boxes) from …

Tokyo’s Vibrant, Adorable Taxi Signs Are Disappearing

Neon puppies, cherry blossoms, frogs, and lucky cats.<p>If you raise an arm in the neon-soaked streets of Tokyo, a taxi—or takushi—will begin a series …


Japanese Illustration: Flowers. Yuki Sato. 2015

Japanese Illustration: Flowers. Yuki Sato. 2015


<b>The lost Hokusai</b> - NHK’s documentary - Japan - 2016<p><i>“In his last years, Katsushika Hokusai, world-renowned ukiyo-e artist, painted a final masterpiece. Destroyed by fire in 1923, the 3-meter work (Susano-o no mikoto making a pact with the spirits of disease - 1845) has now been recreated based on the only surviving image, a single early 20th century monochrome photo. Leading edge image analysis technology combined with traditional art restoration techniques brought this magnificent work back to</i> …

New Book Explores 100 of Japan’s “Hidden Towns”

Every traveler in Japan is going to hit the big cities, and places like Kyoto, Osaka, and Fukuoka are mainstays of travel guides. But there’s a …

Ginza's Famous $400 Tempura

Enjoying Sashimi near Takaragaike at Nigirichōjirō in Kyoto.


<i>“Go on. You win. Hurry up and go!”</i>

Utagawa Toyokuni 歌川豊国 (1769 - 1825)

<b>“Woman holding a cat“</b> de

#ReadyToCrawl é um exemplo de robô produzido a partir de fabricação aditiva (AM) onde todas as peças são criadas ao mesmo tempo. Exceto pelo motor que o move, tudo foi produzido junto. / Prototyping in Tokyo - Shunji Yamanaka / De 27 de março a 13 de maio / Entrada gratuita

A Liberdade de ser

Quando comecei meus estudos sobre tatuadores/as nipodescendentes no Brasil, em minha pesquisa de mestrado em Antropologia pela Universidade Federal …

In Japan, 'Herbivore' Boys Subvert Ideas Of Manhood

The sensitive New Age man has finally arrived in the land of the salaryman. But there is a catch — a particularly important one in Japan, where the declining birthrate has caused alarm: The new Japanese man doesn't appear to be interested in women or sex.<p>In Tokyo on the weekends, the trendy area of …

Sex and the City

The Japanese government is trying to find your perfect match

Speed dating -- it happens all over the world. But what's different about Japan is that the government is the one playing Cupid.<p>Officials desperately want more women to work to boost the country's stagnant economy. But it also wants them to have more babies to reverse a long-running decline in the …


So many Japanese people die alone, there’s a whole industry devoted to cleaning up after them

<i>[This story has been optimized for offline reading on our apps. For a richer experience, you can find the full version of this story here. An Internet connection is required.]</i><p>KAWASAKI, Japan — There was a putrid smell emanating from the apartment. There was an obvious brown stain on the futon where …


Pictures of Love Hotels in Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s population is shrinking.<p>Deaths now outpace births, marriage is plummeting, and young people aren’t having sex. The media are calling it <i>sekkusu shinai shokogun</i>, or “celibacy syndrome”—an alarming trend that has the Japanese government funneling tax dollars into speed dating and matchmaking …


O caminho do peregrino

A primeira vez que fui ao Japão a trabalho eu não dava muita conta para as religiões japonesas. Sei que é um mea culpa que estou fazendo aqui, mas …


Tokyo Steampunk 2017


Going to Kyoto

Going to Kyoto<p>Victor Hugo Kebbe

Tokugawaen on Flickr.One of the most beautiful gardens in Nagoya

One of the most beautiful gardens in Nagoya<p>Victor Hugo Kebbe